Bruce Bent II And The Money Market Fund

Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur, a CEO and President of Double Rock Corporation. His extensive knowledge and experience in technologies, intellectual property and financial markets led to have a successful career in the financial sector. His understanding of finances and money market funds date back to his father. His father has been accredited with being the founder of the money market fund. So, working in the financial industry is a family business.

Career Background

Mr. Bent II holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Northeastern University.  He’s quite  experienced in risk management, needs assessment, and operation management which has helped him in running Double Rock Corporation efficiently. The company uses research-based method in the cost analysis to help in the improvement of the margins and production of excellent outcomes.

About Money Market Funds

Bruce Bent II believes that everyone should have disposable income that they should save for short-term purposes and earn a small rate of return. SEC regulates the money market funds depending on the investments of the funds. This varies from the government, municipal or prime funds where the municipal and the prime are either retail or institution based. The investments include Eurodollar deposit, certificates of deposits, and repurchase agreements or the U.S. treasury securities, among others.

Long-term investors may not choose the money market fund as their investment option following its low capital appreciation rate compared to the stocks or corporate debt issues. However, it is a safe place to invest your money since the funds only involve the low risk vehicle such as Treasury bills unlike the stock market which is highly volatile.

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