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A Look at the Worthwhile Work of Betsy and Dick DeVos

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For the last 30 years, Betsy DeVos has advocated for parents being able to choose where their children will attend school regardless of where they live. In the beginning, Betsy, who has been joined by her husband Dick in the fight, said many believed that it was a good idea for rural children where homeschooling was a popular option. As time passed, she said that more legislators across the nation had to admit that inner-city schools were failing according to an interview published by Philanthropy Roundtable.

While Dick DeVos helped spread the message when he ran for the state board of education and as Michigan’s governor, Betsy says their interest really ignited the first time that they visited Potter’s House Christian School. It was then that she realized that not all parents were lucky enough to get to choose where their children go to school. Today, this program teaches 580 children on two campuses in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These children come from 30 different nationalities. As the family became more involved with the school, they realized that school vouchers were the way to go. Each year, their foundation helps to fund this school along with giving scholarships to needy families.

As the couple became more involved in the education movement, Dick continued to be active in flying helicopters and airplanes. One day, his wife asked him why he did not combine his two interests. That was the humble beginning of Western Aviation School operating at the Grand Rapid’s airport. This school has even been instrumental in placing students in NASA’s prestigious education program.

Dick is the son of Amway’s founder Richard DeVos who chose to name his company Amway based on America’s way. The couple operate the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that gives money to worthwhile causes in Michigan. While the foundation works to be the catalyst for school reform, just like Richard, the couple’s foundation supports many causes. One of those is justice where they help to free oppressed people globally. Aft movements are also very dear to the couple’s heart where they work to support Art Walk in Grand Rapids each year. Additionally, the couple is instrumental in trying to improve the economy in Michigan.

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Kabbalah Center: a Religious Organization that is Keen on Uniting People Across the World

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The Kabbalah Center could be categorized as a religious organization that is not profit-conscious. The organization’s initial establishment can be traced back to Jerusalem where Rav Yehuda Ashlag commenced the development of Kabbalistic teachings in 1922.

The organization’s founders designed its teachings to further the primary objective of fostering and improving people’s lives by instilling select values in their societies. The organization also sought to promote peaceful coexistence among society members by providing a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering inclusive spiritual relations.

After establishing firm religious teachings, Rav Yehuda Ashlag was succeeded by Rav Yehuda Brandwein. After Rav Yehuda Brandwein’s term expired, the responsibilities of heading the Kabbalah Center were assumed by the current spiritual director, Rav Phillip Berg who runs the center’s affairs with help from his wife and sons.

Kabbalah Center is known for propagating teachings that draw wisdom from the Zohar as well as other Kabbalistic teachings. The center runs various religious courses through numerous channels. Most of the teachings are currently available via CDs, books, online materials, lectures, and DVDs. The center’s teachers are drawn from all ethnic groups and are chosen based on their ability to guide students from all over the world.

Most of the Kabbalistic teachings supplement the teachings from Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. As a result, some of Kabbalah’s teachings are based on religious books such as the Bible. The teachings also utilize astrological wisdom and use astrology to explain different aspects of life. For instance, Kabbalistic teachings believe that cosmic forces are responsible for controlling different aspects of life on earth.

The teachings also emphasize that the creator manifests in every person giving him or her a spark that unites all human beings. Subsequently, it is imperative for every person to treat other people in a dignifying manner since it is not possible to have access to the infinite source of goodness while allowing the suffering of others people. In the same teachings, people are encouraged to help others because volunteering to help forms the greatest source of goodness and fulfillment.

The current headquarters of Kabbalah Center are located in Los Angeles. Its other offices are located in cities in Europe, Asia, South America, and Middle East.

Keith Mann, New York-Based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Keith Man, the Dynamic Search Partners New York company Founder Founder, has given his support for the New York Police Department in response to the violence and protests surrounding the police force. Keith Mann and his wife saluted a thank you note by issuing lunch to the 54th Street precinct to enhancement honesty but not to feed the unhelpfulness neighboring the police force.

Keith Mann is personally connected to NYPD. His wife’s uncle is an investigator in Staten Island. “With the recent and imminent attacks on the police force during the so-called peaceful protests, which actions occurring against the department fall near my home according to me.” Keith Mann clarified.

Keith Mann sent lunch t the 54th Street precinct to show support for the officers in January. Keith Mann again sent lunch to the 54th Street police department again on February 9 because a single action never goes unnoticed. “Officers deserve recognition for their exclusive services. Not to be attacked for attempting to safeguard the people.” Keith Mann said. “The Police have families at home and are human beings just like me and you even when in these uniforms.”

Officers have training that dictates how they react that civilians fail to encounter. In the end, Keith Mann does not want to have any of his family members hurt due to a thoughtless action contrary to police force. For Keith Mann, the rising violence is a course of concern. He often feels that police deserve assistance from civilians in their legal actions. Citizens like Keith Mann have made efforts to thank the police force with the recent conflicts.

Keith Mann was the co-founder Dynamic Search Partners hedge fund in 2001. This company works together with other hedge funds to fill recruitment needs. After Keith Mann climbed the ranks at Dynamic Associates, Dynamic Search Founders was founded. Keith Mann is engaged in numerous philanthropic activities including offering scholarships to poor and dedicated students at Uncommon Schools and give them the education as equipment for the job market. Keith has also donated to Hope and Heroes.

PR World Awards Honors Darius Fisher’s Work

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Status Labs President and Co-Founder, Darius Fisher was 2016’s Business Development Individual of the Year in the PR World Awards, a program that recognizes exceptional work from business development experts, teams, and departments in categories like corporate communication, marketing, and investor relations. The Gold Winner of the annual awards expressed his appreciation for the prestigious recognition and said that any company with plans for long-term growth such as Status Labs needs business development strategies. He saw the award as the acknowledgment of the good work he has done with the help of his team.

Growing Status Labs

Darius Fisher contributed to the growth of Status Labs by developing and implementing digital services that cater to a broad variety of needs and accumulating an impressive client base that includes prominent public figures and Fortune 500 companies. The company provides digital marketing, online reputation management, and public relation solutions with the firm clocking a 939% growth from 2012 to 2015. Through his team sales management skills, long-term plans, and goal setting, Fisher has been able to drive the company to great heights. He has also done a lot in improving key customer relationships.

Fisher’s Expertise

Mr. Fisher has played a significant role in improving how companies manage their online reputation and public relations. In an age where individuals and entities have most of their information online, it becomes necessary to guard it because it shapes the perception of the audience. Darius Fisher has become the person to call when in the middle of a digital reputation crisis with his experience as a political consultant coming in handy. Since Fisher co-founded Status Labs, he has made a name working with high profile individuals who include athletes, CEOs, and politicians.

Besides his skills in managing online reputations, Mr. Fisher has done very well as the President of Status Labs, and one reason for that is the way he deals with employees. Fisher incentivizes workers with rewards such as Apple Watches, music festival passes, and home cleaning services so his employees can put in more work. He also loops in employees on the latest news and acknowledges their achievements.

Fabletics in the Fall

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Fabletics always has new outfits every season. Currently they have some new outfits for those who need fall workout wear or athleisure wear for athleisure fashion. Fabletics sells enough athleisure wear that can be worn in warmer or cooler climates.

Fabletics is an athletic and athleisure wear company. It is a branch of the JustFab fashion retail company and has a similar online sales system that JustFab has. Customers of Fabletics are able to shop as guests or as members though, which is not something JustFab offers to their customers. The best deal for the Fabletics company clothing is to join as a member.

A few of the warmer weather tops from Fabletics are athletic wear, long sleeved tops. The Sophie Lace Tunic is made of lace, but it is excellent to layer over a long sleeve plain colored shirt or sweater. It comes in the color spruce, a deep green color. The Fabletics Burnout Sweater is super cozy. It has a grayish floral designed pattern all over it. The Ginger Pullover has a peep hole in the back of it for style, but is otherwise a warm option. It comes in coral, black and grey colors.

For bottoms that are fall ready, Fabletics sells many long and comfortable leggings. They sell both patterned and solid color leggings. The Lisette High Waist Leggings are full length and have a high waist. They come in solid black or blue colors. The Clover Legging II has a slight peep hole in the shin region that is designed in a triangular shape. The leggings come in blue/black, black and black with a slight deep greenish blue floral print on the shins. The Salar Leggings have strong, bright prints in nearly every shade of the universe.

The Fabletics company have some accessories that would also work well during the fall. They sell no show, cute little socks. It’s always a good idea to get fresh socks when the weather is cold. The Lily Scarf from Fabletics may be worn like poncho, scarf or as a shrug. The Lily Scarf comes in black or grey. Seamless leg warmers are also sold by Fabletics. These handy leg warmers keep legs extra cozy during workouts or during cool weather. The Jersey Reversible Beanie hat can keep your head warm during the cold month. It comes in pale red with grey on the other side, black and grey, black with zebra print on the other side and constellation pattern with black on the reverse side.

Autism Rocks’ Goal of Creating Awareness on Autism.

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Dubai’s month of informing the public about autism was held as from 2nd April 2016. Autism Rock, which is an establishment that raises money to facilitate research on the disease, hosted a fun-filled gig in the city to mark the day. The organization has been creating awareness of the neurodevelopmental disorder since it was founded in 2014. This has been through various events that it has hosted with the support of musicians such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Michael Buble, and Lenny Kravitz. Tyga and Florida were the leading musicians who performed at the 2016 gig. Autism Rocks had many fun events at its event, which were meant to entertain families that attended.

The aid foundation was established by Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha Shah who are a Dubai-based couple that is famous for their success in business. It is dedicated to assisting individuals who live with autism by making the society understand them and be caring to them. Mr. Shah and his wife also founded the organization to fulfill the wishes of their autistic son who wanted to assist victims of the disease. Individual who are affected by the disorder are unable to interact with others due to difficulties in communicating.

Sanjay Shah is a reputable businessperson and philanthropist who is based in the United Kingdom. He is the founder of many successful businesses such as Solo Capital Limited, which is a leading financial boutique that is located in North London. The company was founded in a tiny office space on the outskirts of the city, but it has managed to grow into a productive business that has made Mr., Shah a millionaire. His assets were valued at about $280 million at the beginning of the year.

Most of Sanjay’s career has been in the financial sector, and he has served investment banks in North London. He also practiced medicine before joining the finance industry. Mr. Shah has offices in London and Dubai from which, he operates his businesses that are based in Cayman Island, Luxembourg, and the British Virgin Islands. He has also been sponsoring young people in India and other parts of the world.


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Wessex Institute’s Performance Following Ranking of Universities

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Wessex Institute of Technology was established in the year 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. It is an education and research institute that is situated in Ashurst Lodge at the New Forest Park in England. The institute core mandate is divided into three being publishing, research and conferencing.

Recently the Ranking Web of Universities released its latest rankings and places Wessex at number 166 in England. Continental ranking puts Wessex at position 1471 while worldwide it is ranked number 7185.

The ranking initiative is from the Cyber metrics Lab whose main objective is to improve scientific research and to help in advancing scientific technology that would impact positively on the people.

Wessex Institute of Technology is a scientific institution that is research based. It carries out research on quite a number of fields that include ecology, electromagnetic, fluid mechanics among others.

The Institute also participates and organizes conferences that are geared towards engagement of other international bodies and universities thus promoting knowledge transfer. Wessex organizes more than 25 conferences annually.