Being Comfortable Wearing Makeup

Doe Deere has come a long way since arriving in the United States at a young age. She was born in Russia before moving to New York around the age of 17. Now, she is the CEO and founder of the fun cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Doe wants women to know that makeup can do more than simply hide the imperfections on the face. She wants women to know that makeup is a way that they can be unique and share their freedom of choice when it comes to the colors that are used on the face and fingers.

When it comes to how Doe feels about beauty, it’s not what is natural. She believes that beauty is about what feels right to the woman wearing the makeup. One person might feel comfortable wearing blue eye shadow while another might want to wear lime green lipstick. It’s about the woman feeling as though she can walk outside and be satisfied with how she looks. Lime Crime was started based on Doe’s favorite color, lime, along with the desire that she had to create products that weren’t like the other makeup items on the market. She thinks that the colors created should be considered illegal to wear because they are so bold, which is how the entire name of the company has been developed.

Doe started selling makeup on eBay and called her small business “limecrime.” This carried over to the larger company that she now owns today. Her days begin with meetings and making sure that everyone knows what is going on in the company. She is involved in all of the decisions that are made with the company and wants the workers to be on the same page so that work can get done.

One of the things that Doe is known for is patience. She lets ideas come to her when it comes to colors and types of makeup. She doesn’t rush an idea. Instead, she enjoys sitting in a quiet atmosphere, concentrating on the aspects of the company so that ideas can come naturally. One of the trends that Doe likes is that more businesses are moving toward being online instead of being a brick and mortar store. This allows companies to reach more people, selling more products and being able to listen to the issues that some customers have instead of customers only being able to enter a building when they have concerns or want to make a purchase.

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