What Do You Do When You Are Bored? Wengie Has Answers for You!

At this very moment, you may be bored. You are more than likely scrolling through social media in the hopes to find something entertaining to read, write, or watch. Unfortunately and most of the time, entertainment value is rarely provided when doing this, a hardship that results in dreadful boredom. If you find yourself regularly bored, you must have not found Wengie’s YouTube channel yet. The Australian beauty with Asian roots is famous for her beauty tutorials, diet tips, do it yourself activities, and her scandalous pranks. From DIY back to school edibles to alleviating boredom, this woman is on fire when it comes to making sure that her followers have great days each day.


Combat Boredom and Hunger with a Sweet New Recipe


When people find themselves in a dull situation, they also become hungry. If you find yourself relating to this correlation, the queen of blogs has a yummy solution: Try a new recipe! In her DIY video for the entertainment-impaired, she makes white chocolate candy bowls that are both vibrant and delicious. She begins by melting white chocolate and selecting her favorite sprinkles. She then blows up balloons and dips the end in the melted chocolate, and then immediately dips the wet mixture into the sprinkles. After allowing the chocolate to cool and harden, she carefully removes the bowl. From there, she fills them with even more scrumptious treats, including candy, marshmallows, and more chocolate.


Use Your Boredom for Good


Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but have never found the time to actually do it? Learning an instrument is an immensely beneficial activity that the Aussie recommends doing the next time you have nothing to do. Rent or buy an instrument, watch a tutorial, and repeat the process each day that you have spare time.


A Do It Yourself DIY


If you love DIY tutorials, why not make your own? Wengie suggests picking up a craft, putting your own spin on it, and then passing the instructions along to other people. You never know what you can create and who would appreciate to have one as well!

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