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The Hi-Tech Cyber Attack Solutions as Provided by Rubica. Inc

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In a recent report, there has been numerous cases of cyber attacks. These incidences have affected many people from various parts of the world leading to the search of efficient means of security. Companies and governments have cried foul for losing their valuable data and other intelligence documents to unknown cyber criminals. One instance that left people shocked was the attack of over 300,000 computers in over 150 countries worldwide on May 2017. What makes it even worse, is that there has been no strict cyber security measure that has been put in place to date.


The rising number of cyber attack cases per annum is indeed worrying (YahooNews). In a period of about 3 years only, the price multiplied by four while the number has risen to as high of $500 billion worldwide. However, the cyber security venture has announced that, by 2021, the cost of the threat would go up to $6 trillion. According to the sources, this amount will cover all due loses that cyber attack will cause including; stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, and fraud among others. The different tactics of cyber attacks are on the rise hence there is a need of strong cyber security policy before it is too late.


About Rubica


Rubica is among the highest ranked companies worldwide with a myriad of personal cyber security solutions. The company is located in the United States. At Rubica, one is protected against cyber attack through an application available for download. The application can be downloaded on phones, laptops, and smart phones. Once you have downloaded the app the company takes care of all your problems.

Rubica highly protects your personal cyber security rights by the full services they provide. The protection is available throughout the day as long as one’s device is on. Additionally, there are cyber securities experts who are on high alert to keep you safe. The personal cyber security agency has strong partnerships with leading financial and legal insurance firms. This enables the company to provide appropriate and dependable services to its clients. In case of cyber attack, come to Rubica Inc for easy solutions.



George Soros Empowers Through Philanthropy

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Somebody like George Soros should need no introduction, but he ultimately likes to keep his name out of the spotlight so they are occasionally required. George Soros is a billionaire investor as well as one of the most giving philanthropists to ever walk the planet. While those are lofty titles they are merely the second and third leg of his title as one of the most progressive billionaires in the world today. Soros has spent his entire life and professional career working toward putting himself in a position to help as many people as possible. Soros’ unlikely rise to prominence is a unique story in and of itself and the work he has done once he got there is even more interesting.

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George Soros was a Jewish teenager living in Hungary when the Nazi force rolled into the country and set up an occupation. From 1944 to 1945 the Nazis that occupied Hungary would kill over 500,000 Jews in cold blood. During that time Soros had to fight as much as possible in order to live and to survive. He and his family worked quietly to help subvert the regime by acquiring fake identity papers to help other Jews escape the country. Eventually Soros and his own family would end up fleeing and they would end up in London, having fled from Budapest. Once in London Soros worked tirelessly to graduate from the London School of Economics, handling two jobs at once in order to pay for his studies. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

It was this hard work work and this experience with the oppressive Nazi regime that would inform George Soros’ decision to start the Open Society Foundations after settling in America. Soros came to America in the ’50s and he would have landed his fortune with the Soros Hedge Fund by the ’70s. With that money in hand Soros established a network of progressive philanthropic companies all over the world, spanning 130+ different countries. These foundations would form the backbone of what is now known as the Open Society Foundations. Through this network Soros has helped to fund grassroots activists, education, reform, and more throughout the globe. The Open Society Foundations has given nearly $12 billion so far in their lifespan. Learn more on about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations has also had an effect here at home in the United States. During the infamous Ferguson Protests in Missouri activists were able to come to the streets and raise their voice in order to bring attention to the racially motivated police brutality. Soros and the Open Society Foundations had indirectly helped this activism by funding grassroots campaigns in the area to the tune of nearly $33 million. Soros is also a key figure in the success of the early days of the #BlackLivesMatters group.

Goettl Air Conditioning Gets a Boost in Image and Morale

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In 2013, veteran to the air-conditioning and HVAC industry Ken Goodrich, purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. The company had been run from Phoenix since 1939, but had run into so trouble. It was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl, but changed ownership several times in recent years. At the time of its purchase, Goettl had no profits, weak financial condition and the employees suffered from low morale.

Goettl had been involved with some legal issues that had left its image a bit mangled. Goodrich says he had never experienced this type of problem with a business before, although he had purchased and turned around 15 different companies by the time he stated dealing with Goettl.

Ken began the rebuilding process by focusing the company on customer needs and how the employees could help fulfill those needs. Regular conversations were held about how employees were treated and the impact the treatment had on them. The company became involved with charitable events in the community to show their compassion. The focus turned completely to their impact on the community and their customers.

When the focus of the company changed, the building started and one customer at a time, the company re-vamped its earlier image as a reliable air-conditioning company. The company has grown by 500 percent since Goodrich purchased it. The company currently generates more than $50 million in revenue annually.

Competition in the industry is stiff so focusing in making happy customers is a must to survive in the business. Goodrich believes the future of the industry is huge and he plans to lead it with high quality service and products.

When Ken Goodrich was 10 years old, he worked alongside his father, repairing and providing maintenance for air conditioners. The first air conditioner he helped his father with was a Goettl. The impression made a mark on him. His father specialized in Goettl air-conditioners. After his father passed away, when Ken was 25, Goettl was the only company that would extend credit to the rookie business owner. He did not forget them. He says he is very proud to now own the company that he credits with supporting his father in business, and helped many people live in desert weather over the years.

An Overview of Rick Smith’s Career Profile

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Rick Smith took over the leadership of Securus Technologies in mid-2008. Securus provides technological products and services that help to solve and combat crimes in our societies. The company’s main clients are correctional institutions across the United States. Since he joined the company in 2008, Rick Smith has led Securus to tremendous growth, the way he did to other companies he worked for before joining it. He has helped Securus get more contracts, recruit additional staff, create a series of patented tech solutions and get BBA accreditation. The company has achieved all these due to exceptional leadership skills of CEO Rick Smith.

Rick Smith’s Education Background

Rick has led Securus Technologies to great success because of his strong career and education background. He invested a lot of time and money to enable him receive quality education and ultimately make him expert in the technology industry. Rick Smith earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Bufallo based State University of New York. He earned his MBA at Rochester based Simon School, and from State University of New York, which is based in Brock Port for his master’s degree in Mathematics. Rick is also a holder of an Electrical Engineering Associate Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rick’s Career Profile

Rick Smith is a technology guru who has amassed a wealth of experience in various sectors within the industry. In 1972, Rick Joined Global Crossing Inc., where he served at different positions until 1998 when he left the company. He served as Chief Financial Officer and Head of Information Technology. Later Rick was appointed as the VP in charge of Midwest Telephone Operations, then director for Network and Business Development. During his final year at Frontier Corp., Rick was the vice President in charge of Financial Management.Rick Smith left Frontier Corp. in 1998 to join Eschelon Technologies Inc. Initially he was appointed as CFO, and after one year, he was promoted to the position of Chief operations Officer. In 2000, Rick was added more responsibilities of serving as the firm’s President. He continued to serve at that position until 2003, when he was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer, where he served until he joined Securus Technologies in 2008.

Rick’s Role at Securus

CEO Rick Smith is in charge of Securus Technologies daily operations. He is directly involved in development and implementation of growth and expansion strategies at the company. Recently, the company invested over half a billion dollars in order to improve tech solutions provided to the clients. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has entered into strategic partnership deals with other major players within the corrections market. Various technological solutions offered by Securus have been licensed under the leadership of Rick Smith.

Tammy Mazzocco Helps Clients Get Into the Homes They Desire

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Tammy Mazzocco has loves her job of selling houses. She has certainly been able to help a plethora of people get into the right home because she has put forth the effort to talk with her clients. She does not believe in leaving her clients in the dark when it comes to their finances even though this is not a comfortable thing to discuss.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy Mazzocco knows that she can help a lot of clients get into the right home if they know what they can afford upfront. Tammy has become a resource for many people that are trying to get into their first home. She has also been a great resource for those that may be trying to refinance a home. Many people are going to appreciate what Tammy brings to the table as a real estate agent. She is definitely someone that knows the business well, and she helps clients by giving them the resources that they need to finalize the closing of their home.

Tammy Mazzocco gives them guidance in terms of banks that they may need to consider for financing. She gives them tips on how they can lower the interest rate by improving their credit score. Tammy Mazzocco goes out of her way to help those clients that are trying to close on homes. She wants all of our clients to be happy with the end result of the work, and she is definitely putting forth the effort to help those clients that are clueless about what it takes to get into the home that they would like to get into. The work that she has done speaks for itself. Tammy Mazzocco has been so successful in helping clients that she has to come recommended for referrals by people that she has put into homes.

Why Prison Officials Trust Securus Technologies

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When you work inside a busy and dangerous prison, you need every resource possible to keep you and your fellow officers safe. When I start my day in the jail, I have to know that every inmate in this prison is looking for any opportunity to take me out. The minute you let down your guard, you could be taken out of the facility in a stretcher. To make matters worse, a rise in drug use inside the jail is only making inmates even more violent than normal.


To control drug flow in our prison, we do things like inspect every piece of mail and surprise cell inspections around the clock. My team will position ourselves in the visitor center so that nothing in the way of contraband can be slipped from family member or friend to the inmate. Even with all these efforts, drugs still manage to get into the hands of the inmates on a regular basis. That is why we were so excited when we discovered our old inmate call monitoring system was being upgraded by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has 2.600 of these new monitoring systems in different prisons around the country. The goal of the organization is making the world safer for all, and that is something me and my fellow officers can get behind. We were taught how to use the LBS software to detect chatter between the inmates concerning drugs, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.


One call revealed an inmate hiding drugs in his cell despite us searching for them. One inmate talked about how his brother could get prescription drugs into the visitor center. Each time one of the inmates talks about drugs, my team is able to spring into action and eliminate the problem before it becomes something that puts innocent lives in danger.


Sheldon Lavin: The CEO Leading OSI Group To A High Quality Future

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Sheldon Lavin is someone who has significantly contributed to the growth and development of his company, OSI Group. He is someone who possesses an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the field and knows how to run a business beautifully. He is currently the CEO of OSI Group.

When Sheldon Lavin was starting out his professional career, his path of choice was the field of law. He worked as a lawyer for many years before he decided to join the company. In fact, one of Sheldon Lavin’s first encounters with OSI Group was when he took on the company as one of his clients. He worked extremely closely with the executive team and all the higher up officials in the company.

After working as their lawyer for a while, Sheldon Lavin decided that he would join OSI Group and work for them full time. He is someone who believes in working hard to reaching his goals and therefore worked tirelessly to get to the position he is in today.

Since taking over as the CEO of the company, Sheldon Lavin has given rise to substantial changes in the company. He possessed a lot of knowledge regarding international trade and gauged that the company would do extremely well in international markets. The company soon went on to set up their processing units in countries like China, where it is doing extremely well right now. Sheldon Lavin was the one who pushed the company into this direction, and it has worked out brilliantly, in their favor.

Sheldon Lavin isn’t just someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the sector. He is an absolute food lover and therefore sees the company as more than just a corporate structure. At the same time, he believes that the OSI Group should have extremely high standards and tries his best to keep upgrading the machines and raw materials that they use to ensure that OSI Group meets these standards. Sheldon Lavin also has a financial background, considering the numerous corporates that he worked with as a lawyer. He has been able to draft up a financial plan for the company that puts in on a path of growth and development.

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Cotemar, a Pacesetter in Mexican Oil and Energy Industries

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Cotemar’s informed operations in its respective industry have made it a perfect choice, enough to be emulated by other firms. Cotemar boasts of twenty years of consistent presence where they have developed and cultivated on the significant business relationships. They engage modern day technology when serving their client’s interest.

Most interesting is that they have also grown in deepening understanding of their consumers. For instance, when it comes to offshore services, Cotemar warrants high-quality maintenance and construction services for their clientele. Also, they endeavor in collection and installation of tools in the overseas locations.

The Great Success Attributed to Cotemar

Cotemar’s ability to diversify their services has propelled them to an amazingly high level. For several years they have walked away with the number one company award. Apart from diversification, they also ensure sustainability in all their initiatives. Being in the energy sector is demanding, and Cotemar has proved to measure up. Over time they have expanded their markets within hospitality to incorporate laundry, tidiness, and cookery services. Their value for consumers is on another level, something sustaining them right ahead of the curve.

A Survey on What it Feels Like to Work at Cotemar

When given a platform to express themselves, several Cotemar staffs commended the company for an ideal working atmosphere that ensures least accidents. Additionally, they are taken through training that sharpens their background knowledge. As such, it becomes a plus for such employees because they do not only become productive for the company but also get equipped with invaluable facts.

Those employees also enjoy feeding on delicious food and spending in clean lodging amenities. They are also entitled to off days regardless of one’s rank. An assembly of such compliments and reviews only implies that Cotemar is matchlessly reliable.

Cotemar Serving Their Purpose in Mexico

If you are in need of petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico, Cotemar is the company to hook up with. They have discovered about the several oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and are seeking to expand their presence. They always keep track of their performance so as to identify when to raise the bar in their various markets. Their products and services are greatly considered, hence highly innovative.

Their relationship with surrounding communities is also great. Cotemar creates job opportunities for people around their premises. They are also careful to maintain an environmental-friendly environment not just for themselves, but also for their entire neighborhood.

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