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A Preview of the History and Performance Record of IAP Worldwide

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IAP Worldwide specializes in global-scale logistics and facilities management services as well as advanced technical and professional services. The company has experienced gradual growth since its inception in 1953, which includes the acquisition of additional equipment and hiring more employees. Today, IAP Worldwide is available in more than25 countries and has reached a workforce base of above 2,000 employees. Part of the success the company has achieved can be attributed to its strong resolve to maintain positive practices and its focused management team.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:
History and development
The company, in its strategy to achieve growth and expansion, has acquired several businesses along the way. Some of the businesses acquired include Pan Am Services, Inc., which specialized in operations management. As the history page of IAP Worldwide cites, the company started initially as Jason Controls, but was later renamed to Jason Controls Worldwide Services in 1989 after acquiring Pan Am Services.

In 1990, IAP Worldwide was launched in Irmo, SC, and the company would offer specialized logistics and procurement services within the region. This earned IAP Worldwide a contract with the U.S. government to offer generator supplies to the U.S. Army stationed at Saudi Arabia. This would transform the company into a team that offers technical support to the troops and to date IAP Worldwide has been working with the army in various parts of the world.

To embrace solutions for expanding markets, the company acquired G3 Systems in 2015. G3 Systems is an engineering company based in the UK that offers services both locally and internationally. The company offers different services ranging from deployable modular systems to support services and fixed infrastructure. The acquisition of the company helped to offer additional capability to IAP Worldwide, something that also expanded its market base. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook and IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

Corporate policies
Doing things in the right manner translates to solving the problems of customers in a smart and efficient way. This explains the reason IAP Worldwide has advanced its core values: respect, responsibility and integrity. These are ingrained policies and practices that have propelled the company to its current high position in the market.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

IAP Worldwide offers a drug free workplace to ensure all their services are handled by focused individuals. The company also offers diverse opportunities that are not limited by discrimination on any basis.

How Visual Search Improves Lives

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Visual search is something that is proving to be very beneficial for everyone. Visual search is especially helpful for retail. There are plenty of people that are looking for a certain product that they like but can’t seem to find. People often have to deal with the frustration of trying to find out what a certain item is that they saw. It could be that they seen the item at some place they were visiting, or that they were looking at an ad and saw an item other than what was being advertised. Either way, they wanted that item. However, they can’t find it because they can’t figure out the search terms.

Fortunately, there is Slyce. Slyce is visual search technology that makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. The technology can be downloaded to the smartphone or tablet. Then the user could find a product that they are interested in and take a picture. Slyce will give a lot of information about the item in the image which includes the cost, the material, and the store that it is available in. Slyce also refers people to similar products. Therefore, they may find something that they like better than the initial product.

Slyce also makes things easier for retailers. When customers visit a retailer looking for a certain item, they often times just leave the store if they don’t find the item. However, Slyce and visual search technology not only lets people know where the product is, but also lets people know of alternatives in the store in case they might want to buy something else. Often times, the alternatives are inexpensive and even more visually appealing than the initial offer. Either way, Slyce will bring in more sales for the retailer. As a result, both the retailer and the customer are satisfied.

SEC Whistleblower Advocate: They Advocate for You

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The SEC whistleblower advocate program provides much needed protection to any person who would entertain ideas of being a whistle blower but fears retribution from n employer that may be practicing something other than “best practices”. Sometimes the infractions to the SEC regulations are inadvertent but many times these are conscious efforts to skirt rules and regulations that were set in place to protect unsuspecting consumers.

While many are out to provide good service, others would prefer the method that best serves to line the pockets of those who work in the financial industry. An advocate for those who would be whistleblowers is a great thing. It provides not only the best possible outcome for the consumer of financial products but also provides protection for those who would be advocates for the consumer in this world. These advocates deserve to be commended for their protection of the unsuspecting consumers. Most know very little about SEC rules and regulations and they deserve the protection that honest people on the inside can provide. Only those on the inside can offer this protection. This protection is quite important to the general public. While the general public puts their trust in financial planning and advice because the system is quite convoluted for the average consumer to understand and the general public puts their trust in the professionals that do understand the system. These individuals while mostly honest often believe they are doing no harm when they break rules for the sake of saving time. There are some things that are good to cut corners on and others that are dangerous practice to cut corners. That is why the whistle blowers (the honest people within) need protection above all others. The fact that there can be monetary compensation for being an honest whistle blower, makes the idea much more appealing and easy to accept if you are one of those people who can and will tell the truth. The truth should always win an always be the acceptable means of practice in every situation! Whistleblower protection through the means of an attorney seems to be the best possible outcome for would be whistle blowers. Keep on advocating for what is right!

ClassDojo Goes Viral

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If there is anything that brings forth success, it is when something goes viral. There is almost no telling what is going to go viral. Often times, a video or concept going viral is the result of a combination of people sharing something with friends. The only thing to wonder is what prompts such sharing. Whatever it is, ClassDojo has just that. There is good reason why this app is going viral. One of the reason is that it makes a huge change in the educational industry. Now, children are more connected with their parents. The parents can also be a larger part of the growing experience of their child.

CLassDojo has been developed by Sam Chaudhary. Sam has moved to Palo Alto as a tourist in order to launch a startup. This startup was started from the ground up. To start with, he reached out to teachers in order to connect with them and figure out how to meet a need of theirs. All of the connecting and the working has resulted in ClassDojo. ClassDojo allows teachers to connect with parents through an app that is downloadable with the use of smartphones. Teachers can get in touch with their parents in order to keep track on how well their child is doing in class.

ClassDojo has since been downloaded by millions of users throughout 5 years. Two thirds of all schools of various types use this platform. Teachers, students, and parents have seen first hand how well this app works for students. Instead of the parent teacher conference once every semester, the parents can connect with the teacher on almost a daily basis. ClassDojo has proven to be a really innovative platform for the educational industry. Of course, something like this would be a good thing to add in order to bring forth an effective change in the world of education.

Education is no longer something that excludes parents. Children can now keep in contact with their parents in order to know that they have the love and care of their parents. Also, the students can get more input from their parents.


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Secures press release over Global Tel Link wrongdoings

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Secures technologies are the top provider of technology solutions of criminal and civil justice. It helps in investigations, monitoring, rectifying of mistakes and safety of the public. In June 2016, it released reports, information and findings highlighting the wrongdoings and breaches of integrity by Global Tel Link, an organization that provides communication services to people confined in jails.
The first mistake involved an order by Louisiana Public Service Commission concerning the company’s actions during the time it served at the department of corrections. After the investigations, the public service commission found the following; global tel link adjusted their time such that, there were extra fifteen or thirty-six seconds on top of the typical call duration. This action was wrong and unjustified by the law.
It also programmed the telephones to charge higher call rates compared to the rates authorized. After rating of calls, additional charges were added artificially. There was no genuine reason behind this action. It can about a lot of problems all over. Double billing is also another wrong done by Global Tel Link. After a person makes a single call, the billing was done twice. This was wrong and illegal. Overcharging customers unlawfully made Global overcharge the taxpayers of Louisiana.
Although this order by the public service commission of Louisiana was made eighteen years ago, Global Tel Link has not stopped this wrongdoing in any way or put in place a system to reduce it. Otherwise, nobody could have talked about it again.
Such actions can not be allowed to continue. Irresponsible activities and misusing of customers can bring down the industry very fast. Every organization should maintain a high profile with the public. Secures technologies are ready to serve, monitor, communicate, investigate and delivering inmate services so that this world can a safe place for us all.

FreedomPop is Revolutionizing Wireless Service

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The world has become increasingly connected. These days if you want to be successful or stay in touch with loved ones, then you need a cell phone and you also need internet access. Unfortunately, for many years getting access to cellular service was extremely expensive. People that only needed a little service to stay in touch with loved ones and to browse the internet were forced to pay as much as a hundred dollars a month for the privilege of using a cellphone. The founders of FreedomPop noticed this problem several years ago, and they decided they had to act.

FreedomPop launched several years ago, and they immediately started offering free phone plans. These plans typically came with 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data, enough for a basic user. After using up your free minutes, messages, and data every month, users could purchase additional data. Many people enjoy using FreedomPop’s free plans, but they do not realize just how affordable their extra plans are.

Finding access to Wi-Fi throughout the United States is incredibly difficult. Sometimes people have to rely on shady free wi-fi hotspots located at truck stops and restaurants. These free wi-fi hotspots are convenient, but they are also dangerous. FreedomPop has an incredibly $5 wi-fi plan that is perfect for travelers. The plan grants you access to ten million wi-fi hotspots throughout the country. These hotspots grant you access to voice, texting, and data. The hotspots are well distributed throughout the United States so that you can easily access the internet wherever you are. It should be noted that this plan works best in cities because there are more hotspots to choose from, but FreedomPop does have several hotspots just off of the interstate.

There are many unlimited plans in the marketplace, but most of these plans cost more than a hundred dollars a month. Normal people simply cannot afford an unlimited plan. FreedomPop wanted to bring the unlimited plan to the massess, so they unveiled a cheap unlimited plan. For just $20 a month, people receive unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan is incredibly affordable. In future years, more people should turn to FreedomPop for their unlimited plan.

FreedomPop is revolutionizing the wireless industry. Their affordable wireles plans allow almost anyone to receive wireless service. They hope to expand in future years, so that more people can enjoy affordable wireless service.

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FreedomPop Review – The Cheapest Wireless Service

Kheradpir Welcomed to Coriant

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A changing of the guard is something that tends to happen every so often in businesses, both big and small corporations. Such as the case with the company named Coriant.

Only in the recent months has there been a fascinating shakeup at Coriant, a big company in the telecommunications industry. The higher-up staff has appointed none other than Shaygan Kheradpir to be the CEO of Coriant, a role he has gratefully accepted. Kheradpir was one who found himself earning the role after spending much of his free time working closely with the vendors and staff that operated alongside the company, especially when he still serving as an operating manager with Marlin Equity Partners. Now that Kheradpir has taken the helm of CEO, he will be replacing former CEO Pat DiPietro, who will now be serving as the vice chairman back at Marlin Equity.

Before crossing paths with Coriant, Kheradpir started off with his own humble beginnings. A native of London, England, Kheradpir was the son of a famous doctor and spent a chunk of his youth living in Iran. After he was finished high school, Kheradpir decided to move overseas to the United States, where he enrolled in and studied at Cornell University. While there, he majored in electrical engineering and earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees while being a student.

Upon completion of his collegiate and graduate studies, Kheradpir got his first job working as a network and routing manager for GTE Laboratories. After spending a lot of his time there, he impressed his employers enough that he was awarded the role of CIO (chief information officer) of the company. In the year 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic had a business merger and Verizon Communications was the new name of the resulting company. Kheradpir remained as the CIO of Verizon and while here, his main task was building small teams in the company that would be responsible for developing new and innovative ideas and technology to put on the market. One of the accomplishments that resulted from this was a big development involving Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative that allowed for customer to have more control over live television programming. Throughout Kheradpir’s tenure at Verizon, he was the main man behind several feats and changes, a few of which include reducing the information technology budget and staff but a significant amount in order to have finances available for new projects and having new software installed for the IT department. He was also responsible for mending relationships with vendors and restricting technology from those who purchased their equipment from failed online franchises.

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Dresses for All Occasions by Fabletics

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Fabletics’ upcoming retail store openings are a constituent of JustFab that was set up in 2013. The idea to create the clothing line came when Kate Hudson presented her outfits to the CEOs of JustFab. Kate Hudson is a Hollywood actress with a great sense of fashion. She also likes to live healthily and therefore she is always active.

Fabletics has become popular since it came into place. The company is now present in Europe, Canada, and Australia among other regions in the world. Fabletics prides itself in making clothes that motivate their customers to live actively. They provide solutions for women who like to play with their children or those whose jobs involve sweating to ensure comfort through the day.

During an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson talked about the athleisure dresses that Fabletics was about to drop. She also talked about brand of high-performance swimsuits they were about to launch. The athleisure dresses seek to provide girls with clothes that are appropriate for multiple occasions. The swimsuits can also serve as a sports bra for the ladies who love laying on the beach and not get into the water.

Kate told Marie Claire that the products they were coming up with would ensure that the ladies were comfortable when going out at night. The athleisure dresses are set up to flow with anything you are doing. Women who enjoy hiking can comfortably go out. Performing light exercises during the hikes become easier since embarrassing moments do not happen.

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The athleisure dresses make sure that ladies do not need to wear ordinary bras anymore. The Tropez dress, one of the clothes in the brand, features a built-in bra. Kate assured the clients that even the dresses that do not have a bra are as comfortable to wear without a bra. The material used in manufacturing the attires ensures that the body appears as desired. The dresses are also at reasonable prices to reach out to new clients. The material ensures that you do not require to wear Spanx anymore.


For beach lovers, the high-performance wear swimsuits make sure that one can run around the beach and take part in any activity they want. Many fear that maybe the breasts may fall out while wearing ordinary swimsuits. Fabletics brings confidence to ladies wearing their products by avoiding embarrassing moments.

Kate Hudson revealed that the company was strategizing ways that they could use to make the brand a high fashion product. She said that they knew that it would be an expensive venture, but they would find means to push the product higher. Kate said that at the company was concentrating on giving their devoted customers quality products at reasonable prices.