Police Officer Saves Woman Starving From Hunger

In a country so rich and powerful, it is hard to believe that anyone could go hungry, but it happens all the time. And after plenty of recent press about Bettie Jones (via Jon Urbana), it’s nice to hear a positive story about our nation’s police.

Recently, police officer Keith Perry was called to the scene of a Massachusetts Walmart store where a woman who had gone without food so long that she passed out in a bathroom from hunger.

Rather than arrest her, or usher her out in to the dangerous winter storm conditions that were prevailing, he showed her kindness. Officer Perry not only bought her some basic groceries to ensure she had enough to eat, but he also got her a hotel room to keep her out of the chilly weather.

The lieutenant of the police department called him a “good guy”, and said that this is common behavior for his fellow officer. The officer’s story made news headlines because it is a great example that though much controversy surrounds some police behavior, there really are still some good guys left in blue.

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