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Give The Man an Award

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I use Talk Fusion for my children and I to communicate with their father overseas and to be honest, it has been a life saver for us. The day he left I thought we were going to be stuck communicating with the awful computer video chats that went in and out every time you logged on. Thankfully for Talk Fusion, we did not have this problem. Not even once. The first week of my husband being overseas with the military, I had absolutely no idea about Talk Fusion what so ever. It was my sister in law who came across it and got a hold of me immediately. She did an online search to find it because she has well was sick and tired of glitch in her screen every time she tried calling him over the computer. When someone you love is fighting for your country, you want the best video program possible.

After the first week of using Talk Fusion, my mind was completely at ease knowing that every night before bed we could all talk with Matthew online without the worry of losing signal with him. It is because of Bob Reina that this is even a possibility for us. I actually got a little emotional after the first few times of using Talk Fusion because of the clear view of my husband, and I wrote Bob an email. I was shocked at how quickly he replied. He was extremely grateful for my email and very enthused to hear that my husband was serving in the military at that moment in time. What shocked me the most was when he offered me a free month of Talk Fusion to talk with my husband. I was extremely grateful of his offer and the gratitude he expressed towards my husband. I have yet to run into someone to contribute towards anything that has to do wit my husband serving overseas. It was absolutely amazing.

Even after my email conversation with Bob, I ended up doing some research on him and his career. Not only was he a great individual personally, but he was also a great man in the community and at his business. From what I read from reviews and recommendations, Bob Reina is an all around great CEO of talk Fusion. This probably has something to do with his 20 some odd years experience in relationship marketing. Alongside of his relationship marketing skills, he also is a huge contributor to many of animal causes as he has apparently always had a soft spot in his heart for furry friends. A man like this surely deserves some sort award, or two, or even three!

Eliminating Employee Turnover Rates

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Darius Fisher is President and co-founder of Status Labs, a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. This company’s goal is to make client’s look their best in search results, and Fisher is very good at what he does.

Fisher graduated with honors, from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics. Following his graduation, Darius worked as a copywriter at Agora Publishing for awhile. From there, became a successful investor and create several highly successful companies.

Business owners can all agree that their employee turnover rate can really cost them a lot of money. Fisher has found a few ways that have helped him eliminate some of his employee turnover rates. While he can’t eliminate it from happening all together, he has found these ways have greatly reduced it.

One way Fisher found works for his company, has been offering incentivized goals for his employees. Fisher offers expensive prizes when his employees have reached their project goals. Some companies may not be able to fit these expensive prizes in their budgets. Fisher implies offering an extra vacation day can really go a long way.

Fisher suggests that employees accomplishments are often acknowledged. Employees will work harder when they know they are appreciated by their boss. You could mention them in a newsletter, or employee of the month features.

Another suggestion is that you keep your employees in the loop. Whether it be a new employee, new development, or new milestone. Fisher suggests putting out a company newsletter to the employees to help them stay up to date in the company.

Darius Fisher highly suggests to give regular raises when they are due. If you’ve got an employee who is working hard for your company every day, you need to reward them for that. If your employee feels he/she is worth more than you think they are, they are likely to start looking for a career with another company who would be willing to pay them what they are worth.

Employees love when you put on company events that make them feel like more of a family inside your company. Host free company lunches as a way to bring employees together and let them know your appreciate them. People won’t leave where they know they are appreciated.

The Cream of the Crop Plastic Surgeons in Texas

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When in search of a top quality plastic surgeon in Texas you may want to do your due dillegence. With such a delicate procedure you may want to be sure that your in good hands. A few names that come to mind when you talk about the cream of the crop of plastic surgeons are Denton Watumull,MD of the Regional Plastic Surgery Center,Bardia Amirlak,M.D. F.A.C.S.,David Genecov,M.D.,f.A.C.S.,and last but certianly not least Jennifer Walden M.D.
Dr.Walden is a a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,also trained in Cosmetic Surgery. She is a member of the highly regarded American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr.Walden serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She now owns her own practice the Walden cosmetic Surgery Center at Westlake Medical Center.
Dr.Walden is a expert in issues such as technological advances in surgery,soft tissue injectables,mommy makeovers,celebrity plastic surgery,teenage plastic surgery,and breast implants. Dr.Walden is a established author co-authoring a award winning textbook titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr.Walden is a well known Philanthipist and belives in helping the under privileged. She is dedicated to women’s health and often speaks of the empowerment and autonomy in decision making for women. Dr.Jennifer Walden is highly regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in the entire State of Texas. She has rising to the cream of the crop in her field. She’s not just one of the best women plastic surgeons in the State of Texas,she is one of the best surgeons in the State. To sum things up hard work and dedication to her craft has allowed her to be in the position that she’s in today. She is humbled and honored to serve others.

Police Officer Saves Woman Starving From Hunger

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In a country so rich and powerful, it is hard to believe that anyone could go hungry, but it happens all the time. And after plenty of recent press about Bettie Jones (via Jon Urbana), it’s nice to hear a positive story about our nation’s police.

Recently, police officer Keith Perry was called to the scene of a Massachusetts Walmart store where a woman who had gone without food so long that she passed out in a bathroom from hunger.

Rather than arrest her, or usher her out in to the dangerous winter storm conditions that were prevailing, he showed her kindness. Officer Perry not only bought her some basic groceries to ensure she had enough to eat, but he also got her a hotel room to keep her out of the chilly weather.

The lieutenant of the police department called him a “good guy”, and said that this is common behavior for his fellow officer. The officer’s story made news headlines because it is a great example that though much controversy surrounds some police behavior, there really are still some good guys left in blue.

The Pet Food Industry Focuses More On Health and Gourmet Foods For 2016

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Pet food manufacturers are stepping up for 2016. Long gone are the days where manufacturers make simple single ingredient pet foods wit ha single beef flavor. Companies like Purina who also manufacture the Beneful dog food line are heading up the pet food market with their gourmet foods line. There are 39 different varieties across wet pet food , dry pet food and dog treats. The company incorporates only the best hand picked varieties of vegetables and quality meats to ensure their customers get the best nutritional foundation possible.

The Beneful line comes in 3 distinct flavours of beef, salmon and chicken and as an added bonus customers can also pick the variety of vegetables and rice found in the food. Vegetable varieties that are known to also be beneficial for humans are now incorporated in the Beneful dog food line. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, barely, peas, tomatoes, carrots and spinach which are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Nothing is too much when it comes to mans best friend. Dog treats have also evolved over the years and are now pocket sized thanks giving feasts in a single bite. They are also specific to dental care for your dogs as they provide a cleaning action. The treats come in all different shapes, flavors and sizes. Stars and sticks to peanut butter or bacon flavor. Every dog taste is catered for.

Companies like Freshpet Inc are also moving with this global trend in gourmet dog food production. They are apart of a $23.7 billion dollar industry that a lot of experts are saying will grow further in the future. Freshpet Inc is apart of the innovation that is constantly going on in order for companies to win the hearts of pet owners globally. Gourmet pet food can range from weight loss for your pet to dental care for your pet. There are many niche markets that are still changing so things are looking up when it comes to the health and well being of your beloved pet.



Foods That Help You Get to Sleep

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Many of us realize the importance of eating right and exercise to staying healthy. There are, however, three cornerstones to the pursuit of this goal and the third one, sleep, may be the most important according to Dr. Sergio Cortes. Without sufficient sleep, we may be too tired to feel like exercising, and we’ll need stimulants to be able to work throughout the day. Getting enough sleep is typically easier said than done. Since most of us have to be up fairly early to get to a job in the morning, the biggest problem is falling asleep early enough in the evening to allow for sufficient sleep by the time we have to get up.

One problem is that many of us continue to be distracted by the electronic devices we have our faces buried in during the day while we are in bed. If you still can’t get to sleep after putting your smartphone down, the problem may be what you ate earlier that evening. Certain food can keep us awake and a recent article has also pointed out a few that can help you get to sleep. We know it’s unwise to drink coffee or eat chocolate before bed as they both have caffeine, but did you know that cherries contain melatonin, which promotes sleep? Bananas are both a healthy snack and contain magnesium and potassium, which help muscles relax.

Sergio Cortes Lives Up To Secretary Duties

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Among many other things, the secretary of health is expected to be able to handle the medical aspect of any emergency situation. In times of natural disaster, Sergio Cortes needs to be present to ensure that the people of the area are getting the medical attention that they need and that the medical professionals in the area know how to handle all of the issues that could come from flooding and the after effects. Sergio Cortes of Linked In has made sure that he knows all of the diseases that can come from floodwaters and the ways to prevent them.

Sergio Cortes warns of many diseases, but he is especially careful to mention that people are more susceptible to dengue after a flood. This is because mosquitos can carry disease. While it is important that residents avoid floodwaters and only drink water that has come from secure locations or a bottle, there are still ways that they can get diseases. By using insect repellent and not going near areas where there may be a large number of mosquitos, residents can work to protect themselves from the dangers of dengue. Prevention of this disease is necessary to ensure that the people do not get sick.

Prevention of any disease becomes more important following a flood. Due to a large number of sick and injured people, medical care is something that may be difficult to get, especially for people who need emergency care. Prevention of diseases during flooding is one of the only ways to ensure that the survivors of the flood continue surviving even during the after effects of the flood. There have been many times in which people end up dying, not from the flooding, but from the problems and diseases that they contracted after the flood actually happened.

They are intended to examine, diagnose and treat any issues that could come from the flood. Sergio Cortes on twitter set up the centers to ensure that the people of Xerém have access to the healthcare that they need. He has also worked to make these places hydration centers where residents are able to get the bottled water and hypochlorite they need to keep themselves hydrated, healthy and away from the contaminated water.