How Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund Fights For Human Rights

Many groups have been established to fight for the rights of humans. Some of the rights that these organizations fight for include; migrant rights, human rights, and the civil rights. All around the world you will be sure to find such groups.

One such group is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights or CHIRLA in short. The institution is based in California. It is known to be the leading organization that fights for the immigrant families and individuals in California.

The group acts as an agent that works towards the realization of the right for the human to freely mobilize in their participation in democracy. Their main agenda is to make this possible even for the immigrants.

They are aiming to do this by changing the public opinion. Jim and Larkin also want to build some power as they try to alter the policy for full immigrant, civil, and human rights.

CHIRLA was founded after the act of 1986. This is the Immigrant Reform and Control Act. This act made it illegal for one to hire the undocumented workers. This was viewed as a way for one to abuse and exploit the workers.

There is also the Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund. This organization was formed by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Jim and Michael got arrested in October of 2007. The arrest was made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County.

This arrest was made in the middle of their night from their own homes. The reason for their arrest was that they had revealed some grand jury proceedings. These processes demanded that the reporters give away any of the notes that they had covering the sheriff.

This became more alarming when the jury also demanded them to give the names of the people who had subscribed to their online stories. Jim and Michael sued the county for the ninth circuit. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

They won the case and were given a settlement of 3.75 million dollars. The two reports had spent most of their time fighting for the human, civil and migrant rights. They also fought for the freedom of speech.

The money that the received from the settlement was dedicated to the funding of the migrant rights organizations in Arizona. They also used the money to fund the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This group has then been on the forefront of fighting for the rights of the migrants in the whole of Arizona.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:


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