Chris Burch Heads the World’s Best Resort

Chris Burch has founded and cofounded a number of well-known brands, including Tory Burch and C Wonder. He has also invested in several other successful businesses, and now he is delving into the world of hospitality.

Burch has partnered with noted hotelier James McBride to purchase a beach hostel in Sumba, which is an island in Indonesia. The merger was established in 2012 and the pair spent $30 million to renovate the site before reopening it as a five-star vacation destination named Nihiwatu in 2015. The following year, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world.  Check this in this link on

During a 2015 Business Jet Traveler in 2015, Burch stated that he bought the resort for his children and wanted to use the hotel as a way to help the community. He asserts that when people in beautiful scenery, they are inspired to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Burch also admits that Nihiwatu has become more spectacular than he expected, which is a pleasant surprise.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Burch divides his time between the Hamptons, Miami and Nihiwatu.   Additional article on  The resort has 27 private villas, such as Raja Mendaka, which is Burch’s private residence. Raja Mendaka has a main living space along with four villas that each have a private pool.

In addition to his business partnerships and investments, Chris Burch is also the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The philosophy behind the company’s investment strategy is a testament to Burch’s entrepreneurial mindset and passion for making new business opportunities come to life. He also believes that the right business ventures can have a profound effect on the lives of consumers. A must-read article here.

Burch has a career that spans nearly four decades and has had a hand in the advancement of more than 50 companies. His combination of sourcing experience and an understanding of consumer behavior speaks for itself, and his business acumen continues to positively impact other professionals.

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