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Josh Verne’s Belief of the Key Values One Should Posses to Attain Success in Business and Life

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Josh Verne firmly believes that vision is the art of foreseeing what cannot be visualized by others. The CEO recently participated in a podcast and revealed the key points with which one can attain success in business and life. Josh began by explaining that it is more important for one to be a leader, so as to maximize the productivity of one’s team in the business. According to Josh, a leader varies from a boss in functionality and productivity. A leader will often earn the respect of his employees whereas a boss will have to demand the respect of his staff. Josh stated that it is more prudent to put other people first and serve them so that they can reciprocate the same.


Josh Verne revealed that a successful business person would often seek to create a win-win situation for all the entities involved. When one stops striving for a win that only serves the business and begins to consider the employees, society and clients, the company’s reputation will skyrocket and attract more customers and a higher income. He added to say that one should always strive to serve the society no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Josh Verne also stated that for one to earn respect and authority at the workplace, it is crucial to use fewer words in addressing employees. He explained that one appears to have more control when the people are forced to listen and pay attention to the few spoken words. Josh Verne stated that for one to attain success in all spheres of life, it is important to seek balance in the home life, health and the workplace. According to Mr. Verne, instead of exerting too much effort in one area, one should try to improve daily in health, relationships, wealth and personal growth.


Josh Verne began his career in June 1995 as the president of Home Line Furniture and grew it into an international company until he left in 2011. In April 2011, Josh joined as the president and CEO. is an online commerce forum that improves the finances of individuals so as to enable them to acquire discounted items from selected stores. Currently, Josh is the CEO and founder of Flocku features trending news on sports, opinions, exams and other contents for college students. Josh has more than 20 years of experience in establishing, growing and leading enterprises. He continues to use his vast knowledge of life to allow students to improve education and other sectors of their lives.

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Cosmetics with Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She finished her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, then received a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jennifer Walden has pioneered advanced forms of cosmetics at her practice such as Vectra and ThermiVa. These pieces of technology have earned her national recognition for their effectiveness and usability. The Daily Mail featured her as a spokesperson for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). American Way issued her the title of one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America alongside other premier colleagues. These awards and recognitions have built upon her already strong reputation as an experienced, skilled surgeon. Dr. Walden successfully represented her business and made the field of cosmetics more accessible to the public. It is uncommon for a practitioner to simultaneously serve as a spokesperson. She has done a phenomenal job at both positions and has earned the respect of critics across the nation.

In addition to her incredible practical skills, Dr. Walden has published in national journals such as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Plastic Reconstruction Surgery. Her articles described the necessary steps for safe, effective surgeries, and fellow surgeons have approved these innovative methods. These publications are closely related to products from other companies such as Venus Concept, ThermiAesthetics, and Ideal Implant and Sciton Inc. Dr. Walden’s combination of experience, accessibility, and concern for her clients makes her a premier surgeon in the field of cosmetics. Journals and colleagues have praised her commitment to improving medicine and a natural taste for sophisticated design. In 2014, Harper’s Bazaar named her one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. This title cemented her legacy as a distinguished surgeon and publicized her actions via ASAPS. While other surgeons are also competent, Dr. Walden’s achievements give her nearly unmatched credibility. In the coming years of ever-changing cosmetics, her techniques are guaranteed to be effective and impressive.

Online Reputation Management Is Essential For Your Success

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Are you aware of what Internet users are saying about you or your company? Want to find out what your prospective customers or clients are posting online regarding your firm? Searching for a distinguished online reputation management company to help you handle your reputation management issues suitably?

Bad reviews or defamatory articles can damage the reputation of a company or professional. These articles and reviews can originate from everywhere, and they can drastically reduce your potential sales and revenue. You simply can’t neglect or ignore this type of matter. That’s where reputation management experts can advise and guide you.

Online reputation management is exactly what you should do to lessen adverse reviews and negative content regarding your brand name or service online. It is very important to check the Internet for web content, posts or updates that present you or your organization in an unfavorable way and then do something to neutralize those damaging effects.

What Internet surfers are saying or posting about your brand or organization needs to be addressed appropriately. When someone says something disparaging, or negative, regarding you or your business online, you would want to know about it. That’s why online reputation management is extremely advised.

It is important to be how you are presented to Internet users before it results in a massive negative impact. You should use the services of a reputation management team that has a high success rate and highly recognized in the industry.

Dependable Online Reputation Review companies are dedicated to protecting your online reputation, enabling you to focus on your organization or business. These professionals are specialists in search engine optimization and content development and publishing and can utilize their skills to subdue unfavorable search results and promote favorable reviews.

Reputable online reputation management companies have top-notch resources and also industry connections that help them to render high-quality solutions to their clients.

With their expert knowledge these specialists help businesses manage their credibility and reach their goals in an efficient and prompt manner. Get in touch with a trustworthy online reputation management firm and get started safeguarding and enhancing your online image.


Eric Lefkofsky: The Brain Behind Tempus and Accelerated Disruption

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Tempus is a health-oriented technological company that specializes in enabling doctors to deliver high-quality and personalized cancer care to a wide range of cancer-stricken patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and the current CEO of Tempus. As the chief executive officer of Tempus, Eric’s primary role is to ensure the smooth running of the company. Tempus main role as a company is to deal with molecular data with the primary aim of helping the physicians to make sound judgments when diagnosing, managing, and treating cancer patients.

The philanthropic nature of Eric has seen him hit the headlines for all the good reasons. Back in the year 2006, Eric and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), with the aim been to provide or enhance the quality of life through the use of research initiatives and high-impact programs. The organization mainly focuses on four core areas of human life which are education, arts, medical research, and human rights. Eric is also an avid contributor to The Giving Pledge campaign that encourages the wealthy individuals to give back to the community.

Eric is an avid social media contributor who keeps his followers updated on the current happenings involving Tempus or charitable endeavors. Regardless of whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the most recent happening surrounding Eric. This is a clear indication that Eric uses the power of social media to get to as many people as possible.

Eric currently resides in Chicago where he has contributed immensely towards bettering his community. He takes part in various organizations whose primary role is to make Chicago better. For instance, Eric supports various organizations such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, The Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

Accelerated Disruption is a form of business development that explains how various companies are left stranded for failing to embrace the forces of technology. The connection between Accelerated Disruption and Eric Lefkofsky is based on the fact that Eric is the author of the book titled “Accelerated Disruption” that was published in November 2016 by Easton Studio Press.

Eric attended the Southfield-Lathrup High School where he graduated in 1987 and joined the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991 with honors. He later rejoined the University of Michigan Law School where he graduated in 1993 with a Juris Doctor.

Eric’s main contributions can be seen in the technological and medical industry. In the medical field, Eric has made cancer treatment and management easy thanks to the Tempus organization. On the other hand, regarding technology, Eric’s Accelerated Disruption has made various firms embrace technology in a positive way.

Designing The Best Legal System to Grow Wealth

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Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized expert in comparative law. His goal is to help policymakers and teachers know what legal systems work the best. Thankfully, in our day and age, there are so many good cases to look at.

When you think about what government works the best, people have all sorts of ideas. The progressives look to the democracies of Europe as their poster child of justice. Multiple parties, and a broadly liberal welfare package is supposedly what we should all be pushing for. Conservatives look to the good old days when the politicians were old white men who clutched, but did not obey their Bibles. What side of the fence you are on depends on your personal beliefs and choices.

Successful countries tend to be those that create an environment where lots of people have the freedom to sell and buy. Examples are the United States, Singapore, China, U.K., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Often times, in the name of fixing inequality, progressives propose price controls such as the minimum wage that manipulate who and how one can enter the market to sell your services. This increases unemployment, because employers simply refuse to hire anyone who is not worth the minimum wage in their eyes. Learning from the wealthiest countries in the world, we see that they place few barriers to their citizens and foreigners buying and selling. The countries that have the most economic problems in our list place practically no barriers to buying, and several barriers to selling.

An example would be the United States, with its minimum wage laws and little subsidizing of undergraduate education. These barriers keep every American from selling their services competitively. You then have a large population of unemployed youth and minorities who are not worth the minimum wage, and cannot afford to pay for undergraduate education.

Countries like China do the opposite. They place several barriers (but not heavy) to buying, particularly from overseas. The barriers they place include holding down their currency, to make foreign currencies artificially high, and imposing tariffs on certain imports. China places fewer barriers to selling than the United States. It is easier to go to the privately run colleges and get a degree in China than in the United States, because tuition costs are much lower in China. This ensures that students in China can access an undergraduate education easier.

China’s economy continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 7%.

Sujit Choudhry wants to help you and your organization manage government well. People want to know how to maximize their return on investment. Having a good legal system is crucial to this goal. Sujit looks forward to hearing from you. You can reach him at his LinkedIn account.

George Soros: Democratic Financial Mogul

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George Soros has become a financial hero for the Democratic Party, bringing in millions of dollars. In 2004, George Soros spent more than $27 million trying to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. Soros has given more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other key Democrats up for election, as well as important causes close to him.

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian, who currently resides in New York and has had a 25-year friendship with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Soros has been a currency trader for many years and has amassed a fortune near $24.9 billion through currency trades. Soros has become more politically engaged because of his concerns of Donald Trump’s political agenda for the country.

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Soros political adviser Michael Vachon says Soros has always been a donor to Democratic causes, but the political stakes are exceptionally high. George Soros’ willingness to fully financially endorse Hillary Clinton has been seen by many as potentially empowering other Democratic wealthy donors.

Soros has convinced several liberal donors to give extremely large amounts financially to various campaigns and causes. San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer (donated $31 million in 2016), hedge fund manager Don Sussman ($13.2 million) and media leaders Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner who have both given $11.1 million each.

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Last Summer, George Soros has donated more than $7 million to a PAC supporting Hillary Clinton called Priorities USA Action, becoming the largest recipient of his financial contributions. George Soros has also given more than $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a PAC working to increase turnout among low-propensity Hispanic voters in several key states.

Soros has also given $5 million to an organization fighting back against conservative efforts attempting to restrict voting. The nonprofit Voting Rights Trust is partly run by former Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias. Soros has given $1.5 million a Democratic based PAC supporting Democratic Senate candidates. Soros’ recent spending spree has been compared to his actions in 2004, when he gave money to boost John Kerry’s campaign against Bush.

George Soros responded to Kerry’s failure by launching Democracy Alliance, a club of top liberal donors who steer cash towards long term battles on issues important to Democrats including combating climate change and income inequality. Democrats are excited to see what more George Soros will do during the next election cycle. Soros continues to be a strong financial backer for the Democratic party’s needs.

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Madison Street Capital Releases The Annual Hedge Fund M&A Overview

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Madison Street Capital has released its annual global hedge fund industry merger & acquisition overview. The summary looks into the various indicators in industry for the year 2015. In addition, the report compares such information with the performance of the sector in the last few years. It provides players with a professional outlook of the industry. Many players in the industry peruse the report to get detailed insights about the market. This is a true measure of Madison Street Capital’s reputation.

According to the report, there was an increase in the number of transactions completed in 2015. In total, 42 deals were successfully closed as compared to 32 in the previous year. This upsurge represents an increase of over 27 percent in transaction volume as measured by AUM, relative to 2014. From the data, the highest numbers of dealings were undertaken in the fourth quarter of 2015. Analysts were optimistic that the momentum would continue into 2016 and make it a record year in hedge fund M&A transactions.

In addition, the company reported an increased number of M&A deals. The value of hedge fund sector assets was at all-time high. This means that the shareholding of the companies rose considerably. The distinct improvement in asset value was of great interest to many analysts. This is because in 2015, hedge funds reported dismal performance. This situation caused many fund managers to seek for alternative asset management solutions. They were hoping to enhance their firm’s revenues. Such income would help in meeting the increasing operational costs.

The mediocre performance of hedge fund strategies has also affected the ability of fund managers to attract new capital. This is because more investors are opting for other investment solutions. Given the scenarios, many fund managers have been operating below their optimal levels. To this end, these firms have been reporting lesser revenues coupled by the ever-increasing costs of operations. Additionally, fund managers are facing downward pressures on fees. Clients continue to demand for fee reduction. Combination of the two factors has adversely affected the operations of small fund managers.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a strategic investment-banking firm. Its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides its clients with valuation services, advice on mergers and acquisition, corporate financial advisory services, and financial opinions. It operates in North America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital has extensive experience in creating real opportunities in various industries such as technology, construction/real estate development, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer markets/retails, aerospace, and distribution.

The company is committed to excellence, leadership, and integrity. The management and employees understand the value of timely delivery of solutions. The investment firm responds quickly and tenaciously to opportunities. It has a unique way of matching of buyers and sellers.

The Benefits Of Shea Butter

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Shea butter is the fat drawn from the nut produced by the African Shea tree. Off-white or ivory in color, it is a fat that is primarily made from oleic acid and stearic acid. It contains vitamins A and E as well as many essential fatty acids. Shea butter is in food preparation and occasionally to make chocolate. It is also used as a salve, lotion or moisturizer in cosmetics. Shea butter’s natural moisturizers are almost identical to those produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands.


Shea butter is primarily used in skincare and haircare products. Small amounts is also to make specialty soaps. It is great for people for eliminating the pain and itching associated with certain dry skin conditions. Shea butter is also used for candle making, waterproofing wax, cooking oil and in medicinal ointments. It is sometimes used in tissue paper and other tissue products. It has humectant, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. It absorbs ultraviolet radiation and so it’s sometimes used in sunblocking lotions. In Nigeria Shea butter is used to treat sinusitis, nasal congestion and joint pain.


One excellent brand of Shea butter is EuGenia Shea. It’s made by women in Ghana as part of a family run social enterprise. The name Eu’Genia is a Greek word meaning the origin of goodness. The company uses high concentrations of quality Shea butter to produce all natural, premium moisturizers. In addition to paying fair wages and providing opportunities for their female workers in Ghana, Eu’Genia Shea donates 15% of its profits to an education fund for the workers.


EuGenia Shea was founded in 2014 by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a Harvard Business School graduate as well as a former Wall Street analyst. Naa-Sakle Akuete’s mother, Eu’Genia, was the Global Shea Alliance president. Eu’Genia taught Akuete about making the highest quality shea butter and secrets she had learned from legendary Ghanaian midwife Comfort or Grandma Sunshine. Eu’Genia began a bulk shea butter business. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Akuete decided she wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. With the help of her mother Akuete started EuGenia Shea. Visit their website at to view their full selection of shea butter and related health products.


Hair Care for Women

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There are a lot of things to think about when you are thinking about hair care for women. You may not realize that certain things can damage your hair, but there are products that help to make your hair beautiful. You only need to know when to use them and what they do.


Hair can be damaged in many different ways. Where you live can damage your hair as much as the products you might be using. Your hair can also be damaged by heat products. They tend to break down the hair and make it brittle or not look very full. The damage can also make the hair dull looking and thin. These are all things that can be fixed.

What Conditioner Will Do?

When you realize there is damage to your hair, you can work on it. This means a treatment before you use heat on your hair. This is normally an oil that will help the hair to be fuller before the heat is added. It might also put a layer around the hair to keep it safe. Conditioner can also help with the hair. It will help to fill in the parts that are thin and damaged. Once it fills in the holes and makes the hair fuller.

WEN by Chaz has a great conditioner line that will not just fill the parts of the hair that is weak, but also will help heal the hair in the long run. Wen by Chaz is the hair care products that you should be using to heal your hair in a month or more.

When you are looking at hair care, you should consider all of your products available to you, but Wen by Chaz Dean ( is one that should be on the top of your list in order to make your hair better.

Visit Wen’s Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more.