Susan McGalla Moved from the Bottom to the Top

Susan Mcgalla is aspiring a lot of women. She is definitely one of the best people to look to when it comes to marketing success. There is a large amount of respect that is due to Susan and her skills in marketing clothing.

Susan McGalla reigned as the CEO of two different companies. She made sure that American Eagle was one of the best companies for clothing for a very long time. She catered to the needs of consumers, and she made sure that brand awareness of American Eagle was put in place.

Susan has made a plan to help the Pittsburgh Steelers gain the same type of brand awareness with the sports clothing for this team. What she has managed to do is quite impressive, and I believe this is just a portion of what she has been able to accomplish. I’m certain that she will be able to revamp this organization. Susan McGalla definitely knows clothing, and people are going to be amazed by what she does with the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line.

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It is incredible to see all of the work that Susan has endeavored into in the last couple of years. She has made some great transitions and I believe that her work gives many others the opportunity to explore their own destiny. Susan has certainly helped me discover my passion about marketing. She has also helped me realize that you cannot get to the top without realizing what is happening at the lower levels within the organization. Learn updates from Susan, visit her on .

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