Coaching And Culture; The Winning Real Estate Formula

In the real estate business coaching and culture are the two primary elements that can be the great differentiators between companies. When all other aspects of a business are equal the business with the better culture and coaching will have greater success. This is the primary message in Vince Leisey’s RISMedia article.

Coaching helps agent’s identify their strengths and weaknesses and reinforces focus on their strengths. The idea is to have the real estate agents focus on three business building strategies which ensure their focus is narrowed on achievable outcomes. These wins help agents gain momentum instead of having their attention spread between too many items which quickly become discouraging.

It has also been found that real estate agents who have been coached are naturally more likely to in turn coach others. This is akin to the rising tide raises all boats adage; the results of coaching make everyone more productive.

In Vince Leisey’s article on the importance of coaching he describes having created 12 person mastermind groups that had a tremendous impact on company culture. The agents each have an accountability partner that fosters idea sharing and maintaining focus on business growth. In this environment agents experience the benefit of working as a team to improve results faster.

The burden is on the owners and managers of the brokerages to make certain that the optimal coaching and company culture is present. There are companies that can make this affordable and manageable for any broker.

Greg was a top realtor in America for 25 years, including his top rating in the luxury home market. He became the #1 selling real estate agent in his home state after being a realtor for only 24 months. Over ten thousand of America’s top agents have trained with Greg and he has been a real estate expert for NPR and the Wall Street Journal.

Greg’s company Real Estate Mavericks has made high level real estate agent training accessible and affordable for anyone serious about a career in real estate. Greg can still be seen in live seminars but now also has video course training available through the Mavericks website. The most successful people in any industry tend to be the ones that have had mentors, and Real Estate Mavericks provides that opportunity for students to have a top industry veteran as a mentor.

The Leisey article also discusses a six to eight week class that teaches prospecting strategies. This class requires each student to have an accountability partner and specific activities must be completed on a weekly basis. Much of the coaching and culture training programs encourage agents to work together and not against one another. Agents are much more likely to have exceptional and lasting success when they work together as a team. A winning formula of mutual motivation and friendly competition creates a positive work environment for all team members and the resulting success becomes contagious. To learn more and read the Leisey article directly you can check it out here

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