How Malini Saba formed her Business Ventures and the Contribution that she has made to the Society.

Different individuals who left their homeland for the United States to seek for a better life have various success stories that they can tell. A good example is Malini Saba who was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and she later relocated to Australia. Her parents were middle-income earners, but she has strived to become one of the most successful businesspersons in the world. After living in Australia for a short time, Saba and her husband moved to the U.S.A. Her husband was a student at the Stanford University, and therefore, they rented a house that was located close to the institution. When Malini traveled to the U.S, she only had $200. She was passionate about going to school, but she could not attend Stanford University where he husband was studying. She joined another institution where she gained sufficient knowledge in finance and investments.


Saba completed her college education and started making contacts with highly experienced professionals in the investment sector. She acquired a lot of skills, which she added to what was learned in school. Saba also attended parties to meet investment bankers who also offered her knowledge about the field. She used the information that she acquired in her quest for knowledge to start investments and at that time the only capital that was available was the savings that she had made in the U.S.


Saba used a different technique when she started her businesses. However, the enterprises that she ventured into in the past have currently become successful. The knowledge that she has on finances enabled her to start an investment firm. The company is known as Saban, and it has actively been capitalizing in various enterprises across the world. The businesses that it has been involved in include India and Australia-based real estate companies, technology-related firms in the United States, as well as gas and oil in China. She is the chairperson of the company and apart from its investment, she owns personal shares in PayPal, Sycamore Networks, and the Netscreen Technologies.


Malini is a philanthropist who has been involved in various community development undertakings. She started the Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001 with a primary aim of helping poor women to have better living standards. Other significant activities that she has been part of are assisting India and Sri Lanka Tsunami victims by pledging $10 million and offering $1 million that helped to build a hospital.


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