How EOS Totally Swept the Lip Balm Market in Just 7 Years

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‘The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile’, EOS, is already the second best-selling lip balm on the market, and it’s only been around for 7 years. This wasn’t by accident or sheer dumb luck, but hard work, careful planning, and ingenious cultivation.

Co-creators of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm wanted to make money – but they wanted to make money well. They decided to pick a product that would be easy to repackage and refresh rather than to compete in a market that was already over-saturated.

After deciding on lip balms, which were sorely underwhelming and had no significant changes since they first appeared on the market 100 years ago, they started doing their research.

In addition to decided to break the mold of traditional lip balm tubes, the Lip Balm Company decided to add interesting and new flavors. (Before EOS, lip balms typically either didn’t have flavors or came in your choice of cherry or mint).

Even though getting into stores initially was hard, they were persistent. Once they got their chance, they broke into the industry big time.

With a nearly fully automated process from start to finish (something the creators were hell-bent on was that they wouldn’t have to rely on 3rd parties to produce their products) and a smart play to market to Millennials from the get-go, EOS lip balm has been cranking in the earnings.

They have not only inspired new and old brands to be more adventurous (some have even taken a leaf out of EOS’s book and began making their own unique packaging), they also helped to start a whole new way of advertising (influencer marketing).

It may not sound like a huge deal to anyone who is too young to remember a time when you could only get 2 flavors and could all-too-easily lose your tube of lip balm, but to those of us who do remember, EOS has been a Godsend. EOS products are available on Walmart and target stores nationwide.

They have truly earned their rank of second best-selling lip balm!


What Is A Business Litigator? Explained by Karl Heideck

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What Is A Business Litigator? Explained by Karl HeideckA business litigator is an individual that oversees and enforces the law as it pertains to business. This usually takes places inside of a conference room and rarely takes place within the court of law.

The individual overseeing and enforcing the law is usually a lawyer. This lawyer can represent the business, a client, or a vendor. In some cases, this lawyer can represent no party of the case but rather be fair to everyone. This lawyer must know everything about the business in question and everything about business law.

A litigator in this situation will be fighting for fair opportunities or discrimination. The fair opportunities will consist of the client, vendor, or business being treated fairly. The discrimination will consist of the business treating all people equal, whether it be a client, vendor, or another business.

Attorney Karl Heideck knows all about business law Attorney Karl Heideck knows all about business law and representing different parties within it. The difference is that Attorney Heideck fights for or against businesses that pertain to the law. This can be a law firm, a legal defense fund, or some other type of business within the field of law. This is one industry that stretches all over the world.

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Attorney Karl Heideck has one mission, which is to make sure every business within law is following the necessary statues. Attorney Karl Heideck knows that all business have certain laws that need to be followed. These business owners follow the law, and they do not have a law degree. This is why Attorney Karl Heideck is so demanding on law business businesses to follow the law. Attorney Karl Heideck feels businesses in the world of law have a deeper obligation to follow the law. He also believes businesses in the world of law set an example for businesses in all other industries.

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How A One-Man Determination Led Eucatex To Success

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When one decides to enroll in any education facility, the only thing they have is hope for a good future on Twitter. Nobody knows what the future holds or what they will do in future. The same concept applied to Flavio Maluf when he decided to enroll in Fundaao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. All he aspired was to get a good education background that would help him maneuver through the business industry. From Fundaao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Flavio Maluf graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then went to New York and joined New York University and studied administration. With all this, he was now ready and equipped to enter Brazil’s business world with no fear. He now had the education background he wanted but had no experience background.

Thus, Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex group, and while there, he started from the bottom to enable him to get the experience history he aspired. While in Eucatex, he got involved with individuals who used to make ceiling from eucalyptus trees and learned the ceiling tile business. His commitment and interest in learning new things made him learn fast, and by 1997, he had been named the president of Eucatex Group. It was not a surprise to many as they had seen how hard working and determined Flavio was. By then, life for the working class in Brazil was easier. All this was being done by the government due to the availability of oil and natural resources. Other information about Flavio Maluf, can be seen on

When Flavio saw how things were operating, he saw a chance, and he grabbed it. Eucatex began exporting their ceiling tiles to Europe under the direction of Maluf. Though a significant risk, the results were positive and this made Maluf open offices in different regions all around the world. Eucatex got the impetus it had been waiting for to become an international company in the construction industry at Having a business mind, Maluf was always ready to make changes where needed and take risks if needed. He was determined to make Eucatex a better place than he ever found it.

Flavio Maluf has a life outside of business. He is a family man, and he always creates time for his family. He is also involved in charity works and also very conservative when it comes to the environment. He believes a person should have a life outside work to help in shaping his personality and attitude.

George Soros Builds An Empire Of Influence

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George Soros is a New York hedge fund manager and one of the most influentially powerful individuals in the world of politics. He has used his influence since the 1980s to help change the landscapes of politics in numerous countries throughout the world. Soros has definitely affected American politics and culture.

He is the owner of a $13 billion personal fortune that he uses to drive his influence. His fortune is increased by the $25 billion in investor assets that are controlled by Soros Fund Management, George Soros’ firm on Politico. He views himself as a sort of missionary that is meant to change the world, and he will use his fortunate to help him do it.

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930. His father was an attorney and the family were non-practicing Jews. When Nazis came to occupy Budapest in 1944, Soros’ father split the family up, creating fake identities and papers for each member of the family and pay off officials. He placed each family member in different households.

After the war in 1947, George and his family moved from Hungary to England, where he would attend the London School of Economics. It was there that he would gather most of his philosophical and political views, under the influence of his mentor Karl Popper. After graduating in 1952, George Soros took work with Singer and Friedlander, a London brokerage firm. Becoming proficient in international arbitrage, he relocated to New York to become a trader on Wall Street.

At first, Soros planned on saving $500,000 and returning to Europe. Plans quickly changed with his success and he found himself working at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder as a portfolio manager on Forbes. George Soros officially became a U.S. citizen in 1961. It was soon after that he became involved in American politics, writing a book about his “war on poverty”, The Other America.

In 1979, George Soros began dabbling in philanthropy; wanting to use his money to influence his philosophical convictions. Soros began founding Open Society Foundations to help create tolerant democracies that were held accountable by their citizens. Within a few years, George Soros’ philanthropic spending went from $3 million per year to over $300 million per year. His foundations are now active in over 70 countries all over the world.

George Soros has long been a supporter of human rights, backing organizations like the ACLU and HRW. His foundation has given the ACLU as much as $8 million within ten years in grants. Within eight years, Soros’ Open Society Foundation donated $6 million to the Human Rights Watch, with a promise of $100 million more. According to Discover The Networks, his foundation’s total value today is at almost $2 billion. His foundation hopes to address political and social injustices all over the world.

What Do Edward Elric and Goku Have in Common?

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Edward Elric is a character from the futuristic anime series titled Fullmental Alchemist. Edward Elric regrettably lost his right arm and left leg from a surgery that did not go so well. Happy he did not lose his life, Edward decided to study alchemy and take a stand against alchemist performing works without proper knowledge. Incredibly, Edward was able to get a degree in alchemy by age 12.


Edward Elric now has a new mission on his hands, and that is to locate the surviving philosopher’s stone. Edward plans to use all the knowledge he acquired in his studies to find the stone. He does not care what or who he must go through to get the stone. Subconsciously, finding the stone will also make him feel better about himself and his accident.


Goku is the star character in the anime comedy series titled Dragon Ball. Initially, Goku was sent to earth by sky people to destroy it. Things did not go as planned as Goku suffered a horrific accident and damaged his brain. Where he came from and who he is was wiped out of his memory. Worst of all, he now believes he was put on earth to teach people how to be good and loving.


Additionally, Goku believes it is his responsibility to protect the earth from any and all danger. The real problem will arise when Goku’s family decides to visit the earth to destroy it. Will he recognize who they are? Moreover, will he have a problem with attacking them?

White Shark Media Helps Make One’s Passion Possible

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People always say that it is good for one to follow what he is passionate about. If one does not do that, then he will find himself unfulfilled, even if he is making a lot of money doing his current job. People don’t find fulfillment by playing it safe. It is those that take risks that will make the most success in their lives. However, many cases of this need help. For one thing, there are a ton of companies that are willing to provide people with the assistance they need in order to get their business off the ground. White Shark Media is one of them.


People will risk one of two things when they try to get their business going. One thing they will risk is time. Another thing they will risk is money. For one thing, people don’t have as much time as they have money to put towards their business. This is why advertisers like White Shark Media are available. They have the time needed to bring forth the necessary audience for the success of the business. This also leaves time for other important projects that pertain to the business. After all, it is important to make sure that the business is able to keep up with the image that it presents others during the advertising process.


One of the ways that White Shark Media makes it possible for people to keep pursuing what they are passionate about is that it translate all of the work and the care that is put into the business onto its advertising. When people see that a lot of effort is put into the marketing, then they are more likely to be curious about what the company is offering. This will make the campaign a success for both White Shark Media and its clients.


People deserve to profit on the activities they truly enjoy. For one thing, it makes life more fulfilling. At the same time, it makes the job a lot easier to do. It also makes the business owner or worker a lot easier to get along with.


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Why Enrolling in Innovacare Health is a Great Choice

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Perhaps an aspect of healthcare that many people often end up overlooking is insurance. Health insurance has recently become mandatory for people to sign up with in accordance to nationwide laws. Thus, obligating insurance companies to provide citizens with optimal services when they seek it. Although insurance companies are doing their part in providing citizens with what they need in pertinence to healthcare options as they’re being sought after more than ever before, it’s also important to know that the prices that such services are offered at are very high. This is why it is an essential necessity for citizens who are in the process of potentially signing up for a company’s healthcare insurance package to ensure that they’re doing their due diligence of researching prior to acquiring their services.

One aspect of proper researching when searching for a healthcare insurance provider is seeing what types of reviews and ratings have been left about the company. Innovacare Health is a company that has been reviewed and rated quite well. They’re a company that has proven time and time again that they’re an organization that can be relied upon when someone needs them the most. However, it is recommended for people to ensure that they’re doing what it takes to take advantage of the opportunities that they have of enrolling in such programs when they see a good opportunity because plan options and prices often change and if they see a good deal at one point in time, there is no guarantee that the same deal will exist at a later point in time. Be sure to see what deals of health insurance package options and physician services are being offered by Innovacare Health today. You certainly will not regret your decision and you may find that being covered by their health insurance options dramatically improves you life.

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the company’s CEO and he has been acknowledged as being a figure who has exemplified excellence in all of the work that he has done. In the year of 2012, he earned the Entrepreneur of The Year Award from Ernst & Young. He has help to improve businesses, communities, and shown that he is a true supporter of innovation.

What Do You Do When You Are Bored? Wengie Has Answers for You!

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At this very moment, you may be bored. You are more than likely scrolling through social media in the hopes to find something entertaining to read, write, or watch. Unfortunately and most of the time, entertainment value is rarely provided when doing this, a hardship that results in dreadful boredom. If you find yourself regularly bored, you must have not found Wengie’s YouTube channel yet. The Australian beauty with Asian roots is famous for her beauty tutorials, diet tips, do it yourself activities, and her scandalous pranks. From DIY back to school edibles to alleviating boredom, this woman is on fire when it comes to making sure that her followers have great days each day.


Combat Boredom and Hunger with a Sweet New Recipe


When people find themselves in a dull situation, they also become hungry. If you find yourself relating to this correlation, the queen of blogs has a yummy solution: Try a new recipe! In her DIY video for the entertainment-impaired, she makes white chocolate candy bowls that are both vibrant and delicious. She begins by melting white chocolate and selecting her favorite sprinkles. She then blows up balloons and dips the end in the melted chocolate, and then immediately dips the wet mixture into the sprinkles. After allowing the chocolate to cool and harden, she carefully removes the bowl. From there, she fills them with even more scrumptious treats, including candy, marshmallows, and more chocolate.


Use Your Boredom for Good


Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but have never found the time to actually do it? Learning an instrument is an immensely beneficial activity that the Aussie recommends doing the next time you have nothing to do. Rent or buy an instrument, watch a tutorial, and repeat the process each day that you have spare time.


A Do It Yourself DIY


If you love DIY tutorials, why not make your own? Wengie suggests picking up a craft, putting your own spin on it, and then passing the instructions along to other people. You never know what you can create and who would appreciate to have one as well!

Everyone Is Treated Well With Adam Goldenberg’s Company

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These days, people are aware of more things that are happening behind closed doors with companies. Among the companies in the fashion industry that are showing a lot of respect in the industry is TechStyle on Bloomberg. It has shown that there is a harmonious work environment where people are treated as if they are valuable. The energy that they bring to the company is very positive. Therefore, people who work there enjoy their days. This is actually a very important thing to achieve with TechStyle for many reasons. The treatment of employees at is going to translate to the products that are offered to customers.

In a company that takes care of the employee, the products that are put forward are going to have a much higher quality on Therefore, they will be more durable as opposed to companies that treat their employees in cruel ways. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg avoids remote warehouses and decides to keep all production of products in house. In this way, they can be sure that the products that are made are done so in friendly conditions. Adam Goldenberg understands the stigma that comes with companies that do everything they can to cut corners. Adam Goldenberg avoids shortcuts because he wants people to be treated well. Therefore, he will only support companies that make the effort to treat their employees in reasonable ways.

This great treatment of people makes it easier for people to be passionate about what they are doing. Adam Goldenberg himself enjoys working with people that are passionate about what they are doing. This type of passion is very important because they are often faced with challenges on what they can do to bring forth products that will move the fashion industry forward. In the end, it is about providing customers with fashion that will raise their confidence and other aspects of their self esteem.

Oncotarget – Pooling Research on Oncology and Age-related Diseases

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Oncotarget is best described as an online database for oncology and cancer research. It is an online platform that publishes outstanding research papers on cancer and oncology. Articles are published on a weekly basis and outstanding papers can be printed for special demand.

However, the journal is not limited to these fields alone as it also publishes research on related fields including pathology, immunology, physiology, and endocrinology.

Information as a Weapon

The main goal of Oncotarget is to share information that is instrumental to the eradication of cancer and age-related illnesses. It aims to expedite the progress already being made against these diseases by making information quickly and easily available. To this end, anyone can contribute to the journal or refer to the articles already published without any hindrance.

Oncotarget has been operational since it was established in 2010. It is headed by accomplished scientists and authoritative figures in oncology and other related fields. Over the years its focus has widened to include other fields of research associated with aging and oncology; this is in line with the journal’s goal of eliminating the boundaries between specialties.

A Platform for Everyone

Anyone can post a research paper on Oncotarget, but the research first has to be reviewed by the editors and other researchers. It is published by Impact Journals and Dove Press. The journal’s editors in chief are Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail Blagosklonny, in particular, is a respected authority in the field of oncology and aging. He is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Center Institute and an editor for many other journals and books.

In spite of the fact that Oncotarget is an open-access medical journal, every author gets to retain ownership of their research’s copyright. The journal applies the Creative Commons Attribution License to all the articles published on the platform. Under the guidelines the articles’ original authors must be cited by anyone reusing or modifying the research.

However, authors do not have to be consulted by other researchers seeking to use their work. This is in line with the journal’s goal of facilitating quick and easy sharing of information. Nevertheless, the latter have to clarify the license terms under which the article was published.