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Bruce Levenson Changing Foundation of Philantropy At University of Maryland

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The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland was started three years ago with a grant for startup money donated by Bruce and Karen Levenson. More donations totaling $5.6 million soon followed, all from the Levensons, said a press release from PR Newswire. Innovative courses and programs are offered by the Center. This includes several classes per semester that pay out $10,000 gifts to worthy nonprofits. A program just completed by the Center sent twelve graduate students to India to work at three nongovernmental organizations. One focused on the disabled, one focused on wildlife preservation, and the last was a youth outreach program. For the fourth year in a row, the Center has sponsored the Do Good Challenge. Thousands of students at the University of Maryland will compete in a challenge to make the greatest social impact on their favorite causes. Winners receive $20,000 in prize money to further their causes. Karen Levenson, an alumnus of University of Maryland, calls it leveraged philanthropy at its best. She also feels that the Center has the potential to make a profound impact in terms of worthy causes. Bruce Levenson of UCG feels that the Center has a dual purpose. First students are being taught the skills needed to work in the nonprofit sector. At the same time, the Center ensures that graduates of the University of Maryland will be informed philanthropists when they graduate.

Jed McCaleb Hopes To Improve The Economic State Of The World Through Stellar

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Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency blockchain expert and a well-known American programmer that has been recognized for his work with the creation of Mt. Gox, which was the first bitcoin exchange. He also was a part of eDonkey, which was one of the original peer-to-peer file sharing networks that was decentralized. Jed McCaleb is now working on his latest venture, Stellar, which began in 2014 when he partnered with Joyce Kim as a co-founder. The company is is a financial network that serves the public by encouraging people to become a part of making the global economy better. McCaleb works in a technical role where he writes code and takes care of other technical tasks needed to run the company.

Jed McCaleb came up with the idea for Stellar after he discovered that Bitcoin had a slew of potential problems associated with it. What he did was use the technology behind bitcoin to put together a open source network where financial institutions can connect. One of the main purposes of Stellar is to help people who don’t have bank accounts to have access to them. The reason this is needed is because many financial institutions cannot work with low-income people because it would be a money losing proposition. What Jed McCaleb and Stellar are doing is cutting down dramatically on the costs of maintaining a way of connecting institutions together so that money transfers are much cheaper.


Jed McCaleb is also interested in artificial intelligence and believes that it can solve many issues that the world is currently facing. He feels that AI can do a lot more than blockchain and has been working with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), which is a nonprofit that works to make AI software safe to use. He has expressed his opinion that it is vital to have a business plan and/or strategy in place before you get started with a project. He also has learned to hone in on what is most important in his day to day life and has gotten very good at not being distracted. Jed McCaleb welcomes challenges instead of shying away from him, and this has been a large part of the key to his success.



Joel Friant the Ever-Present Habanero Guy

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Joel Friant is no stranger to innovation. As a serial entrepreneur he has created numerous products, most famous among them The Habanero Shaker. But there is a lot more to the free market devotee than a successful real estate business, and the moniker of “foodpreneur”. Friant is also avid about helping others find success. He hosts online seminars, publishes articles, and shares his perceptions with all who listen. All he wants is for others to surpass potentials in their lives and occupations. Much like Joel surpassed his.

Before his success with the Habanero Shaker, Friant was known as the “The Thai Guy”. In 1995, he left real estate sales and fashioned the first fast food Thai restaurant. That same year he developed and marketed the Habanero Shaker. Observing how much consumers at his Thai restaurant enjoyed the hot but ultimately flavorful pepper, and how many Habanero shakers lacked actual Habanero flakes, Friant came up with a revolutionary idea. Using real Habanero flakes from the finest peppers, the Habanero Shaker has no additives or salts. It is gluten free making it available to those on a vegan diet and contains just the right mixture of heat and flavor. The shaker was first introduced the same year as his Thai restaurant, and soon found its place on the shelves of some big grocery store chains.

Joel returned to real estate in 2003, building a successful mortgage lending firm. In the wake of 2008’s financial crises Friant began developing revolutionary business concepts, among them the “Income Thermostat”. Lately he has been finding success in online sales, embracing the digital world fully. 2012 saw the return of his famous Habanero Shaker on online markets, Friant also assist with the selling of other products as well. Friant was also one of the early pioneers to invest in Bitcoin. However, despite all these successes, Friant will always be the Habanero guy.

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AvaTrade Review-Scam or Legit?

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Forex and CFD trading has never been a smooth ride for beginners. An investor must pass through a massive learning curve, analyze the market to get handy information about various foreign currencies as well as forecast potential risks. All these can quickly scare away a beginner. However, that’s not the case when financial professional and forex experts come together like the case of AvaTrade. Their platform is specially designed to provide the best online forex and CFD trading experience to novices and experts alike. They’ve set out core values, and customer relationship has been well defined. Therefore, every trader understands what to pay for and expect from the market. With over $60 billion monthly investor trading, AvaTrade has proven to be a legitimate site for all. It guides beginners through various trading times, time zones and currencies. Their solutions are tailor-made to suit the needs of all regardless of whether one has experience or not.

AvaTrade is an online broker dealing with forex and CFD trading. It is based in Dublin, Ireland and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company was established in 2006 with the name AvaFX. It has various offices in different countries and cities including Nigeria, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, Milan, and Mongolia. They also have authorizations and licensing from multiple jurisdictions including British Virgin Islands, Japan, Australia and South Africa. It specializes in providing over 250 trading instruments including commodities, equities, bitcoin, bonds, forex, Exchange Traded Funds, and market indices. The company had expanded immensely and currently serves over 200,000 accounts from around the globe. The company targets the needs of clients and enjoys a solid financial backing.
What sets AvaTrade apart is their reliable 24-hour customer support which is available in 12 different languages. Traders enjoy numerous trading platforms including Meta Trader for mobile trading, floating spreads, Mac, web trading, automated trading, proprietary AvaTrade Act platform, and MetaTrader 4. Traders can securely deposit or withdraw using debit or credit cards or bank wire transfers. For withdrawals, one has to fill a form then the transaction is processed in five days. New account holders also stand a chance to enjoy welcome bonuses and promotions after signing up. A minimum deposit of 100 euros is required for an investor to begin trading. It is not a scam as anyone can invest and trade in CFDs and forex.

Oxford Club Helping Investors Invest Smartly

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Oxford Club is the subsidiary of the Agora Inc and has over two decades of experience being an independent financial publisher. As a network of entrepreneurs and investors, Oxford Club aims to provide financial insight to its subscribers that are based on facts and statistical analysis. The name of the Oxford Club was earlier Passport Club but was later renamed to signify the representation of old world values and new age sensibilities and technology. The primary aim of Oxford Club is to help its members invest smartly and maximize their returns while limiting the risks to a great extent.

The investment strategies at Oxford Club are based on four main principles, which is to ensure that the investment portfolio is diversified by sectors as well as the risks. It would help anchor the investments in case the market crumbles or any particular industry gets mishit. Oxford Club also suggests that investors always have an exit strategy while investing as it is what would help in ensuring that the investors know when to pull out. If the investors don’t have an exit strategy, the profits may never be booked.

Oxford Club advises it’s over 80,000 members never to invest based on their emotions and not have a favorite when it comes to investment. It can be disastrous for the members as well as their financial portfolio because putting more money than you can afford to lose on one stock you love can be dangerous in case that share happens to decline rapidly overnight. Make sure to do position sizing by the market trend and financial analysis. The Oxford Club also helps its members to understand how they can cut down the investment costs and minimize the amount to be taxed through various legal formats and techniques. It can increase your investments by a considerable margin.

Siteline Cabinetry Can Create The Custom Cabinets Of Your Dreams

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Many people would say that their kitchen is the focal point of their home. A kitchen is a place for family and friends to cook, congregate and simply feel at home. Kitchens are where memories are made, so your personality and taste should reflect that in how this space is designed.

Not only should your kitchen cabinetry look great, it should also be functional without taking up too much space. Siteline Cabinetry is a highly reputable company that can offer you stylish cabinets at an affordable price. They use modern techniques that can also pay attention to traditional detail. Siteline Cabinetry’s goal is to offer premium solutions and maximum storage without compromising style. They can transform your home, office, garage or laundry room cabinets to fit anyone’s budget.

Siteline Cabinetry will work with you every step of the way from start to finish. They understand that storage space is important including the integration of the latest accessories. You can have the cabinets of your dreams with extra storage for your utensils, cell phones and tablets.

Every cabinet that Siteline Cabinetry makes are made to order. They cannot be made until the designs have been submitted which results in less lead time. Your cabinets are created by only highly skilled cabinet makers trained to go beyond industry standards. The technology that they use can tremendously improve shaker style cabinets which are still popular today. With our world becoming technology driven, cabinets have also evolved with the times. Siteline Cabinetry can provide multipurpose high-tech cabinets to meet your daily requirements.

When you meet with your Siteline Cabinetry consultant, you can go over the variety of finishes they offer. These include, thermally fused laminate finishes, wood stains, polyester wrap finishes, thermo foil, decorative veneers and glazes. They will make sure that your individual design is crafted exactly to your standards.

Chris Burch Has Collected Some Great Gift Ideas Over The Years

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Chris Burch has a great diversity of companies he invests in through his portfolio at Burch Creative Capital, a firm that lives up to its name by looking for business startups that venture into the creative side of home and lifestyle brands, organic foods and technology. Through working with these companies and from visiting many gift shops throughout his travels, Chris Burch has come up with ideas for gifts that are loved by both men and women. Some items he’s mentioned that anyone can purchase include a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, a Zero-Gravity massage chair, Snowe Home candle sets and chocolates from stores like Fatty Sundays. Burch came a long way to get to where he is today in business.

Chris Burch actually founded his first company before he finished college and got most of the initial funding for it from his own sales. This company was a sweater sales business that he made profits on by buying sweaters at a factory for $10 and reselling them for $15, and it only took a few years before the demand was growing so high for his sweaters that Burch purchased his own factory and started opening stores. The company became a retail chain known as Eagle Eye Apparel which at its height was drawing in hundreds of millions in sales, and Burch later made $67 million when he sold it to The Swire Group (http://www.bjtonline.com/business-jet-news/billionaire-chris-burch).  Following his exit of Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started investing in other companies, some of which were internet startups in the Internet Capital Group’s portfolio and others were funded by Guggenheim Partners. He also owned and managed part of Tory Burch fashion until selling his shares in that company and then launching Burch Creative Capital.

Companies that have come through Burch Creative Capital include Powermat, C. Wonder, Next Jump, Actua, Voss Water, Poppin and Ellen DeGeneres’s ED brand.  Check prnewswire.com.  Burch began buying major residential and hotel properties around the mid-2000s such as a $14 million home in Southampton that was resold at $25 million, and being one of the key investors in the Faena Hotel + Universe. Burch eventually had the world’s top vacation resort built in 2013 when he and fellow investor James McBride bought Sumba Island property for $30 million and had it transformed into one of the most beautiful hotel villa areas (businessinsider.com).   Burch also has sat on the boards of the Rothman Institute of Orthopedics and the Tilton private school.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

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If you, or anyone you’ve ever come into contact with has never had to put someone into a home, then imagine putting your loved one in a care home and what each step of that might feel like. At first, you notice them forgetting things too often. You begin to wonder what they might forget when they’re alone. Do they leave the stove on when they leave the kitchen? Maybe they’re becoming more and more fragile. You’re worried for their safety and you imagine them falling or hurting themselves with no one around to help.

Sometimes, these things will have very serious consequences but you simply can’t be around to help all the time. You wish you could, but you can’t and that is a scary thing to deal with. Luckily, society has created care homes where you can live at ease knowing your loved one has the proper care they need, around the clock. You can visit them any time you want but it’s still a scary thought. Is there a way you can help people going through such a hard time? Yes! You can get paid for it too.

Read more on surreyandsussex.nhs.uk

Not only does Sussex Healthcare aid in the general care of their older tenants, but they care for adults who have both physical and learning disabilities too. They help them live their best life, daily. Currently, Sussex Healthcare is hiring in many locations to ensure you can be a part of this important step in someones life.

While nursing jobs are available, Sussex Healthcare is also looking for jobs such as kitchen assistants, dental assistants, health and safety leaders, drivers, and activity coordinators. On top of a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, knowing you’re making a difference, and a great salary – Sussex Healthcare Limited offers benefits such as a pension plan, a free staff bus, reduced rate accommodation, extra optional training courses, paid breaks, meals, and offers career progression.

Sussex Healthcare Limited is a company that was founded in 1985. As of today, the Head of Operational Care is Ms. Corrine Wallace. The Head of Education and Training is Ms. Carol Dilley and the company also partners with Mr. Shiraz Bogham. The companies base is in Warnham, United Kingdom and has homes in Warnham, Henfield, East Grinstead, Billingshurst, Horsham, Nutley, Purley and Sharpthorne. They specialize in dementia care, respite care, and palliative care as well as having recreation and education programs. The environment at Sussex Healthcare Limited is as irreplaceable as the job itself.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Sussex-Health-Care-Reviews-E804635.htm

End Citizens United Embraces Conor Lamb for Congress

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     Conor Lamb is one of the young faces surging up the ladder of the Democratic party. Lamb is a 33-year-old progressive who is running against Rick Saccone for the Pennsylvania Special Election that will be held on March 13th. Lamb is definitely an underdog but a recent breaking endorsement from End Citizens United will likely have him surging up the polls in terms of probably victory. Lamb will be running for the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania which is one of the reddest districts in the state. However, there is a Blue Wave sweeping through the United States right now which gives Lamb a bigger chance than ever before — just ask Roy Moore in Alabama how it feels to lose a red seat to a blue challenger.

The endorsement of End Citizens United means a great deal to not only Conor Lamb but the rest of the progressive movement. End Citizens United has made a name for themselves over the past two years as one of the foremost progressive political action committees. Since Trump’s election campaign, End Citizens United has been pivotal in generating grassroots momentum for progressive politicians all around the country. End Citizens United was created essentially to launch campaign finance reform to the top levels of the United States government, and they’ve made substantial progress in their short lifespan.

End Citizens United was created specifically to undo the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative and right-wing propaganda group. Citizens United helped to open the door to millionaire and billionaire lobbyists and their 2010 argument, which passed the SCOTUS on a controversial decision, can link straight to the election of Donald Trump. Now, End Citizens United is endorsing Lamb because they see the potential for change in a fundamentally red state. Lamb’s partnership with End Citizens United should also serve to help and get out the vote in a big way.

End Citizens United and Conor Lamb won’t be unopposed in their run, however, as twitter-activist-turned-President Donald Trump has already endorsed Rick Saccone for Congress. Despite Trump’s hefty endorsement, it may not be enough. Trump most recently endorsed Luther Strange and Roy Moore in Alabama and both candidates fell out favor relatively quickly. Now, if Lamb and End Citizens United can overcome the right-wing fundraising machine they might have a chance to really craft some momentum for what will surely be an important 2018.

For more, read http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality too.

Changing the Industry Like Whitney Wolfe Herd Changed the Dating Game

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Every once in a while, there comes a time when an industry is ripe for a change. It is at this point when someone is going to have the best chance at bringing forth something that is going to change the industry for the better. This is one thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has done with dating. For those that want to change an industry, there is a set of steps to take. The first step is looking at all of the issues that are common in all of the products and services of a given industry. One of the best ways to do this is by looking at all of the comments. Another thing to do is experience the services of the industry.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has done before changing the online dating industry was look at what the users had to say about dating apps. She has collected notes and even met with some others in order to help formulate a plan that is going to help her bring forth something that is different. One thing she has looked at is online dating from both the perspective of the man and the woman. Men have complained about not being able to make connections and get dates. This has helped Whitney decide on a new format that she feels is going to help the market.

One thing that she has thought about is the unspoken rule in dating in which men have to initiate. There have been enforcement of this rule by some men when women have initiated. Some men have the attitude that a woman who approaches is not worth their pursuit. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd believes that this is not a reasonable rule. Also, a man that is comfortable in his masculinity is going to be okay with a woman approaching him. Therefore, Bumble has been released with this adjustment to the configuration which makes it so that men can’t approach a woman. Women have to approach the man in Bumble.

This is one example of changing the industry for the better. As Whitney has shown, it takes believing in something, researching an industry, and then moving forward with something that is different than what has been done before.

For details: www.instagram.com/whitwolfeherd/?hl=en

Drew Madden And Meaningful Insight Into Modern Healthcare Information Technology

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Sufficient healthcare is readily available to almost everybody around the world. While some nations and regions aren’t as privileged as others, technology has effectively spread the outreach of healthcare services through telecommunications and related services.

Consumers’ views of technology change on a yearly, if not multiple-times-per-year basis. The same can’t be said for healthcare professionals, as technological devices are commonly replaced as soon as innovation allows for new forms of technology to take over. Here are a few more common problems with modern healthcare and related information.

The demand for full-fledged data analysts in the healthcare sector is highly likely to improve, in some parts of the nation significantly so, in 2018. Data analysts help service providers bust out payment models and safely touch bases with policy initiatives.

Cybersecurity is more of a serious threat than ever before. Many people aren’t even aware that they’ve been targeted by cybercriminals, although the same can’t be said for traditional forms of crime like burglaries, vandalism, and robberies.

Analytical tools used by websites related to medicine, particularly digital pharmacies, can inform customers of when they could be experiencing serious health problems based on nothing more than their purchase histories.

Telecommunication through mobile phones is likely to reach rural, far-off regions through the world. Doctors will be able to see patients from virtually anywhere. See This Article for related information.


Drew Madden’s Short, Brief Biography

Mr. Drew Madden is one of the leader’s in the healthcare industry in terms of contributing significantly to the field in the form of strong information technology infrastructure for healthcare organizations. Mr. Madden is best known working for Nordic Consulting Partners, where he spent seven years, from 2010 to 2016.

Madden worked in the capacity of a regular employee in 2010, until he was promoted to President in 2011. He increased the number of employees by 72.5 times, one of the most astounding jumps in employment in healthcare-related consulting.

Nordic Consulting Parents has benefited significantly from Mr. Madden’s hands-on approach, earning a handful of KLAS awards for Consulting Excellence, and a top ranking for Epic Implementation Services, winning the latter contest in both 2012 and 2014.


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