Bruce Bent II, the Pioneer of the First Money Market Fund

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Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur, a CEO and President of Double Rock Corporation. His extensive knowledge and experience in technologies, intellectual property and financial markets led to the pioneering of the Reserve Fund together with Henry B.R. Brown in 1970. Reserve Fund is the world first money market fund and an FDIC cash management business in interested in serving investors while at the same time preserving their money and earning interest from the savings. Additionally, he owns over 60 patents that have helped in the transformation of the money market fund into more than 1 trillion.

Career Background

Mr. Bent holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from St. Johns University, after which he began his Wall Street Career. He has since held top positions at various companies including LF Rothschild & Company, Brown and Bent, as well as TIAA-CREF. His over 30 years of experience in risk management, needs assessment, and operation management has helped him in running Double Rock Corporation efficiently. The company uses research-based method in the cost analysis to help in the improvement of the margins and production of excellent outcomes.

About Money Market Funds

Bruce Bent believes that everyone should have disposable income that they should save for short-term purposes and earn a small rate of return. SEC regulates the money market funds depending on the investments of the funds. This varies from the government, municipal or prime funds where the municipal and the prime are either retail or institution based. The investments include Eurodollar deposit, certificates of deposits, and repurchase agreements or the U.S. treasury securities, among others.

Long-term investors may not choose the money market fund as their investment option following its low capital appreciation rate compared to the stocks or corporate debt issues. However, it is a safe place to invest your money since the funds only involve the low risk vehicle such as Treasury bills unlike the stock market which is highly volatile.

Understanding the Importance of Comparative Law in Today’s World

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Comparative law has played critical role of highlighting similarities and differences between legal systems of more that one country. The law has also enhanced a clear understanding of foreign legal mechanisms. Comparative law has created improved international corporations among different nations. Legislators from different countries rely on foreign law to draft new legislations. Additionally, majority of courts around the world draw inspiration from foreign laws.

Comparing legal mechanisms is an important aspect not only for academic purposes of comparative law, but also for application in specific legal areas. This law has become very important in modern days due to democratization, creation of international blocks as well as economic globalization. There are several disciplines of comparative law such as civil law, criminal law, commercial law, constitutional law and administrative law.

Sujit Choudhry’s Role in Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry is a legal expert specializing in the comparative constitutional legal systems. He has actively participated in constitution making processes in various parts of the world including North and South Africa, Asia, Middle East and also in some European countries. Sujit earned his law degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Toronto universities, more to read on . He has conducted extensive research in areas touching politics and constitutional comparative law, including legal systems that are used to facilitate transition in countries faced with conflict crisis to peaceful democratic elections.

The professor of law has written a lot about constitution of Canada. In addition, he has authored and published close to 100 articles, working papers, book chapters and reports. He has authored a number of books such as Constitution Making, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and others, check this on  It is true most of his literature work focus on comparative and constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry is a member of various institutions that are engaged in legal matters and constitutional processes.

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Professor Choudhry is the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that has helped many emerging democracies all over the world to write new laws as well as changing certain chapters or clauses of existing ones.  Learn more about Sujit, follow him on his page. The organization’s goal is to identify critical areas to ensure constitutional transitions are successful. The firm has been partnering with other organizations like universities and NGOs to support various constitution building processes. Choudhry is currently s as the co-leader of three international research projects all focusing on matters related to constitution and reform. Besides all these roles, Professor Sujit Choudhry also serves as a consultant to the World Bank and UNDP.

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The Career, Education and Achievements of Rick Shinto

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When the Securus Technologies board of directors decided to hire a new CEO to lead the company, they saw Rick Smith as the best candidate for the job. His vast experience in the technology industry made him the best man for the job. With over 35years of experience and a good education background, they couldn’t have gone wrong with this choice. Let’s have a look at his career and education background. Read more articles at


Rick Smith holds an associate degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, which he obtained from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Soon after, he was admitted to the Buffalo based State University of New York where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Rick Smith also holds two postgraduate degrees. He attained his master’s degree in Mathematics, from the State University of New York, Brockport branch. Rick Smith also went back to the University of Rochester. This time ground he was studying Business Administration in its Simon School.

Career Experience

From the year 1972, Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corp, which is today known as Global Crossing. He worked for the company until the year 1998. During his 26year tenure, he was promoted to a number of positions until he got to the Executive Vice President of Financial Management. Before getting here, he had to go through the positions of Director of Business Development and Marketing, Director of Network Plant Operations, Chief Information Officer, President of Information Technologies and Controller.

In the year 1998, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked as the Chief Financial Officer for a year before getting a promotion. His impressive track record earned a position as the Chief Operations Officer as from the year 1999. He served in thus capacity to the year 2003. However, for the last three years he simultaneously served as the president of the company. In the year 2003 to the year 2008, he worked as the CEO of the company.


In his career life, Rick Smith has accomplished a lot. During his tenure at Eschelon Telecom, he managed to grow the company to over $350 million revenue from a mere $30 million. He also saw the company have its Initial Public Offering, which was made in the year 2005.

Rick Smith continues the great work at Securus. Since he joined the Securus team, the company is claimed to the leader within its industrial niche. Rick Smith effective management and customer service strategies got the company to get an A+ grade from BBB Accreditation. He has also seen the investment of over $65 million in improving innovativeness of the company and also constructing a customer’s service center. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used BMW From Beverly Hills Auto Group

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When purchasing your car, you need to ascertain that it is in the best conditions; furthermore, you have to know of the car that you would need or even the one which would work in your favor. The brand should be amongst your starting points, meaning that if you would like to have BMW, consider your budget and then decide whether it will be new or used.


An advantage when it comes to purchasing a used BMW will be that you get to save money. Which will mean that there will be no hurdles when registering the car. Furthermore, as long as you have purchased the used BMW from a reputable dealer like Beverly Hills Auto Group, you will be assured that it is in the best conditions.


About Beverly Hills Auto Group


When looking for a reliable used BMW, Beverly Hills Auto Group should be amongst the places to visit. You will find the best luxury vehicles which are in the best conditions. Nonetheless, Beverly Hills Auto Group will ascertain that you do get to attain value for your money.


Rona Borre Knows How To Succeed Big

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When Rona Borre graduated from college, she went to work in Chicago for a large staffing agency where she shattered every sales record in the company. Figuring that she had nowhere else to go in that company, she formed her staffing agency in 2001.

Working in a spare bedroom, Borre established Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing company that has become one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Her firm, now employing over 50 account executives who hire employees for Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller companies, has mushroomed, now billing millions annually in fees.

Borre discovered a principle that most staffing companies fail to use. Many companies are mere resume factories, and they play the resume roulette game of processing massive numbers of candidates. Borre and her team spend a great deal of time getting to know the management team of a hiring company very well. Then they help the top executives define exactly who and what they want, and then Borre goes out and hires that person.

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The interview to hire ratio is down to a 3:1 ratio and the attrition rate of candidates hired is only

percent over a 15 year period. The hiring company is relieved because they spend way less time interviewing and Borre gets the sale. Related article on

Rona Borre is very involved in the Chicago Business environment too, as she holds leadership roles in such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago and the Young Presidents’ Organization.

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The Significance Of Sam Boraie And Boraie Development’s On The Physical And Social Landscape Of New Brunswick

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Omar Boraie is an Egyptian philanthropist and entrepreneur living in New Brunswick, New Jersey with significant investments in real estate and property. He is the founder of Boraie Development, a family-owned enterprise that is dedicated to developing breathtaking properties while offering exceptional customer service.

According to Patch, when he arrived in New Brunswick more than 50 years ago, he envisioned the development and restructuring of the city’s skyline. He noticed that most people working in the city did not live there, and his goal was to change that. This vision was highly doubted by the residents of the city, but this did not stop him. Omar Boraie established Boraie Development to provide services that addressed the real estate market from start to finish. Such services include property development, real estate management, as well as sales and marketing.

To date, through its marketing subsidiary known as Boraie Realty, the firm has completed both residential and commercial property transactions valued at over $150 million. Boraie Development has achieved an excellent track record for more than 30 years by working in partnership with widely-known architects, contractors, and financial institutions to complete their developments in a timely fashion without compromising on quality.

Omar Boraie enjoys doing business with his family, and most of his children sit on the board of the firm. Sam Boraie, Omar’s second son, is the current Vice President and is responsible for discovering new investment projects. Under his leadership, the company has completed prominent projects such as the Aspire, One Spring Street Condominiums, Rector Street, and Albany Street Plaza in New Brunswick, with ongoing projects in Newark and Atlantic City.

The Social Impact of Boraie Development

Through the hard work and dedication of Sam Boraie, his father Omar’s dream of transforming New Brunswick into a property sanctuary has been achieved. The new developments have increased the number of young professionals living in the city increasing the economic activities in the city.

In an article by NJBiz, through the company, the Boraie Family supports various charities and nonprofits in New Brunswick such as the State Theater, the Rutgers Cancer Institute, and Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a nonprofit dedicated to feeding the hungry in the society, and empowering individuals to access and maintains sustainable jobs. The team at Boraie Development believes that it is necessary to first develop the community before developing any property.


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Norman Pattiz And Edison Research Working For The Future Of Radio Marketing

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Norman Pattiz is one of the pioneers of radio base marketing technique that is become famous day by day. He is emeritus chairman and also a founder of Westwood One, a radio giant in the whole state as well as country, led Westwood One to become largest radio network in all states of America. Westwood One is also a provider of sports, entertainment, news, talk, and latest updates about traffic programming for their listener.

PR Newswire believed that Norman Pattiz launched/founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 which based in Los Angeles. That was a company which finances and also produces (on demand of customers) quality programming for multi-platform. CEG is a radio home for famous celebrities such as Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Ron Paul and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

After the great success of his other two groundbreaking radio firms, Norman in 2013 launched the fastest growing radio channel “PodcastOne.” Within a matter of few months, PodcastOne became the most sought after radio channel due to the quality of the live program and the quality material that this channel made available to the listener from all states of America.

Today, the popular lineup of brands and personalities of PodcastOne includes Brandi Glanville, Dan Patrick, Kathie Lee Gifford, Dr. Drew, Steve Austin. And few famous that like PodcastOne is Dennis Miller, Adam Carolla, Jillian Michaels, NPR New York, Jay Mohr, NPR Los Angeles and much more and this became possible with hard work and devotion of Norman for his radio channel.

Due to his quality of work and his patriotism, Norman was once appointed by POTUS Bill Clinton following reappointment by POTS George Bus in 2002 to lead the USA Broadcasting Board of Governors. And by exceeding the exceptions of Presidents he received an award “Giants of Broadcasting” from the American Broadcasting and inducted into Hall of Fame of the National Radio.

Norman Pattiz and Edison Research has done a comprehensive research about modernizing the traditional marketing and advertising sector of the radio industry. For that, they have done many surveys and come to different conclusion.

What the thing on which they both agreed is that no one is taking proper care for the radio marketing that’s why this sector is falling day by day. When they have done few test, they received many optimistic results, so they concluded that the thing that is needed now is a little boost and something unique and radio will be back in business again soon.

Entrepreneur Christopher Burch Renovates and Opens the Most Beautiful Resort, Nihiwatu in Indonesia

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Chris Burch is an active entrepreneur with many diverse retail brands. The newest in his scope is in the hospitality market. He bought a beach hotel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba with his friend James McBride, an hotelier. Together they used approximately $30 million to renovate the beach hostel and revived it as a five-star resort with the name Nihiwatu back in 2015. In 2016, the resort was voted the best hotel on earth by Travel and Leisure.


Chris Burch pointed out in an interview with Business Jet Traveller that he bought the hotel for his children as something he hopes they can preserve and give back to the community. He further explained that Nihiwatu was a special, beautiful place and that’s why he did extraordinary things like building a spa under a waterfall and even having a personal butler in each room. See for more details.


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The Wall Street Journal featured Chris and explained that he divided his time between three main locations including Miami, Hamptons and his new resort in Indonesia. The resort comprises of approximately 27 private villa including Burch’s private home. Nihiwatu has since become the biggest local employer for individuals on the island. Moreover, a percentage of the resort’s revenue is donated to the Sumba Foundation. Sumba Foundation is a charitable organization that funds important projects in the local community. Burch and McBride are planning to expand and construct more hotels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica that will be accessed by the millennial tourist.



About Chris Burch


Based, Christopher Burch is the creator and principal of Burch Creative Capital. Moreover, he is a serial entrepreneur in a wide range of markets such as real estate, fashion, technology and now hospitality. His known brand portfolio includes Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon0, and Nihiwatu. He also has a Trademark to some recognized brands like Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Jawbone. Burch is passionate about branding, and he applies his sales and marketing expertise to his many business ventures. Chris Burch has over 40 years’ experience as an investor and entrepreneur, participating in the rise of over fifty corporations. What has made him successful is his combination of intuitive understanding of consumer behaviour with multinationals and direct sourcing experience.


Additionally, Chris Burch also worked as a board member at Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Foundation, and he was a former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He is also a philanthropist who has donated funds to several foundations including Mt Sinai Hospital in New York, The Henry Street Settlement, The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work.




The Impressive Career of an Investment Guru

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Tim Armour is the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, Equity portfolio manager and chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He is also the principal executive officer of the Capital Group; founded in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace.

The Capital Group is well known for providing investment management. The company also serves the financial advisors and intermediaries, individual investors, high net worth investors, institutions, and consultants.

Tim holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Economics from Middlebury College. Middlebury is a private college founded in 1800 and is one of the oldest Liberal Arts College in the United States of America. He has been the Fund Advisor of Capital Research and Management Company since 1991. In 1993, he was the Senior Vice President of the American Mutual Fund, Inc.

Investment Expertise Advice
Tim Armour has been in the investment field for 32 years. He advises investors that to sail through the world of stiff competition, they must have superior analytical skills compared to other market participants. He believes that the strategic partnership of Capital Group with Samsung Asset Management [SAM] will enable the two companies to help the Korean people to achieve their long-term investment goals.

Timothy Armour believes that the markets shifts caused by Donald Trump’s presidency are real and they shall lead to economic growth with high inflation rates and high-interest rates.

Tim Armour’s vast knowledge in investment is unmatched. He is undoubtedly an expert, and his prudent advice can never go unnoticed.

What is Wen Cleansing Conditioner?

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Wen Cleansing Conditioner made headlines a few years back after airing infomercials and other heavy, hard-hitting marketing techniques. It worked well, and now the hair care product is used and adored, by many women of all ages. This five-in-one product cleanses and conditions the hair, and de-tangles, too. It works without lather, further saving you time and money, and without the addition of any harmful ingredients. In just three weeks, the Wen Cleansing Conditioner can transform your dull, lifeless hair into extraordinary hair. And, it works on all hair types.

Is Wen Cleansing Conditioner right for your hair care needs? Many women ask this question since they want to use only products that will enhance their hair. Tons of reviews are available online that can help you better understand how women feel about the conditioner. One user, who has fine hair, shares on Facebook her Wen story, and says the product, provided great results that she noticed with the very first product use. This user is one of many happily satisfied Wen users who love the product and the results that it offers.

Chaz Dean ( is the Wen Cleansing Conditioner creator. As an L.A. stylist, Dean has worked with many celebrities over the course of his 20+ year career. The Cleansing Conditioner product is one of many Dean, along with a scientist, developed to provide women phenomenal hair care at home. Using the Wen hair care line is a simple and fun way to get the gorgeous hair that you deserve. For more info, visit