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Bruce Levenson Changing Foundation of Philantropy At University of Maryland

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The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland was started three years ago with a grant for startup money donated by Bruce and Karen Levenson. More donations totaling $5.6 million soon followed, all from the Levensons, said a press release from PR Newswire. Innovative courses and programs are offered by the Center. This includes several classes per semester that pay out $10,000 gifts to worthy nonprofits. A program just completed by the Center sent twelve graduate students to India to work at three nongovernmental organizations. One focused on the disabled, one focused on wildlife preservation, and the last was a youth outreach program. For the fourth year in a row, the Center has sponsored the Do Good Challenge. Thousands of students at the University of Maryland will compete in a challenge to make the greatest social impact on their favorite causes. Winners receive $20,000 in prize money to further their causes. Karen Levenson, an alumnus of University of Maryland, calls it leveraged philanthropy at its best. She also feels that the Center has the potential to make a profound impact in terms of worthy causes. Bruce Levenson of UCG feels that the Center has a dual purpose. First students are being taught the skills needed to work in the nonprofit sector. At the same time, the Center ensures that graduates of the University of Maryland will be informed philanthropists when they graduate.

20 Years of Transforming Celebrities then the Masses: Wen by Chaz

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The Wen Hair Care Cleansing Conditioner

The infomercials have been out for quite some time now surrounding the magical creation and transformation of dull dehydrated hair into luxurious silky locks with the use of Wen by Chaz Dean. The original launch started over 20 years are with one product: the almond mint Cleaning Conditioner. The thought behind the concept was to no longer shampoo the good, natural oils from your hair, but rather preserve them and keep conditioning your hair.

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Celebrities

According to Crunchbase, in 1999, Chaz Dean started his huge celebrity push. Working out of Los Angeles he knew the only way to spread the word about his revolutionary product was to get famous women talking about it and endorsing it. Alanis Morissette, Brooke Shields, and Alyssa Milano are all toted users of this products and heavily endorsed Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean during its launch 20 years ago.

Product Line Expansion

Due to Wen’s cleaning conditioner success, the product line greatly expanded over the past few decades. Now you can Choose Your Hair Care System and the original cleaning conditioner comes in many more scents than almond mint. The cleansing conditioner can be purchased in lavender, fig, tea tree, cucumber aloe, pink jasmine peony, and pomegranate. Additionally, each WEN scent has its own brand extension of styling products so your hair can smell and look beautiful all day long! There is now even a men’s line so don’t forget to keep your significant other in mind as well!

Wen by Chaz Dean has been around for 20 years now and the brand is still growing! Ditch your traditional regime. Stop washing your hair and start conditioning it more often! Follow Wen on Twitter.

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A Spotlight on Victoria Doramus’ Impressive Professional Life

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Victoria Doramus is a renowned creative marketer and trends expert in Europe’s fashion, design, and lifestyle industry. Besides his career, Ms. Doramus spends her time and resources supporting charitable organizations.

How did she advance her career from a fresh graduate to the famous figure she is? We have shed light on his professional background to help you comprehend.Victoria Doramus is a self-made professional. Before starting her career, Victoria Doramus joined the University of Colorado, where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She completed her studies in 2006.

After completing her studies, Mindshare, a New York-based media agency employed Victoria Doramus as its assistant media planner. She was in charge of producing branded marketing content, as well as managing the agency’s print media budget. She served the agency for one year.

In 2007, Ms. Doramus started working as a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics, a beauty and fashion company based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She collaborated with the company’s art director to develop creative campaign projects.

After serving Stila Cosmetics for one year, Ms. Doramus transferred her services to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). She helped the company to coordinate meetings, cultivate strong industry associations, as well as organize various networking events.

In 2011, she started working as a writer and research assistant at various organizations. She collaborated with other executive officers to write lifestyle articles, as well as publish various lifestyle journals.

In 2014, Peter Berg, a film director based in New York City appointed Ms. Doramus as his assistant. She helped Berg to develop strong relationships with various contractors, as well as manage his properties based in New York.

At present, Ms. Doramus is a philanthropist who supports The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, and Best Friends Animal Society. Moreover, she supports the Women’s Prison Association, and other charity organizations operating in the United Kingdom. Her primary focus is to assist young people to escape addiction from alcohol and drugs.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is named after the late Amy Winehouse, a British pop star who died from addiction to drugs. The foundation is dedicated to educating the youth on the problems of addiction. Victoria’s contribution to the foundation has helped many young people avoid and overcome addiction.

Gareth Henry Soundly Analyses the Private Credit Sector

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Financial institutions operate on both risky and profitable grounds. The secret to surviving in the market is to learn how to navigate with creditors and depositors and ensure the institution is liquid enough to run on its own. Gareth Henry is a man with great finance acumen and long industry experience which helps him manage various pool effortlessly. He has a particular spec on the private credit sector which is fast changing and needs to be rationally managed.

As an investment expert by profession, he is tasked with the responsibility to ensure the entities he work for raise money in whichever way even from public offerings. Gareth Henry notes that the private credit sector has grown progressively and outlined some important factors that have led to this. Fundamentally, there has been regulatory changes following the 2018 financial crisis. This has made banks to be more vigilant on lending and enact policies that guide on how to advance loans or credit. Read more about Gareth Henry at EverybodyWiki

Companies going public has been the other factor that has brought a paradigm shift in the private credit sector. This publicity comes with the increased ability for firms to obtain funds but also calls for full disclosure of financial statements. This has help regulate the market as operations get to the light which demands accountability and transparency. Finally, Gareth Henry pointed out quarterly reporting has had a stake on this. It has put pressure on the management to perform. Consequently, there is an upcoming trend where companies are seeking co-investment deals as opposed to direct investing which Gareth finds interesting.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a worldwide investment expert who has worked with many institutions around the world. He is the Global Head of Investor Relation with established Investment Managers. Prior to this, he was the Global IR head at Fortress Investment Group where he formed profitable business relations and networks with its customers, other business and stakeholders. Gareth is one of the few notable Actuarial Mathematics graduate from the University of Edinburgh. He is awesome in managing private equity as well as hedge funds.

View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gareth-henry-a7bba4a4

Neurocore – The Brain’s Best Friend

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During the course of the story, tourette syndrome was considered to be associated with the possession of the devil, for humans, for the idea that only the diablo would be so unfriendly and so disgusting to think that it was not until the early 20th century, when neurologists finally realized that the biological origins of some physical problems during the course of the story. Lu’s work takes advantage of the diverse forms of 3d animations, videos, games, and installations and runs through a variety of areas such as biology, neurosciences, psychology, and religious research. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neuroscience is a way to use the brain’s skills to find out and upgrade when it comes to environmental news. Your comprehensive evaluation includes brain wave analysis using the use of a zero-degree technique, heart rate and respiratory examination, and other clinically-approved diagnosis examinations to help you with a clean image of what’s happening in your brain.

The Neurocore contains a 3.2g clinical dose of beta-alana in 2 buckets, to improve the process of muscle building and strength. Neurosciences is written with a test dose of pure l-citatorule rather than l-arginine for strong, long-term muscles. Information and statements relating to dietary supplements have not been assessed by the administration of food products and medicines and are not for diagnosis, treatment, treatment or prevention of any illness or illness.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

Nad ended up in a 17-sided opinion that no study carried out by the neurosciences properly supported the claims of medical treatment by the company. Dr. Fotuhi’s avant-garde research shows that we can reinforce the brains at any time – and also turn back the aging.

Research indicates that the brain may require 30 sessions (or 20 hours) of feedback to go beyond the adaptable state of neuroplastics, and make changes last. Scientific research on these treatments has shown inconsistencies and issues have been addressed to the degree of study that has been carried out, the group’s press release says. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Chris Burch: The Man with the Hand of Gold

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Last October 2017, on the papers of Elite Traveler – Lauren Holmes interviews Chris Burch, the well-renowned Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, see elitetraveler.com. In this interview, Chris Burch talks about his new journey and plans in Indonesia – his venture is focused on making a distinct connection with his laborers and giving back to the communities that help his company thrive and work towards success.

Chris Burch has pronounced ventures in his businesses but one of his most successful and easily recognizable ones is Nihi Sumba Island which he co-owns with James Mcbride, a hotelier tycoon. This island was once a simple, virgin island that they have developed to being one of the best hotels in the world. This is how Chris Burch works his magic, click (Youtube.com) to see the magical island.

Chris Burch is a tycoon with the hand of gold when it comes to his businesses. Perhaps his name will have a better ring to you ear when you hear his surname preceded with the name Tony. Tony Burch is one of his brands that have taken over the world by storm. He is also the genius behind brands like Poppin, Voss Water and hotel and hospitality groups like Faena Hotel.


His name is a name that is to be dreamed to be associated with – he recently partnered with the great comedienne, Ellen Degeneres, and Chris Burch will lead her lifestyle brand called “ED“. No one’s more qualified than leading a superstar brand – a superstar brand deserves a superpower manager and that’s Chris Burch. Certainly we are sure that this will be a success because they are both masters in their industry. With Chris Burch’s mind and Ellen Degeneres’ popularity, it is sure to skyrocket in sales and take over the world as well.

Needless to say, all aspiring businessmen should take notes from a man like Chris Burch!

For more details, got to https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/christopherburchpr-897.



Talos Energy divulges their intentions about the southern Gulf of Mexico oil exploration

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Talos Energy, a US-based company intends to partner up with Pemex, a Mexican energy firm by 2019. This merger is expected to explore a promising oil and gas well which is yet to be drilled. In 2017, Talos Energy subsidiary known as Zama stumbled upon a significant well deposit in the southern Gulf of Mexico. According to Zama’s findings, the well is estimated to contain about 800 million oil reserves and over 2 billion oil barrels. Pemex is coming in as a partner because it owns a well adjacent to place discovered by the Zama Project.

Talos Energy and Pemex partnership
According to Tim Duncan the chief executive officer of Talos Energy, Pemex is the key partner in this endeavor as it will assist in the exploration of this discovery. This professional has also named Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and Britain’s Premier Oil as the other critical stakeholders in this lucrative business.

This executive is expected to lead this project as well as take over the leadership of Pemex from Andres Manual Lopez, the acting president of the company to fast-track the project. Following the approval of the exploration plan by Mexico’s oil regulator board, the Zama project has vouched to invest $325 million to facilitate drilling and studies which will be performed on the site. This company looks forward to producing 100,000-150,000 barrels of oil every day by the year 2023.

Currently, Talos Energy and Pemex have not yet agreed on the proper channels and infrastructure required to bring the barrels to the market. Fortunately, they are still negotiating on how this undertaking will be made possible. Tim Duncan anticipates that the two companies will focus on constructing platforms approximately 152 meters of water to enhance the drilling process.

The development of these structures is expected to take some time. Tim Duncan plans to use this chance to plot strategies on how to get the barrels on the market as well as how to inform the public about the venture they have engaged in. It is expected that when all these plans are implemented and results are realized, the proceeds of this profitable business will be channeled to the local market.

Aloha Restoration Announces Partnership With Tom Thayer And Dan Bernstein

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Tom Thayer, the former NFL offensive lineman for the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago and currently an on-air Bears game day personality on Entercom station in Chicago, recently announced his partnership with the mold removal and water removal experts Aloha Restoration, Co (which is a division on Aloha Construction, Inc.). Aloha Restoration acted as a title sponsor for every broadcast since the start of the football season.



The company also partners with Dan Bernstein, a 670 The Score (WSCR-AM) personality. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Restoration, David A. Farbaky noted that he is one of the biggest Bears fans in the city and that Tom Thayer is one of his all-time favorite players. He expressed appreciation of the fact that Aloha Restoration gets to partner with Tom Thayer and Dan Bernstein, his favorite radio hosts.



Aloha Construction is a family-owned business of insured and bonded General Contractors that provide services for Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company offers their assistance in Lake, Cook, DuPage, and McHenry counties through their location in Lake Zurich, and in the McClean, Tazewell, Washington, and Champaign Counties through their office on Bloomington. The new Aloha Restoration division is equipped to offer their services to the entire Lake County area, and is a local home remodeling that specializes in water removal, mold removal, fire damages, restoration, water mitigation services, and home remodeling of all kinds.



The new division is also based out of Lake Zurich, and the creation of the division is a sign that the company is ready to take one step forward towards becoming a one-stop shop for homeowners in the Midwest. The company is proud to provide quality craftsmanship, and considers that both Aloha Restoration and Aloha Construction are equipped to make life easier for residents of Illinois and of Southern Wisconsin.


Hussain Sajwani : Best Real Estate Investor In the Middle East

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Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, was born in Emirati and spent his early years in the Middle East. Currently, he is regarded as being the fourth wealthiest individual in UAE. After ending the early education stages in Emirati, he later moved to the USA for further education. He enrolled at the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Engineering. After completing his university education, Hussain Sajwani moved back to Emirati where he served as the GASSCO company manager. GASSCO serves as a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After working for some years, he ventured into the hotel and catering industry. He gained global recognition as an entrepreneur after the formation of DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Products Portfolio of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties offers a wide list of products and services. The products include furnished hotel rooms, hotel villas, and hotel apartments. Hussain Sajwani engages the services of award-winning designers and stylists. The move ensures that all the properties offered by the group meet the global standards. The properties are strategically located in prime areas such as London, Lebanon, UAE, Dubai, and other global destinations. Other than the unique designs, there are financing options. Since its creation in 2002, the real estate entrepreneur has coordinated the delivery of more than 20, 000 units. The group further notes that it has over 40, 000 ongoing projects in different parts of the globe. Investing in the properties would offer fulfillment and returns in terms of rent and resale value.

Focusing on the entrepreneurial activities of Hussain Sajwani indicates that he has different investment and leadership skills. He is credited from the formation of DAMAC Properties. The organization has an interest in the luxury real estate sector. The properties of the group are located in London, Jordan, Dubai, Qatar and other major global destinations. Clients have a wide list of properties to choose from. They include hotel rooms, hotel villas and apartments. The properties feature unique styles and designs from award-winning professionals. During the designing processes, there is an emphasis on the inclusion of the tastes and preferences of the customers.

Here’s DAMAC’s latest blog post: https://www.damacproperties.com/ar/media-centre/press-releases/hussain-sajwani-damac-foundation-sponsors-one-million-arab-coders-initiative

A Look at the Life of a Joint and Bone Replacement Guru, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

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According to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, those who read key non-fiction and fiction books are setting themselves up on the path for success. The doctor who specializes in joint and bone issues was recently featured in an interview on ideamensch.com, where he revealed that he loves reading such books, and that the best $100, which he recently spent was on audio books.


Currently the head of orthopedics at Bronxcare in New York, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also revealed that, the idea to establish his company, did not come out of the blues, but instead, it took place while he was creating a website for Medscape. He also adds that, as an entrepreneur, his productivity is boosted through frequent interactions with other surgeons, and health personnel in the department that he currently oversees.


Typical, to most people working in healthcare and the corporate world, his day usually starts by reading through the sent emails, and once he is done responding to senders, he then goes through social media, LinkedIn to be precise, since doing so gives him the opportunity to interact, and learn from other surgeons, and health care practitioners within his realm. He later holds a meeting with those who help him run his department, and if he has no appointments with patients in his office, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum usually focuses on patient-centered value improvement projects.


As mentioned earlier, Dr. Ira is an avid reader, and if he were to recommend one book to the community, then he would advise everyone to read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.


More Insight into Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


Before joining Bronxcare, Dr. Ira was working with various healthcare firms such as DTC health, where he was appointed Chief Medical Officer. He also gave services to various facilities, such as, the Kaiser Permanente system, the swift path program and even We here he served as a community health editor. Dr. Ira has also given lectures, and written widely on joint replacement surgery. He boasts of expansive knowledge and broad experience on matters regarding reconstructive surgery, a factor that saw him being appointed a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons two decades ago.

Chainsmokers Determined to Make a Legacy in the Music Industry

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The chainsmokers brought a music genre that involves playing loud rock music that incorporated the traditional mixes with the modern instruments. Their combinations were unique to the point where they were attracting a considerable number of individuals in their live shows. The two DJs were able to provide some combinations, some of which were very energetic with heavy metal beats that individuals have been. The industry had not witnessed energetic DJs for a more extended period.

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, have a large social media following. Instead of choosing to select other methods of marketing their music, something that could have been very expensive, the duo decided to use their social platform to sell their music. A significant number of individuals have recommended the use of social media in selling many products and services but not music.

The two individuals rose to fame after releasing their hit single, #Selfie, which attracted widespread views and downloads across the country. Everybody wanted to listen to this new song which went up to international stages. The hit single went ahead to appear on the top twenty lists of most music lists around the world. Emerging on the top twenty list of much top music in different parts of the world is a clear indication that the song had captured the imagination of many listeners.

Besides producing new music genre that has not been there in the industry for a more extended period, the Chainsmokers are talented individuals who are not only musicians but also DJs. The fact that they are DJs has given them a cutting edge in the competitive music industry. They usually use their DJ styles and creativity to make their music beats rather than use the typical electronic music beats that other musicians use. Both Alex and Taggart make different hits for their music, which makes their song to stand out.

In a recent report that contained the top celebrity earners in the country, the Chainsmokers appeared in number 59 with an annual income of more than $45 million. This is a clear illustration of how the group has been able to scale the heights to become one of the leading music group in the country despite being in the industry for less than a decade.