Follow Your Passion

Adam Milstein knows what it is like to have a dream and make it a reality. He was born in Israel and worked with his father who was a real estate developer. Adam knew early on that he would eventually go into the real estate industry on some level. He continued to learn the ends and outs from his father while receiving a college education. Adam served time in the Israeli military before moving his wife and children to the United States.

Adam Milstein always desired to obtain a higher level of education. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and soon began his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Adam had the opportunity to work with several established organizations. However, he was not interested in sacrificing his position to help another company move in a direction did not want to go in. He began his career as a real estate broker and went on to develop a solid standing in the industry.

Adam has a hands-on leadership style. He believes that the person who has the vision should be involved in every aspect of cultivating there ideas. Although it takes teamwork to make a business run, the leader of an organization should not rely on others to make sense of issues that he or she does not understand. These are the principles that guided Adam to the top of the real estate industry. He is currently a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Philanthropy is very important Adam Milstein. He places as much effort into giving back to the community as he does making business profits. Adam and his wife launched the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation as a method of reaching out to those who could use the services that the organization provided. They focus on the wildness of the Jewish community. Adam applies his business philosophies to the running of the foundation. The programs that are offered are designed to assist with personal development from the early stages of life through adulthood. Every aspect of the charity organization is carefully monitored in order to achieve the most efficient results.


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