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Sanjay Ray and His Work With Autism Rocks

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Sanjay Ray is a businessman and entrepreneur who knows his business and knows it well. He is a man with many successful entrepreneurial ventures to his credit, but most recently he has committed himself to pursuing a passion project called Autism Rocks. The charitable foundation, which raises funds for autism research by producing major rock and roll music events, was started when Sanjay Ray’s young son was diagnosed with the condition. He transformed his concern over his son and the challenges he faces into the inspiration for starting a company that could offer help where it is truly needed. Thus Autism Rocks was born.

Ray discussed all of this as well as his background as an entrepreneur in a recent interview on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Show, hosted by Eric Dye. In a wide ranging talk, Ray stressed the importance for those starting out in business to know that they must be realistic about how much money they will need to raise in order to really make a go of it. It’s easy to be stuck in an underfunded situation, he said, when the reality is that starting a business costs money.

Another point he stressed is that it’s impossible to do all the work by yourself. That’s why putting together a sound group of talented workers is really key to a successful launch and follow through in a business startup.

Ray put all of these key concepts to work when he launched Autism Rocks, and the result of his passion for the charity is in its success in raising funds. As far as Ray is concerned, passion is critical in any venture. Now, with Autism Rocks, he can see how his love for his son is translating into a company that is making a real difference.

A Review At Shows Wen By Chaz Helps People With Thinning Hair

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Thin hair is a major problem for people who have been dealing with it all their lives because they have to constantly wonder how thin their hair is at any one time. These people have to walk on eggshells around their hair, and then they have to make sure that they are very gentle with it when they are showering. Most of these people are going to see their hair shed in the shower anyways, and that can be pretty disheartening when these people have taken all that time to be careful.
Wen hair has been out there for a while, and people can start trying it to see if it will help with their shedding hair. did a review on its own, and the review was done by a normal writer who has thin hair. The struggle is very real for people with thin hair, and the review at Bustle actually helped clear up whether or not Wen by Chaz Dean ( does what it says it does.

The review was a normal review of a shampoo, but it was done by someone who can sympathize with people who have thinning hair. The writer showed that she has very thin hair that is a soft blonde, and she talked about how she has dealt with this problem for as long as she can remember. The shampoo that was used in the test was the Sephora Fig version, and it was used based on the manufacturer instructions. The girl who wrote the article explained that she was using so little shampoo that she thought it might not work, but it worked perfectly. She then made sure that she showed how it came out in the end. Her hair looked great, and she did not experience the shedding she is used to. Wen hair is available online on

Another Tale of ‘Soros’

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Economics tides are changing. The world is feeling financial waves that many describe as similar to past, destructive events. No other voice but George Soros leads the conviction that world economies are in peril. A voice many would be wise to heed. The imminent threat suggests an international collapse to world markets.

The reliance of world markets with each other will be the key factor to “it all” falling apart.

Soros, the billionaire investor sees current economic conditions on resembling signs of financial turbulence as once seen in 2008. Those seen in the American system. The financial mogul blames China’s rapidly declining trade as a lead factor to today’s expected catastrophe.

But is this simply doomsday prophecies designed to compel widespread interest?

That potential is unlikely coming from the mouth of George. George Soros’ been known to take actions in the political and financial world with gusto. Those actions, in these latter years, could be categorized under the umbrella of philanthropy.

Though professed as birthing the down times to come, the Chinese economy boasted of expansion and fast modernization only months ago. Expansion that led this Asian power to an economic platform rating it as second worldwide. Today, that same rapidity and prosperity has come to a near halt.

A sudden shock stops the flow of cash.

Not much can be done, so it seems.

This translates to a country without the ingenuity necessary to reignite economic growth. And such is the tale that Soros tells.

But there are other factors at play.

Europe remains in stalemate as it deals with a prior debt crisis. More time is needed to manage its circumstance. Soros also saw that crisis. The same prophetic voice warned of an inevitable unveiling that would expose Europe’s true financial condition.

George Soros holds a reputation for accurate forecasts in stocks and in defining economic conditions. His net worth of over $35 billion is proof of these convictions and the weight they should hold by world markets. This story comes as the industrial investor spoke to his recent public audience in Sri Lanka’s capitol city, Colombo.

The ex-hedge fund manager was a WWII survivor on who escaped Hungry during a brutal Nazi occupation. The lad was at the tender age of 13. He fled to Europe where he found refuge in London. There he began to take lowly work in the train yards. He eventually became a restaurant server before joining the London School of Economics.

Here George Soros earned his degree in finance and later started managing a fund of his own. It eventually made him riches beyond men’s wildest dreams. He became a force to be reckoned with. That is the same force and prowess he is now.

And today, George Soros has a searing message scarring hearts in the investing industry.

The world markets are positioned to collapse without defense. China’s inability to spur new growth will put a strain on the entire international market.

And now, we can only wait to see what will come of this one investor’s word.

A Week of Wen: An Experiment Using Wen by Chaz

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If you have watched American television in the last five years, it is likely that at some point you have heard of Wen hair by Chaz Dean. The WEN hair products are well known for their commercials highlighting the benefits of their exclusive line of haircare products. As a self-proclaimed “hair-care fanatic” Emily McClure of decided to put the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner to the test for a week in place of her normal haircare routine. The Conditioner is meant to be one stop shop for beautifully shiny and luscious hair. For this particular test Emily decided to go for the Fig Cleansing Conditioner as it is made to give hair moisture, bounce and shine.

The week started out with Emily noting how shiny and soft her hair felt. She was skeptical about the amount of product recommended by the bottle but when she finished washing and drying her hair she could tell just how well the product conditioned and left her hair looking healthy and shiny. After about the fourth day she fell into a routine of washing her hair every morning and styling right after and every time she found her hair softer and shinier then the day before.

She admitted that it did require her to change her habits from night to morning showers but in the end she found it was worth the soft locks it left her with. She concluded by recommending to buy on the Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner to anyone life her with fine hair, especially those who prefer to style their hair in the morning. She even admitted that she would likely choose to use it again in the future when she needed a boost of confidence and overall shinier hair.



How Investment Banking is Lustgarten

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To many individuals, the conception of investment banking seems like something very new but a part of trading several persons misunderstand frequently. Due to that misconception, many people end up not understanding the benefits that come with investment banking. And bellow are some of the reasons why investment banking is so crucial:
Reason why investment banks are important to everyone
Investment banks play tremendous part within the marketplace as explained bellow:
 They assist clients to underwrite off equity securities and new debts
 They also contribute a lot to all types of corporations through helping them trade off their securities.
 They also assist clients in the acquisition of companies and mergers
 They perform a significant task in advising the investors on the most excellent practices on placement in stock markets and also on the stock issues.
Even though investment banking appears to be confusing to a few individuals, the existence of this kind of bank service has saved so many hustlers because these experts offer the topmost guidance to their customers who are committed who thinking of venturing into investment banking and they are also equipped with all the skills about investing. These are people who are so much devoted to helping their customers as much as possible. One of the examples of such people is Martin Lustgarten, who is precisely aware of what you should do so that you become successful in investment banking field.
What is the background information about Martin Lustgarten?
Mr. Lustgarten was born in 1959.He has worked in the financial services sector for not less than 2years.he is the founder of an investment bank called Lustgarten Martin ( as well as the C.E.O of the same firm. He has managed to help some his clients in making flourishing transactions and to top it all his ability to build lots of dealings; this is as a result of his lengthy occupation in the industry.
Which has caused him to become an international business advisor? Another good thing about him is that he has a good interactive relationship with his valued clients, and they describe him as a good person because he is both friendly and professional. Follow Martin on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.

Fox News Invites Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation And Bernie Sanders Supporter, For An Interview And Things Get Weird

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Bernie Sanders keeps telling the truth on the campaign trail and that is why he continues to surge in the polls. In fact, he has collected more votes from people under 30 than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined this primary season. But there is a lot of confusion about the presidential platform of Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist senator from the state of Vermont. There seems to be a negative connotation to socialism. In an effort to slow his rise in the polls, Fox News recently tried to take down the presidential candidate in an interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.


In the three-minute interview, it is very apparent what Fox News is trying to do. In fact, they don’t even try to hide it. Right at the beginning of the interview, the hostess states that Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country and that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. She repeats herself in her first question. She asks Thor Halvorssen, the world-famous human rights activist, exactly why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. But she gets it all wrong and is about to get schooled by Thor.


The first thing that Thor Halvorssen tries to do is to separate socialism from evil. He tells her that there are great examples of socialist governments in Scandinavia, but also says there are terrible examples of socialist governments such as in Venezuela. But she tries again, asking him why socialism is bad. He then tries to define socialism for her and the viewing audience, but she cuts him off not wanting to get “bogged down in details”, and she keeps pushing him to slam socialism and Bernie Sanders on national television. That’s when he turns it around on her.
Thor Halvorssen, the world-famous human rights activist, is a Bernie Sanders supporter and has contributed $2700 to his campaign. She squeals, “Why?” Because Hillary Clinton has taken campaign contributions from human rights violating dictators around the world and the leading Republican candidates have verbally supported dictators like Vladimir Putin. To him, Bernie Sanders is the clear choice.

Freedompop Sets Sights on Conquering New Markets

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FreedomPop, a company which since its inception has committed itself to offering free and low-cost cell phone service has announced their intention to venture into the global market. The company has in the past received massive accreditation in the U.S and U.K; the CEO of FreedomPop has announced an additional $50 million in funding to assist in their plans to divulge and invest in other markets. The company has since its inception enjoyed significant growth in in its customer base due to its irresistible products.

The company has set sights in investing in developing countries from the continents of Asia and Africa. This comes after the company has recorded massive profits in the U.S and the U.K; this growth has necessitated FreedomPop to seek for mergers with other mobile companies that have the requisite infrastructure in a bid to cut the cost of starting up independent businesses. These mergers guarantee faster growth rate as well as offering a safe platform to offer their services.

The world today has witnessed a massive increase in internet users; FreedomPop seeks to address this market by offering them free calls and data across multiple regions. The idea behind offering these services has been hailed by many companies. This appraisal has seen global giants like Intel engage Freedompop through funding their noble idea of empowering people with cheap and reliable internet and calls.

This immense growth cannot be ignored. FreedomPop has very attractive data and call plans available to their subscribers. The company boasts of offering the most cost effective and data plans in the market that ensure their customers enjoy free data and calls for $5 a month. This is only available to android users. This service is available to android users through the freedompop app which is available in playstore.

The $50 million in funding has been directed to ensuring the company develops the necessary infrastructure to develop wifi in emerging markets; in a bid to lure customers and boost the company’s profitability.

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