TOWN Residential Offers Amazing Future Constructions in Bustling NYC

New York City is growing like never before, and contractors have submitted plans for extravagant buildings this year. The largest projected plan this year, and possibly the largest real estate development in the history of the city is Tishman Speyer’s on Long Island. According to the Department of Buildings, Speyer submitted plans for a one-million-square-foot office building.

Speyer laid out the plans for the massive, center office building, and he filed the papers for two buildings that are on each side at One and Three Gotham Center. NYC is the leader in real estate and the finances that are involved.

City residents are showing concern about these oversized buildings because the leases will be too high for the average person to afford, which is typically $800- $1,200. They are being called monstrosities and are not appreciated by them because people feel that they are being pushed out of Manhattan.

Tishman Speyer is leading development in designing the largest plan with Thor Equities and Joesp Sitts having the second and third largest plans submitted. Their properties will be incredible, and these state-of-the-art buildings will improve the skyline of NYC.

The top ten largest plans are filed, so be on the lookout for their completions. Here are the addresses of the top ten largest buildings applied for in 2016: 28-10 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, 22 Chapel St. Brooklyn, 413 West 18th St. Chelsea, 270 Richard St. Brooklyn, 827 Broadway Manhattan, 28-10 Queens P Queens, 2956 Park Ave. The Bronx, 12 East 48th Manhattan, 37-12 Prince St. Queens, and 43 West 47 Manhattan.

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