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ConnectUs, Securus Technologies Latest Success

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Securus, one of the largest providers of civil and criminal justice technology in America has added a new service via ConnectUs. This technology processes inmate forms and grievances. Prior to implementing ConnectUs, corrections personnel were required to use 65% more time in the pursuit of their duties. Now with the use of ConnectUs the process has been automated and the effort spent to expedite that paper is no longer necessary.

ConnectUs provides online forms for inmates to sign up for various things, complete medical information and handbook acceptance forms as well as file grievances. Now that these forms are completed electronically, the additional work needed to process the paperwork is no longer necessary. Corrections officers were responsible for distributing the forms before the creation of ConnectUs. They also had to collect, log, route, respond to, copy, file, archive and store those forms. All of which took up valuable time, sometimes in the form of overtime. Each expenditure of time cost the public money.

As many as 13.8 different types of forms are processed each month. Now that they are done electronically, the process is much faster. This now includes the inmate’s response to follow-ups and the final decisions which are also communicated via electronic transmission. The inmate can log on to the system to find out the final decision on any request that was made. Officers can also communicate electronically with inmates when additional information is needed.

Because ConnectUs allows inmate and corrections officers to communicate via notes to one another as follow-up for the completion of a request. It provides an essential communication service for the prison. It was a long time in coming, but now that it is here, the public should applaud its creation and insist that it be allowed to continue and that it be improved to meet all the needs of the corrections population.

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Treat Your Hair With All Natural Products With Wen by Chaz

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If you’re tired of dull boring hair Wen by Chaz provides an effective solution. You can get a hair genie in a bottle for under $40 on Amazon. Their hair care products are reliable and safe to use for all hair care types. Wen by Chaz is safely used by men and women. They provide all natural hair care products that can be easily ordered over the phone or through their website. Their members always receive free shipping and special offers on new products. Your only one step away from taking your hair back and gaining your confidence.

Your hair has the strength to become fuller and longer with Wen by Chaz products because they are capable of repairing all hair care types. If you don’t know how much to use each amount for your hair type is clearly listed on the bottle. You’ll know how much to use without worrying about wasting money because you’re using to much. Women enjoy the aroma and the fact that they are using all natural products on their hair. One young lady had thin hair and decided to use it for the firat time after seeing a Wen by Chaz YouTube commercial. She opted for the strengthening conditioner.

In a Bustle article she gave her full testimony concerning using the Sephora endorsed healthy hair kit for the first time. She decided to use their strengthening conditioner for week after she shampooed her hair. She was amazed with the results and decided to use it to nourish her hair on a college budget. It only cost her $40 and was a fraction of the cost of their competitors. She noticed less breakage and more volume at the end of the week. Wen by Chaz is now her go to hair care product for strength and nourishment for far less. For more info, refer to the official website:


By Simplifying Complex Teachings, The Kabbalah Centre Draws Jews And Non-Jews Alike

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For the longest time, Kabbalah’s 2,000 year-old abstruse teaching were reserved for older Jewish men, today, however, anyone may use the tools of the Kabbalah for enlightenment. With many interpretations of what Kabballah actually is, where a person chooses to study defines what he or she believe is the true definition of Kabbalah. It’s been called Jewish mysticism, even those most scholars say that Kabbalah is not a religion; it is a basic believe that the Torah holds the secrets of creation. and by studying the divine book, a person will uncover its secrets and achieve enlightenment.

The late Rabbi Philip Berg is credited with making Kabbalah accessible to the masses seen in this site, From the humble first Kabbalah Centre in Berg’s New York City home, the non-profit Kabbalah Center International grew into a global network of centres that attract millions of Jews and non-Jews each year. The Kabbalah Centre attracts Jews who no longer practice mainstream Judaism as well.

The Kabbalah Centre simplifies complex teachings so that everyone can grasp the basic principles. Taking spiritual principles that encourage healthy, responsible behavior, the Centre promotes the idea that “We have the power to create what we want.” Selfish behavior and anger are discouraged; people are encouraged to remain positive in order to grow spiritually.

A number of people never heard of Kabbalah until Madonna and other celebrities starting sporting red string bracelets on their left wrist, which is believed to ward off “the evil eye” or negative energy. With the triviality of Hollywood, it’s no surprise that celebrities are drawn to the Kabbalah Centre and its teachings. Everyday people also seek to improve their lives with the spiritual tools offered by Kabbalah. With locations in 40 cities and live online classes, anyone who wants to undertake a spiritual journey or learn more about the origin of Creation as interpreted through Kaballah can easily do so by contacting a Kaballah Centre and selecting a study path.

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The Big Changes at Davos Real Estate Group

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David Osio and the executives of Davos Real Estate Group are now providing its clients with a helpful app called, Davos CAP Calculator. The app will aid clients of the firm, enabling them to easily calculate the return on their prospective real estate investments. Davos Real Estate Group is an independent branch of the Davos Financial Group, which has been a leading South American financial advice company for over 20 years. It is a company that takes each individual case and specializing their work to each client’s unique needs and desires. More details about Davos Financial Group can be viewed on their website.

Davos Real Estate Group executive director, Gerard Gonzalez, has for the past six months been working with Tecknolution to create and develop the app. The app is now available to clients for both iPhone and Android devices. This first app is only the beginning stage in an expected line of apps it will be providing clients. Future apps will include the ability to identify properties and the ability to forward historical real estate reports via interactive chat.

David Osio has commented that this is a natural development with a recognized need to embrace the public popularity of mobile technology. He sees it a helping give their clients a clearer vision into their real estate investments. Having helped design the apps, Gonzalez is also obviously very optimistic about them. He says one very interesting feature about this first app is the ability to calculate the price of rent on a given property. He says that one exciting feature about future apps is the ability to calculate their mortgage based on the projections of the bank.

This is not the only big current development of the Davos Real Estate Group. For the past several months, the company has also been creating a strategic partnership with real estate agents all over the globe. They are also fine-tuning all the features that have been customary to their operation since the beginning. David Osio created all of this. He is not only the Executive Director of Davos Financial Group; he is also its founder. Before beginning his illustrious career in finances, Osio attended and graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello with a law degree. Learn more:

David Osio changed his life forever-and for the better-after founding Davos Financial Group in 1993. He has maintained a very heavy hand in the leadership and direction of his company. He fully expects these company improvements to continue and its reach to get ever longer and wider.

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Commercial Real Estate with Terry Baltes

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The commercial real estate is experiencing a rapid growth lately. For instance, the hotel industry is seeing more and more perks turn into necessary amenities. Perks such as Wi-Fi, premium bed linens, and complimentary breakfast are increasingly turning to amenities in many hotels. This growth is according to a report by the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. In its 20th year, the study uses eight hotel segments to measure guest satisfaction. These segments include extended stay, upper extended stay, economy/budget, midscale, upper scale, upscale, upper upscale, and luxury.

In each section, seven key measures are probed to determine the overall satisfaction. Such measures include cost & fees, hotel facilities, hotel services, guest room, food & beverage, check-in/check-out, and reservation. The study uses a 1,000-point scale to calculate satisfaction. The overall satisfaction has improved for four years in a row. Clients are responding positively to the enhanced offerings that some hotel brands are providing. Noticeably, satisfaction is higher in members of hotel rewards program than in non-members. There is a high likelihood for younger guest to become members than older guests.

With the increasing growth in commercial real estate, the need for adept commercial real estate agents is inevitable. One of the preeminent commercial real estate agents is Terry Baltes. He is located in Dayton, Ohio. He is a real estate expert with a vast experience in the industry. Terry Baltes in the current owner of Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd, which he founded in 1977. The firm specializes in a broad spectrum of commercial real estate property sales. Terry Baltes has had significant success with sales of self-storage facilities. His company holds a long record of the sale of such properties.

Terry Baltes founded the Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd five years after successfully completing college. He graduated in 1972 from The Ohio State University. He graduated magna cum laude with a triple Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Marketing, and Real Estate. His realty company serves the greater Dayton region as well as other areas of Ohio. Outside of Ohio, Baltes’ company makes property sales in other Midwestern States like Kansas and Indiana. Recently, the company has been broadening its services and is making sales in Louisiana and West Virginia. Find Terry on Linkedin for more information about his background and experience.

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TOWN Residential Offers Amazing Future Constructions in Bustling NYC

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New York City is growing like never before, and contractors have submitted plans for extravagant buildings this year. The largest projected plan this year, and possibly the largest real estate development in the history of the city is Tishman Speyer’s on Long Island. According to the Department of Buildings, Speyer submitted plans for a one-million-square-foot office building.

Speyer laid out the plans for the massive, center office building, and he filed the papers for two buildings that are on each side at One and Three Gotham Center. NYC is the leader in real estate and the finances that are involved.

City residents are showing concern about these oversized buildings because the leases will be too high for the average person to afford, which is typically $800- $1,200. They are being called monstrosities and are not appreciated by them because people feel that they are being pushed out of Manhattan.

Tishman Speyer is leading development in designing the largest plan with Thor Equities and Joesp Sitts having the second and third largest plans submitted. Their properties will be incredible, and these state-of-the-art buildings will improve the skyline of NYC.

The top ten largest plans are filed, so be on the lookout for their completions. Here are the addresses of the top ten largest buildings applied for in 2016: 28-10 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, 22 Chapel St. Brooklyn, 413 West 18th St. Chelsea, 270 Richard St. Brooklyn, 827 Broadway Manhattan, 28-10 Queens P Queens, 2956 Park Ave. The Bronx, 12 East 48th Manhattan, 37-12 Prince St. Queens, and 43 West 47 Manhattan.

These new, luxury spaces will need a fantastic rental agent to buy and sell the prospective offices and condos, TOWN Residential is an obvious choice. TOWN Real Estate is one of New York’s high-quality real estate agencies, and they have a team of new and luxury development realtors and marketing experts that have a talent for finding potential clients who enjoy living with spectacular establishments across the City. TOWN excels in finding luxurious and unique spaces for their clients who appreciate special characteristics.

The “Why” Behind Talk Fusion

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When entrepreneurs have a desire to do more and learn more, it’s all about the why. This is why Talk Fusion is such an inspiration to those who want to start a viable business. Bob Reina knew the same thing when he began to develop the idea for Talk Fusion. His idea was to find a way to end the homelessness for animals as well as animal cruelty. Everyone has a passion and this is his passion and his strong WHY behind his company.

The Talk Fusion company is known as one of the top companies in Direct Sales as well as in video communications. Videos have been made by Talk Fusion to promote the Humane Society and to build the case for animals that are without homes and for those that have been abused and neglected. While many entrepreneurs just want more free time, for Reina himself it was so much more. He wanted to create something unique, innovative, and most of all he wanted to create an opportunity for others around him to become successful.

No one knows better than Reina what it means to have a clear purpose, direction, and vision. When he started Talk Fusion, his goal was to create opportunity. His why was to support a cause that is close to his heart, but ultimately he wanted this to become an opportunity for people to build their own businesses as well as reach their dreams of business ownership. Anyone can choose to try their hand at the journey of entrepreneurship but not everyone makes it. Reina wanted to make it possible for all to achieve their goals and dreams by using products that made sense and ultimately could be a business that would grow and flourish driving more income for families around the world.

Reina is also known for his sense of humor, and his ability to keep people engaged while he is speaking and training. One of the most outstanding qualities of Reina is that he has a ton of self-discipline, making him the ideal trainer for the team leader of any organization.


Get Your Wen by Chaz Hair Care Solution Today

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Wen hair by Chaz has been around for the past decade revolutionizing the hair care industry. They still remain highly popular on Total Beauty for women and men alike that want to save money and strengthen their hair. You’ll beautiful long locks that are capable of withstanding the elements. Most women know that the seasons can reek havoc on your hair, but Wen by Chaz is the affordable solution. Bustle magazine did an online article about an actual first time user and posted the results on their website. You’ll be amazed at the ratings of Wen by Chaz by this actual user and not a paid actor.
After one week she noticed stronger hair by using their strengthen conditioner. Her hair had far less breakage that it usually does and she was proud of her results and highly recommended Wen by Chaz to Bustle readers. When she was asked how much she had to use she noted that each usage is clearly listed on the outside of the bottle so you will always use the proper amount that works best for your hair type. Wen by Chaz is FDA approved for use all all adult hair care types.

You can purchase their long line of products by ordering them online on You can use most forms conveniently on their website or over the phone. They have an all-in-one conditioner that is highly popular among its users. Mot customers are very fond of their rich aroma and how good the various products smell based on the variety that you choose. Take your hair into your own hands with the Wen by Chaz proven and tested product line. If you want to take a bold new step to hair recovery try Wen by Chaz. Read for more info.