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Technology Wiz Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Over As CEO Of Coriant

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Anyone that has been remotely involved in the technology industry knows Coriant. Coriant holds more than 1,800 patents and has more than 35 years of experience delivering tier 1 networking products and services. When Pat DiPietro announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Coriant to return to Marlin Equity very few people were surprised. Marlin Equity is the firm that cobbled Coriant out of, Sycamore Network Solutions, Nokia Siemens, Tellabs, and Networks Optical Networks. DiPietro named Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO of Coriant, and very few insiders were surprised when they heard the news.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been working closely with the management of Coriant for some time, so the team knows Kheradpir and how he operates. He is well known in the technology industry thanks to the role he played at GTE and Verizon. He started his career with GTE after receiving his PH.D. from Cornell University. Shaygan joined Verizon when he left GTE. He was named CIO of Verizon. During his tenure at Verizon, he was instrumental in developing systems that Verizon still uses today. When Shaygan left Verizon, he went to Barclay’s and changed the bank’s entire computer system.

Kheradpir and DiPietro have switched positions. DiPietro is now the managing partner at Marlin Equity and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir recently said Coriant has operating centers in the United States, Asia and Europe. The company focuses on electric utilities, fixed line and mobile service providers, large corporations, government agencies, submarine network providers and content providers. Coriant now has 500 clients in more than 100 countries.

Shaygan main strength is his ability to help network operators build resilient, flexible and scalable transport networks. Kheradpir believes he can inject new life into Coriant by going the extra step when it comes to building new systems that can handle the increased traffic patterns and new data growth.

The interesting part of this new change in power is there are really no new players. It seems Marlin Equity and Coriant has shuffled their internal deck and expect to get better results because of the changes. Shaygan Kheradpir has his work cut out for him, but he has a lot of experience on the Coriant management team.

A Couple Hundred Dollars And A Vision

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There are countless stories out there about how people have started major businesses and companies with a small amount of capital to begin with. Lime Crime is another perfect example. CEO Doe Deere started the company with only a few hundred dollars and grew it into a large, thriving business in the beauty industry! If that doesn’t inspire you to get off the couch and get working towards your goals I don’t know what does!

Lime Crime is a make-up company made up of make-up enthusiasts from Los Angeles. But this is no ordinary make up company, they don’t only focus on covering up imperfections such as those pesky zits, but they use make-up to portray an individuals creativity and style. It’s almost like an art form to them.

Lime Crime offers many obscure beauty products that allow each and every individual to make themselves look however they please. If standing out of the crowd is your thing, then this is probably the company for you. From your hair, to nails, to eyes, to lips, you can find a wide array of options that will not leave you feeling empty and looking for more.

Speaking on the title, the vision by the Founder and CEO Doe Deere is one of my personal favorite things about Lime Crime. Her accomplishments are just another example of what is possible for anybody with a burning desire and the persistence to follow through with that desire until it is attained. She is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. Deere has been said to encourage fans not to “quit their daydream.” Excellent advice!

Whether you are looking to publicly express yourself by wearing crazy combinations of make-up and lipstick, trying to win best dressed, or just looking to cover up a pimple, Lime Crime has plentiful a selection to choose from to fit the needs of any beauty connoisseur.

The Shining and Rising of Brad Reifler in Business Sector

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Bradley Reiler as of late began a public, and non-exchanged interim asset called Forefront Income Trust. The 40 act cash is centered in helping middle-class Americas put resources into items held just for the 1% (the licensed investor.) The asset is not related to the value markets; does not profit until the speculator makes 8%; and, for direct ventures, gives 3% to veterans and military families. The asset purchases back share quarterly to the rate fractional liquidity to its financial specialists.

Every investment is considered a novel resource backed advances and specialty money chances sourced by the business pioneers straightforwardly and not the direct piece of the Forefront group. Before the Forefront Management Group, LLC, Reifler established Pali Capital in 1995 and was the CEO until November 2008.  They also had workplaces in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, Austria, and Singapore.

Reifler started his free profession in 1982 when he established Reifler Trading Corporation, and a firm occupied with the execution of worldwide subsidiaries, but later sold in 2000 to Refco Inc.

Brad serves on different corporate and counseling boards as CrunchBase shows. He was additionally a Trustee of the Millbrook School and once in the past Chairman of the Finance Committee. Brad moved on from Bowdoin College and is currently the CEO and founder of Forefront Management Group, LLC together with its auxiliaries: LLC, Forefront Capital Management, LLC, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Markets, LLC.

Forefront Group was established in June 2009 and is riches administration and boutique investment banking firm that offers venture admonitory administrations to people and organizations on both optional and non-optional criteria.

The firm fulfills the wage and long haul gratefulness needs of worldwide organizations, merchants, budgetary guides and individual speculators. Its capacity to give advice, make and execute is empowered through a coalition of business, portfolio administration, financial instruction, and conveyance pioneers.


Renowned Brazilian Author Jaime Garcia Dias

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Jaime Garcia Dias is a renowned Brazilian author whose life and works have left a deep impression on the literary world. Shaped by his upbringing and other notable authors, Jaime’s work is deeply influenced by Brazilian culture and life. Jaime Garcia Dias is one of the notable authors of our time.

Born to well-educated parents, Jaime Garcia Dias was given the perfect environment to develop his artistic nature and develop his painting. His father was a well-respected writer and journalist. His father mentored his passion for literature.

Throughout his life, Jaime Garcia Dias was devoted to literature. At the young age of 15, Jaime decided he wanted to be a writer and pursued this goal with single-minded enthusiasm. Starting his literary career at the precocious age of 18, Jaime wrote and published his first book. Since the age of 18, Jaime has continued to write book after book. At the age of 45, Jaime has now written 20 books, all within the fiction genre.

In addition to his numerous celebrated novels, Jaime Garcia Dias has received several incredible awards. His first literary award, the White Crane Award, was received in 2001. Most recently, Jaime received the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize.

Jaime Garcia Dias has done more than just write his well-read and impressive books, he has also spent his time enlightening the minds of the upcoming generations as he teaches at the Carioca Literature Academy. His resume shows that Jaime began his teaching career at the Carioca Literature Academy in 1993. By the year 1997, Jaime became the vice president of the Carioco Literature Academy.

While teaching at the Carioca Literature Academy, by the year 2001 Jaime Garcia Dias had written and published 10 books. By the year 2007, Jaime became the president of the Carioco Literature Academy. Despite his already incredibly successful career, Jaime did not slow down in his literary endeavors. In 2010, Jaime began writing a serious of journal entries entitled, “Wise, the Journal of Brazil.”

On his blog he says possibly the most renowned work of Jaime Garcia Dias is his work entitled, “Fell from Heaven.” “Caiu do Céu,” or as translated into English, “Fell from Heaven,” is the book that really launched Jaime’s literary career. This publication earned Jaime the coveted White Crane Award. In addition, at the Latinos Book Meeting in 2003, Josue Gomez honored and promoted “Fell from Heaven.”

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and It’s Successes

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The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is the main developer of the largest city in New Jersey, Newark. One of the main goals of this corporation is to help small businesses grow and thrive.

Formerly known as the Brick City Development Corporation, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has another goal in mind. The goal is to make all of Newark prosperous. This corporation offers valuable services such as business attraction and retention, real estate development, small business development , and neighborhood development. The vast cultures throughout Newark make this a great city to focus on all of these services.

In May 2015 the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation welcomed Kevin Seawright as one of the leaders in this magnificent Corporation. Kevin brought with him many years of government financial management along with his expertise in bettering communities. His Xing resume shows how he practiced this in different cities throughout the East Coast. He played crucial roles in helping save the city of Baltimore over $100,000. He learned about the world of real estate and small business development when working for a contractor in Washington D.C. Sure to be a great fit to the city of Newark, Kevin will work with other members of his team to help maintain economic development activities and help the city grow.  He also remains a popular force on both Twitter, as well as a Mashable account where he frequently talks about the financial issues of the day.

Some of the benefits of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation include façade improvement grants, business information and counseling to small business owners, discount advertising, and State tax credits and exemptions.

Founded in 2007 and reorganized in 2014, the Newark CEDC has many goals to make Newark a great place to live, work and grow businesses. They are striving to create many jobs and a strong economy in order to promote wealth for the entire city of Newark.

Brazil Is Becoming More Popular with Retirees And Investors

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Brazil is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination and a place where retirees are interested in purchasing homes. Some of the reasons why Brazil is particularly appealing include its affordability, nice climate, diverse landscape, and interesting and culturally rich people. The following information will help individuals who are thinking of purchasing property in Brazil when working with a company like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, who can be accessed via Twitter.

There are several things that should be kept in mind when it comes to the location of the property. São Paulo is the governmental and financial capital of the country. For individuals who are interested in doing business, this is a great area to purchase. Individuals who are interested in purchasing homes that can be rented out to tourists may be more interested in areas along the coast of Rio de Janeiro. This is an extremely popular Carnival city, which will lead to high return on investment. One city that may be of interest to retirees is called Natal. This area has the cleanest air, purest water, and lowest crime rate. When it comes to a high quality of life, this is a great destination. No matter where an individual is interested in purchasing property, they can use the services of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos who have an easy contact page. This Brazilian real estate company will be able to help individuals who are looking at different destinations to consider the pros and cons of each place. They will be able to present a variety of properties, helping an individual choose a property they will absolutely love.

Purchasing property in Brazil is almost the same as purchasing property in other countries. The Internet has made it very easy for a person who is located in North America or Europe to look at properties located in Brazil, get in touch with a real estate company, and then begin the purchase process. Brazil is one of the few countries that allow individuals from other places to own property and land in their own name. Purchasing is a very straightforward process. Individuals who purchase property need to obtain a CPF. This is a tax registration number that an individual gets through the Brazilian embassy in their home country. It helps individuals who are interested in purchasing property to open a bank account in their name, apply for utilities, and do other necessary business when they are purchasing property.

The Rising Esteem of Highland Capital Management

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Highland Capital Management controls around the huge total of $20 billion in managed assets. The firm’s Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund recently won the 2015 HFM Hedge Fund Performance Award. Highland president, James Dondero gives full credit to fund manager, Michael Gregory and his expert team of their wonderful work on the fund. The award recognizes hedge funds, funds of funds, and ’40 Act funds that have performed extraordinarily well over the past year. The judges also take into account the past work of the manager of the funds and how the investors view the standing of the manager.

The fund itself performed extremely well and Michael Gregory more than filled all the qualifications of the superb and well considered fund manager. In addition to being a fund manager at Highland, Gregory is also CIO and Global Head of Highland Alternative Investors. He remains committed to continuing the success of the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund. This continues a long line of successful funds for Highland. The firm has seen much success since it was started by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Since that time, Highland has branched off into a dizzying array of investment and fund areas.

Jim recently brought on Terry Jones to be Highland’s President of Institutional Products. Jones definitely knows what he is doing with over 25 years of experience in the field. Jones may have only recently become a full-time Highland employee, but he has been with the firm for some time. Jones is confident that his job will be successful; Highland is large enough that there is much wiggle room for large testing and adaptation. Dondero is also confident in the new president. He fully believes that Jones can truly make a difference in Highland risk management.

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Kyle Bass: Wunderkind or Supervillain?

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It’s hard to tell whether or not Kyle Bass is trustworthy. In general, financial advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Financial advisers are always privy to information they, by and large, don’t have the resources to act on. As a result, embitterment is always a possibility. A hedge fund manager with knowledge of trends, but the inability to act on them, may give clients advice that isn’t strictly in their best interests. It’s hard to tell with Kyle Bass, because he’s been playing both sides of the fence for a little while, and his Blogspot exposes this sentiment.

Kyle Bass started out on the financial scene with a groundbreaking prediction about America’s market. He predicted the sub-prime lending practices instituted through programs like Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac would lead to economic collapse. In 2008, his predictions were borne out, and Bass was able to leave the financial arena substantially more economically stable than when he went in. As a result, the eyes of the financial world became fixed on Bass, and he began making a variety of media appearances.

His next big prediction had to do with Japan. Bass predicted another economic implosion in Japan, and his prediction was again borne out by reality. Would his luck continue? Well, time will tell; but now Bass has his eyes fixed on China.

Bass believes China has been lending beyond her means. He thinks that the GDP can’t support the loans China has been making, and that other countries’ “aggressive lending” will result in China’s bets falling flat, while successive Asian economies follow like dominoes. Basically: Bass believes that China is making wagers she can’t back up, and it’s going to catch up with the country in the next several years. The “bookies” of other Asian countries have no other income but China, in some cases; and they’ll be aggressive about collections, if that market’s previous history is indicative of anything.

Is Bass correct? Well, he likely is; but what does that mean? Kyle Bass is known to have ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known Argentinian socialist. But since Kyle Bass is also from Argentina, are his ties to this individual sinister, or benign?

Kyle Bass also managed to pull one over on Big Pharma by creating the organization “The Coalition For Affordable Drugs”. The purpose of this organization is summed up in its title, and it was successful in decreasing the cost of certain medications. The net result was a drop in stock value for the big pharmaceutical corporations, from which Bass was able to reap substantial profit. American politicians about lost their minds and began a bipartisan scramble to get that loophole closed–at least Bass is reconciling ideologically opposite political parties! But is Bass pulling some similar shenanigan with his predictions about China? Now that isn’t as easy to tell.