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Bruce Levenson Changing Foundation of Philantropy At University of Maryland

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The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland was started three years ago with a grant for startup money donated by Bruce and Karen Levenson. More donations totaling $5.6 million soon followed, all from the Levensons, said a press release from PR Newswire. Innovative courses and programs are offered by the Center. This includes several classes per semester that pay out $10,000 gifts to worthy nonprofits. A program just completed by the Center sent twelve graduate students to India to work at three nongovernmental organizations. One focused on the disabled, one focused on wildlife preservation, and the last was a youth outreach program. For the fourth year in a row, the Center has sponsored the Do Good Challenge. Thousands of students at the University of Maryland will compete in a challenge to make the greatest social impact on their favorite causes. Winners receive $20,000 in prize money to further their causes. Karen Levenson, an alumnus of University of Maryland, calls it leveraged philanthropy at its best. She also feels that the Center has the potential to make a profound impact in terms of worthy causes. Bruce Levenson of UCG feels that the Center has a dual purpose. First students are being taught the skills needed to work in the nonprofit sector. At the same time, the Center ensures that graduates of the University of Maryland will be informed philanthropists when they graduate.

Why Prison Officials Trust Securus Technologies

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When you work inside a busy and dangerous prison, you need every resource possible to keep you and your fellow officers safe. When I start my day in the jail, I have to know that every inmate in this prison is looking for any opportunity to take me out. The minute you let down your guard, you could be taken out of the facility in a stretcher. To make matters worse, a rise in drug use inside the jail is only making inmates even more violent than normal.


To control drug flow in our prison, we do things like inspect every piece of mail and surprise cell inspections around the clock. My team will position ourselves in the visitor center so that nothing in the way of contraband can be slipped from family member or friend to the inmate. Even with all these efforts, drugs still manage to get into the hands of the inmates on a regular basis. That is why we were so excited when we discovered our old inmate call monitoring system was being upgraded by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has 2.600 of these new monitoring systems in different prisons around the country. The goal of the organization is making the world safer for all, and that is something me and my fellow officers can get behind. We were taught how to use the LBS software to detect chatter between the inmates concerning drugs, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.


One call revealed an inmate hiding drugs in his cell despite us searching for them. One inmate talked about how his brother could get prescription drugs into the visitor center. Each time one of the inmates talks about drugs, my team is able to spring into action and eliminate the problem before it becomes something that puts innocent lives in danger.


Sheldon Lavin: The CEO Leading OSI Group To A High Quality Future

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Sheldon Lavin is someone who has significantly contributed to the growth and development of his company, OSI Group. He is someone who possesses an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the field and knows how to run a business beautifully. He is currently the CEO of OSI Group.

When Sheldon Lavin was starting out his professional career, his path of choice was the field of law. He worked as a lawyer for many years before he decided to join the company. In fact, one of Sheldon Lavin’s first encounters with OSI Group was when he took on the company as one of his clients. He worked extremely closely with the executive team and all the higher up officials in the company.

After working as their lawyer for a while, Sheldon Lavin decided that he would join OSI Group and work for them full time. He is someone who believes in working hard to reaching his goals and therefore worked tirelessly to get to the position he is in today.

Since taking over as the CEO of the company, Sheldon Lavin has given rise to substantial changes in the company. He possessed a lot of knowledge regarding international trade and gauged that the company would do extremely well in international markets. The company soon went on to set up their processing units in countries like China, where it is doing extremely well right now. Sheldon Lavin was the one who pushed the company into this direction, and it has worked out brilliantly, in their favor.

Sheldon Lavin isn’t just someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the sector. He is an absolute food lover and therefore sees the company as more than just a corporate structure. At the same time, he believes that the OSI Group should have extremely high standards and tries his best to keep upgrading the machines and raw materials that they use to ensure that OSI Group meets these standards. Sheldon Lavin also has a financial background, considering the numerous corporates that he worked with as a lawyer. He has been able to draft up a financial plan for the company that puts in on a path of growth and development.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin: https://www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees.

Cotemar, a Pacesetter in Mexican Oil and Energy Industries

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Cotemar’s informed operations in its respective industry have made it a perfect choice, enough to be emulated by other firms. Cotemar boasts of twenty years of consistent presence where they have developed and cultivated on the significant business relationships. They engage modern day technology when serving their client’s interest.

Most interesting is that they have also grown in deepening understanding of their consumers. For instance, when it comes to offshore services, Cotemar warrants high-quality maintenance and construction services for their clientele. Also, they endeavor in collection and installation of tools in the overseas locations.

The Great Success Attributed to Cotemar

Cotemar’s ability to diversify their services has propelled them to an amazingly high level. For several years they have walked away with the number one company award. Apart from diversification, they also ensure sustainability in all their initiatives. Being in the energy sector is demanding, and Cotemar has proved to measure up. Over time they have expanded their markets within hospitality to incorporate laundry, tidiness, and cookery services. Their value for consumers is on another level, something sustaining them right ahead of the curve.

A Survey on What it Feels Like to Work at Cotemar

When given a platform to express themselves, several Cotemar staffs commended the company for an ideal working atmosphere that ensures least accidents. Additionally, they are taken through training that sharpens their background knowledge. As such, it becomes a plus for such employees because they do not only become productive for the company but also get equipped with invaluable facts.

Those employees also enjoy feeding on delicious food and spending in clean lodging amenities. They are also entitled to off days regardless of one’s rank. An assembly of such compliments and reviews only implies that Cotemar is matchlessly reliable.

Cotemar Serving Their Purpose in Mexico

If you are in need of petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico, Cotemar is the company to hook up with. They have discovered about the several oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and are seeking to expand their presence. They always keep track of their performance so as to identify when to raise the bar in their various markets. Their products and services are greatly considered, hence highly innovative.

Their relationship with surrounding communities is also great. Cotemar creates job opportunities for people around their premises. They are also careful to maintain an environmental-friendly environment not just for themselves, but also for their entire neighborhood.

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Knowing More About Brad Reifler

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Brad Reifler is currently working as the CEO of Forefront Capital. He is a highly renowned entrepreneur. Earlier, he was the CEO, chairman as well as the founding partner of Pali Capital. This is a company that provides financial services globally.

Prior to that, Brad Reifler was working as a star trader at Refco. He is also one of the Directors of the Sino Mercury Company. He has also held the position of a director at the European American Investment Bank, besides the Foresight Research Solutions along with Genesis Securities.

Brad was always at the top of his class during graduation. After this, he launched his investment firm in 1982 and called it Reifler Trading Corporation. He was able to launch his own firm within a year of completing his graduation. It was a successful firm that was later bought by Refco, which is a global investment company.

Brad Reifler has over 30 years of experience in the field of finance. He has founded many firms. He provides consultancy services in the financial sector to several companies in the world. He is a reputed and highly accomplished finance professional who is sought-after in the global market.

Forefront Capital is a well-renowned financial services company. It provides several financial services that include capital market services, besides investment banking as well as investment management services.

This firm has several influential as well as powerful business leaders as its clients. This is why the firm likes to maintain long-term relationships with them. It values them much beyond providing investment capital. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-and-forefront-capital-introduce-forefront-income-trust-1975993.htm

In addition, The Forefront Company also provides advice as well as guidance to those investors who are investing in foreign currency exchange markets. It also provides advice to investors who like to invest in global commodities. This firm wants to cultivate a diversified market in order to yield high returns in the long run.

Several investment plans have been developed by this firm. They are trying to pave the way so that investors are able to access various market opportunities in an easy manner. According to Bloomberg, the qualifications and experience of Brad Reifler have helped him to be successful in his venture.

How Jay Z and Desiree Perez Maneuver Business Toward Future

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Desiree Perez may be no household name but she has been by the side of super star business mogul and renowned musician Jay Z for the past two decades. Perez works as part of the Roc Nation team and she is one of the guiding hands leading Jay Z’s company into the future. Right now Jay Z is looking at a pretty big moment in his life: the end of his 360 Deal with Live Nation. Almost a decade ago Jay Z signed a 10 year/$150 million contract with Live Nation in order to see his music and live performances controlled by the company. With the deal reaching a ‘buy-sell’ moment, where either party can choose to walk away or re-negotiate, we are preparing for a big round of industry news. See related article on igstars.com

Jay Z can’t have been upset with the structure of his deal as it provided him an excellent groundwork upon which to grow his brand. With that being said, in ten years the music industry has changed in a dramatic way. Now there are rumors abound that Live Nation is seeking to pull out of representing Jay Z’s recorded music — a marked change in the structure of their deal. According to sources close to Live Nation the company is still at least interested in representing Jay Z’s live performances but that might not be enough to keep him on board.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z were spotted in Santa Monica, CA taking a sit down dinner/meeting with the president of Universal Music Group.  For more of Dez, click on prettymanprettyman.com.  In the wake of Jay Z’s pending free agency this sit down is taking on renewed importance. Could Jay Z be looking to jump ship and take on a deal with UMG? The logistics make sense as UMG would give Jay Z ample room to grow.  More to read on saltylens.com

Have a quick tour of the music streaming world, hit on  http://www.apple.com/music/

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto Develop Brazil

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The city of Sau Paulo and surrounding areas in Brazil have gotten some major updates in their development thanks to everything that José Auriemo Neto has done with the company that he is the CEO of, JHSF. He wants to make sure that he can do everything possible to develop the city and to make it better for the people living there. He does a lot of different things with the developments and always makes sure that he can help people out when they are in the city. Because of this, he has been able to do even more with JHSF successful business at it. People who have big companies in Brazil are grateful that he can do more for them. People who do not have jobs or who were previously unable to get jobs in Brazil are also grateful for him because they can get jobs with the places that he develops.

Since the real estate economy was doing poorly in the past, José Auriemo Neto knew that it would not be easy for him to try and build the company up. He wanted to make the most out of the development opportunities and chose to make all of the right moves for the company. It was something that he was comfortable with and confident in when he took over at JHSF. It was also something that he knew would make a huge difference for the people who he worked with so that they would be able to get more out of the real estate opportunities business that they had.

From residential places that are upscale to shopping centers and commercial buildings, José Auriemo Neto knows what he is doing with the real estate development industry. He also created an airport that is reserved exclusively for executives of the companies that he works for. He wants to build even more and is planning on doing so with the intention of making Brazil better than it has ever been in the past. Doing all of this will help the country to have a better economy and will give people a better chance at being successful while they are living in Brazil to learn more http://glamurama.uol.com.br/jose-auriemo-neto-e-familia-passam-temporada-em-ny-o-motivo/ click here.

Sujit Choudhry Has A Great View of Comparative Constitutional Law

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In the legal profession, there are a variety of areas that relate to the field of law. Many legal professionals who enter the field of law have several areas that interest them both personally and professionally. Therefore, numerous professionals in the legal profession have more than one area of law where they focus their professional efforts. A position in the legal profession that has many professionals that choose to handle several areas of law in their professional careers is the attorney.

As a legal position, the attorney is one of the most demanding positions in the legal field. Attorneys must have multiple skill sets to be an effective attorney. One of the skills that most successful attorneys have is the ability to communicate very well. As an attorney, communication is essential. Attorneys must be able to convey their thoughts and ideas to a wide variety of people. Some of the people are legal professionals and some of the people are citizens that the attorneys represent. In any instance, attorneys need communication skills to be able to do many of the tasks successfully that attorneys must deal with on a daily basis.

Attorneys have to provide communication that is easy to understand yet is high quality. This concerns both verbal and written communication. While many people think about attorneys communicating with people verbally, attorneys have to do a lot of written communication regarding courts, cases, and other aspects of the legal profession.

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An attorney who has tremendous communication skills is Sujit Choudhry, follow him too on Twitter. A leading law professor at a popular law school, Sujit Choudhry displays his communication skills both verbally and written. Useful link on bizjournals.com.  He is a highly successful attorney who helps clients in numerous legal areas. One of the areas of law where Sujit Choudhry has a huge amount of expertise is comparative constitutional law. As a legal professional, Sujit Choudhry has many people both in the legal field and outside the legal field who review his work concerning comparative constitutional law.  Check on law.nyu.edu for additional article.

Sujit Choudhry has a great interpretation of legal systems that is grounded in his understanding of comparative law. He has studied many different legal systems from across the globe. More to read on fundacity.com.

Additional reading on http://blogs.law.nyu.edu/magazine/2011/introducing-sujit-choudhry/


A Closer Look at Comparative Law

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Comparative law is defined as the study of the existing relationship among legal systems. It also seeks to explain their similarities and differences. Comparative law has been used to have a clear and better understanding of unfamiliar legal systems. Comparative law has gained a lot of importance when it comes to the unification and harmonization of international laws with the current era of globalization. It has also resulted in a better order in the world and international cooperation. There are different branches of comparative law. They include comparative criminal law, comparative administrative law, comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, and comparative commercial law.  Check on law.nyu.edu for additional article.

The purpose of the comparative law is to assist people to have explicit knowledge of existing legal systems and contribute to the unification of legal systems. It was back in the 18th century that comparative law first came into existence. It is important to note that legal scholars practiced comparative methodologies before that. Montesquieu is regarded as the person who founded comparative law. Sir Henry Maine is a legal historian and also a British jurist. He is the founding figure of modern comparative law. Sir Henry played a huge role in making comparative law understood and implemented in primitive societies. This made it very influential and widely read.

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The University of Oxford went down in history as the first university to introduce comparative law and offer it as a subject in 1869. Sir Henry Maine took up the position of the professor to teach the subject in the University. A legal Scholar known as Rudolf Schlesinger introduced the comparative law in the United States. He later went to teach the subject at the Cornell Law School which contributed to the spread of the discipline all over the US.   Useful link on bizjournals.com.

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law. He is known all over the world due to his in-depth knowledge of comparative law. He uses his knowledge of comparative law to help manage the evolution from aggressive conflict to democratic politics which are peaceful in societies that are ethnically divided. Sujit has more than 90 publications of book chapters, articles, reports, and working papers under his name.  Read his tweets on twitter.com.

Sujit is a member of the editorial board of the South Africa’s Constitutional Court Review. Sujit is the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions which is the first ever university-based institution in the world that mobilizes and generates knowledge to help in constitutional building.  Check fundacity.com for additional article.

More articles to read here on http://blogs.law.nyu.edu/magazine/2011/introducing-sujit-choudhry/


Lori Senecal’s Innovative Business Strategies

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Lori became the CEO of CP+B IN March 2015 which was a new role at the agency. Before joining CP+B, she had served as the CEO and president of MDC Partners Network. Chuck Porter, the chairman, and co-founder of CP+B said that Senecal was best suited for the position to grow the organization into a renowned global agency. Since Lori joined CP+B, she combines her efforts with Porter to come up with a next generation leadership team for the company. She conducts this process carefully while making thoughtful decisions because she wants the best leadership team for the agency. Chuck noted that since she joined CP+B, the agency has become more effective and smarter due to her outstanding leadership skills. The company seeks for a smooth transition when Senacal retires at the end of 2017.

In a report by Adweek, the new generation team seems to be taking over as planned with Aldrich Danielle being appointed as the President of CP+B West. Aldrich had served as one of the managing directors of the agency. Danielle had a good reputation of helping to transform the American Airlines. CP+B offices are led by passionate entrepreneurs who look forward to building the organization. By working closely with all its leaders, the company realized that it could share its resources to bring creative and strategic talent to clients. This idea of sharing resources was initiated by Lori. Lori Senecal has devised new strategies for new leaders to uncover tough business challenges and to solve them in creative ways.

Lori graduated from McGill University. She also served as the president of McCann Erickson located in New York. She has also played a significant role in transforming other companies such as Xbox and Coca-Cola. She helped develop creative and successful advertising campaigns for those business giants. The advertisements significantly boosted the profitability and popularity of the companies.

Lori is a fluent speaker of French. According to her, advertising is one of the greatest tools a company should have. Senecal is famous for her creative talent, unique style, and her ability to pay attention to challenging situations. Lori has contributed to the success of KBS which has approximately 800 employees at the moment. Lori has also conducted successful ad campaigns for companies such as BMW, HomeGoods, Vanguard, Victoria Secret Pink, and American Express among others.

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Click here: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/business/lori-senecal-on-coaching-when-the-bar-is-high.html?_r=1

Equities First Holdings: First Come Served

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For those unaware, the business market in Australia remains no different than business markets in other regions of the world. Moreover, Australia has numerous successful business entities. This remains attributed to the region’s wealth of natural resources and its thriving business environment. Furthermore, Equities First Holdings remains the company in reference. In addition, Equity First Holdings remains a global leader in alternative learning strategies. Currently, the company plans on maintaining its operations in other parts of Australia. In particular, this includes Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. This remains attributed to the company’s exponential growth. For those unaware, Equities First Holdings remains an alternative financing solution company.

In fact, the company recently established their new office in Melbourne. As a result, this made the company more appealing to its clients and business partners. Moreover, the company’s new address remains easily accessible. In addition, the company provides its clients with numerous financial services. In particular, this includes stock-based loans. Moreover, clients utilize these loans to expand businesses, to invest, and a host of other things. Furthermore, these loans remain multi-purpose loans. Since the company’s conception, it has reigned supreme in the region for providing financial solutions to their clients.

As a result, Equities First Holdings company remains an industry leader. Aside from its products and services, the company also boasts a high success rate. Moreover, they tailor their services to assist their clients in achieving their goals. Currently, the company has completed $1.4 billion dollars worth of transactions. Moreover, these consisted of providing customers with loans at an affordable rate. In addition, the company has operations in 9 different countries. To name a few, these include London and Singapore. With such expertise, it remains easy to see why the company continues to thrive. In closing, the company serves business owners from all walks of life.

more info Equities First Holdings : www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm