Madison Street Capital, the Trusted Financial Advisor

Madison Street Capital, abbreviated as MSC, is a firm which gives professional financial advice. MSC is based in Chicago, and it assists organizations to get right to credit, make important investment decisions and also know how to go about complicated transactions. The company also offers merger and valuation services. The success of the MSC is attributed to the fact that it has helped well-recognized businesses.

When it comes to obtaining credit, MSC boasts its success because in 2014 it helped a firm known as Vital Care which is based in Illinois to get access to credit from an appropriate lender. The CEO of Vital Care was extremely pleased with that move. As a result of acquiring the commercial loan, Vital Care produced hygienic medical supplies.

Due to the success of MSC, the co-founder Anthony Marsala received an award for being successful under 40. He received the award for his notable achievements in the field of valuation, mergers and other related associations.

Madison Capital as a company also received an award in the summer of 2016. The highly coveted M&A Advisor Award is given to companies which have managed to set up commendable financing, acquisition and restructuring contracts. They also got an award for organizing the best merger deal valued at $100 million. In 2017, MSC won a Turnaround award for restructuring a transaction with a value below $25 million. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

In 2017, MSC foresaw the merging of the DCG Software with The Spitfire Group. DCG offers software for over two decades and has offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. At some point, MSC served as the main advisor for ARES Security Corporation in an investment transaction. The transaction involved subordinating debt and minor recapitalization. MSC on March 2017, offered a Maryland company financial advice. The company is known as a WLR Automotive Group, which has been in business for almost two decades.

Also in 2017, MSC was highly celebrated by Maintenance Systems Management for meeting its needs by providing them with useful advice. MSM provides services for cleaning and building to San Francisco property owners.

There is no success without charity. MSC has been philanthropic in providing donations to areas affected by extreme weather in Eastern and Midwestern USA. They also make contributions to nonprofit organizations like the American Red Cross and United Way.

The success of Madison Capital is attributed to the fact that they have trained professionals and also because they provide different valuable services to countless selected companies. More information on MSC can be found on

MSC is a firm that is made up of skilled personnel. It’s internationally recognized as a premier investment banking firm.

They have specialized in providing financial services and merger advice. The company always aims at meeting the client’s needs. MSC has its headquarters in Chicago and Illinois. It has also expanded its operations to North America, Asia, and Africa.

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