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The Benefits of Waiakea Water

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Waiakea is one of the healthiest forms of water because the cleanliness of the water and the electrolytes that are in the water. A lot of thought has been put into finding the type of water that is free of all of the content that could make it acidic. One thing that can be said about Waiakea among all of the water companies that are available, this company is one of the higher quality waters that are available in the market. While oher bottled waters would turn out to be acidic, Waiakea has the right level of alkalinity that is going to bring health to the consumer.

Waiakea has been founded with the intention of finding water that is already clear and healthy. While other companies seek to bring the water to a level of alkalinity and artificially add the electrolytes. Waiakea gets the water from Hawaii. The methods of getting the water is one of the most sustainable methods. Another good thing about this method is that it ensures that people and the environment are given a lot of thought.

Waiakea was founded by Ryan Emmons. He has spent a lot of time in Hawaii and has found a lot of inspiration from the area. Therefore, he has thought about ways to bring this inspiration over from the islands. One way he has found is by bringing over some of the healthiest water from there. When people are looking for the type of water that is going to be clean and great tasting, Waiakea is the type of water to look at. As a matter of fact, it is the taste of the water that is going to clue people in as to high the quality of the water is.

How Louis Chenevert Assisted UTC in Becoming a Market Leader

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United Technologies Corporation has been quite lucky since they had Louis Chenevert as their CEO at some point in time. The company and its employees cannot forget the contribution that Louis Chenevert made to the company. Even after his retirement, he is known for the immensely important role that he played when he was part of it. He has left an extraordinary legacy that would be difficult for the future CEOs of the company to fulfill and to maintain that standard.

The main reason behind the success of UTC is the vision of Louis Chenevert. He was not afraid to take calculated risks and invest for the future of the company that will benefit it for many decades to come. He was successful in achieving not just short-term goals but the long-term ones as well. He believed in investing in technology and people too since it has a direct relationship to the success of any company. When he became the CEO of the company, he knew from the day one that the company needs excellent employees, and it was their duty to take care of them. The company already had an Employee Scholar Program that allowed its employees to pursue their studies while working for the company. More than 39,000 people benefited from this program.

Among the many achievements of Louis Chenevert at UTC, the biggest for him was the Goodrich Corporation acquisition. It was Louis Chenevert who spent an entire year negotiating and discussing the deals. If he were not that consistent, the deal that changed the face of UTC would never have happened. After the deal was finalized in 2011, UTC changed it to UTC aerospace systems and allowed the company to create a large market for itself around the world. When Louis Chenevert chose to retire from UTC in 2014, not everyone was happy with the decision but took it sportingly. But, he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing philanthropy work and devote more time to his family. He is also pursuing his dream of designing and engineering large yachts during his free time as it has always been his passion.

Distributors and Customers Win with Jeunesse Global

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There are not many companies out there that produce products that are excellent for their customers while also providing unique opportunities for growth among those who sell the merchandise. The exception to that rule is definitely Jeunesse Global. They make products that are desired the whole world over, but they also help to enhance the lives of their network of distributors. In this way, the company as found its niche to help both customers and distributors.

Jeunesse Global products are sold in more than one-hundred and twenty countries at this point. This is impressive for a company that has only existed since late 2009. Their incredible growth can be directly attributed to their excellent product selection as well as to their distributor network that works so tirelessly. Those distributors are the backbone of the business, and they definitely go the extra mile to help make sure you can have the products that you want in your hands right away.

You have to check out the Y.E.S. system that Jeunesse Global has developed. It is a system whereby you use their various products to enhance different parts of your life. After all, we all have different things that we would like to work on. For some of us, it is all about how we look and feel on the outside. For others, it is just about getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever the case may be, you are bound to find a product from Jeunesse Global that can help take care of it.

Look at their product Nevo as an example. This is something that a person takes when they need an energy boost throughout the day. It is an energy drink like so many others on the market, but it is better than those because it cuts down on the things that you do not really want to put into your body. It has far fewer calories and also does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. You know when you drink Nevo that you are getting a caffeine kick that is not as bad for the body, and that is the Jeunesse Global difference.

Paul Mampilly Shares A Cautionary Tale About Bubble And Bitcoin

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Many people agree that Bitcoin is in a historic bubble. One financial expert and investor, Paul Mampilly, says that he’s seen a number of bubbles during his time, unfortunately taking part in a few of them, but nothing approaches what has been happening with Bitcoin and, to some degree, the other cryptocurrencies. Paul Mampilly was a Wall Street hedge fund manager for many years and his professional opinion is that it’s just a matter of when the bubble will burst and the values will come crashing to earth, not a matter of if.

As an example, Paul Mampilly points to the crash that occurred in 2000 and 2001. Prior to that, in 1999, pretty much every investor saw tech stocks as going absolutely nowhere but up, forever. He had a good friend named Tess who was investing everything in tech stocks. She was really excited because some of them were up by 1000% or more. Even companies that had been established long ago, like Qualcomm Inc, had their stock going nuts. Tech companies that were losing money, not making it, were also shooting up in value.

Around this time Paul Mampilly could see that everyone had lost their minds. He pulled everything he had out. He also advised his friends, such as Tess, that the tech bubble couldn’t possibly last. They scoffed at him and kept putting more and more money into the market. Eventually, as was really inevitable, the crash occurred wiped out the value of entire companies. Some people, like Tess, lost everything she had.

This serves as a cautionary tale that when everyone starts racing to invest in one thing, like Bitcoin, mania takes over. Eventually, the market for them runs out of buyers and when that happens the value drops fast and it drops hard. Whoever is the last one holding the bag will end up paying the price and no one knows who that is until after it happens.

Paul Mampilly took an early retirement from Wall Street because the lifestyle is too extreme and the only people getting wealthy or those who already are. Tired of this, he moved to North Carolina and started publishing a newsletter he named Profits Unlimited. He shares his views in this newsletter on what company’s will outperform according to his research. He lets his readers know when to buy and when to sell stocks so that they can save for their financial goals, like retirement.

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What Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Do Make the World Better

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have always wanted to make the world a better place. They worked as journalists and were always trying to make sure they were providing the right type of information for people who needed it.

In fact, the men knew it was important to try and help people so they wouldn’t have to worry about the issues that were at hand in the world around them. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had always wanted to make sure they were showing others the right opportunities they needed to have a better life and that’s what gave them the inspiration they needed when they first started their company.

The Frontera Fund provides valuable opportunities for people who are working in different situations. The industry focus has been based on what people are doing and what they can do to help. There are many minorities who do not have the help they need and that’s a problem that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey want to fix. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They like minorities and they want them to realize they are getting the best out of everything they have to offer. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have always made sure they are doing the best job they can do.

Journalism is where their hearts really are. They started out as journalists and continued to work in those roles until they were arrested for publishing information about a corrupt sheriff. The men knew the arrest was not warranted and was not even nearly legal.

They fought the charges and won because it was nothing that was legal. The men wanted to try different things and that led to them making sure they were doing their best while they were offering these new opportunities for minorities in their community.

The Frontera Fund is what they started with and that’s what has continued to get better since they first started it. The Frontera Fund has grown into something much bigger even though it was started with just a small amount.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had three million dollars to start the Frontera Fund with, but they have continued to build up their money and grow it to an even bigger level with the support they have gained as a result of the businesses they are running. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey like to always give back to the community and having the Frontera Fund is what has done it for them.

Eli Gershkovitch & Craft Beer

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Eli Gershkovitch is a renowned Canadian entrepreneur, CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies. He is also a lawyer and pilot. It is ironic that he was born during the American pop-culture (1975) on the 4th of July. It is also a rare coincidence that he found a warehouse that had an instrument for brewing beer by using steam. Mr. Gershkovitch studied law for a while before pursuing a career as a Canadian craft beer maker (ThereIsNoConsensus).


After Eli Gershkovitch graduated in 1987 from the University of Toronto’s law school, he went on tour to Europe. The taste of brewed Belgian beer motivated him to create a “tank to tap” brew. Inspired by his travels throughout Europe, and his love for the distinctive taste of beer straight from the brewery to the table, his passion for starting a beer brewing company grew. After eight years of traveling, researching and tasting, in 1995, Steamworks opened. Eli Gershkovitch opened the first brewery operated with a steam-powered brewing machine. Gastown, Canada embraced a steam-powered beer factory for the first time (


The credit for Canada’s growing influence in the international beer municipalities goes to Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch reinvented the beer making process. The lagers, ales, and pilsner beer are found exclusively in “The Great White North” (Canada). Now a full-time beer brewing entrepreneur, he launched his plan to sponsor events in and around Gastown so he could enhance public awareness.


Today, Steamworks Canadian craft beers are also available in Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, and Switzerland. Steamworks grows at a steady and sure pace. Eli Gershkovitch believes that taking excessive risks could affect Steamworks ability to fulfill consumer demands for quality beer. Because of his education and experience as an attorney and pilot, his analytical skills and use of discretion gives Eli Gershkovitch the ability to expand and remain a chief Canadian craft brewmaster.


Glen Wakeman: From GE Capital to the Start-Up Scene

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Glen Wakeman began his career by first getting the necessary education at The University of Scranton. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance for his time here. Mr. Wakeman then followed up his undergraduate studies by earning an MBA at The University of Chicago.


After he established a foundational knowledge of business through these prestigious programs, he went on to have a career of over twenty years with GE Capital ( While employed by this international company, he rose through the ranks and took on different leadership roles of increasing difficulty in areas including business development and operations management. Throughout his time here, Wakeman had the privilege of living and working internationally to improve GE Capital’s foreign efforts.


Presently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company’s mission is to help budding entrepreneurs succeed by arming them with web-based business planning tools. To succeed in his role with LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., Mr. Wakeman calls upon his wealth of experience, that includes leading businesses with seventeen thousand employees, and is responsible for fifteen billion dollars in assets.


Glen Wakeman is also an active blogger, where he gives insight into subjects such as changing businesses, international affairs, new market opportunities, and leadership techniques. Mr. Wakeman also gives strategic insight when it comes to utilizing angel investors and raising capital to start a company. He not only provides this type of information on his blog but uses his business intellect to personally mentor many high-level executives. Additionally, based on his company’s mission, there is no doubt Glen Wakeman is a strong supporter of start-ups, and he also spends time advising several of these types of companies that are on the rise.


In Glen’s own words, his expertise includes developing leaders, strategic thinking, transforming businesses, and creating overall growth.


Glen Wakeman has had a model career anyone would strive for (ChronicleWeek). He not only had a wealth of success at the top of GE Capital but was also able to build a start-up from absolutely nothing. His blog is a must-read for those looking for a career boost.


Dr. Mark Holterman And His Impact On Pediatrics

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Dr. Mark Holterman has made a name for himself as one of the world’s greatest pediatricians. He is focused on giving children all of the chances they need to succeed and he wants to see them thrive when possible. Now, he’s focused on the obesity epidemic devastating today’s youth. All over the country, you can see blatantly obvious examples of children suffering from diabetes or on the track to develop it. If something isn’t done soon we will have no way of rescuing our children. Fortunately, Holterman has the perfect plan for this situation and he understands how to execute it.


Diabetes is a permanent disease and once someone develops it there is no way to reverse it. In order to keep children from developing diabetes, we need to do much more to prevent its onset. The best way we know of is by giving children the right education to avoid the conditions that lead to diabetes. Diabetes is generally caused by the results of obesity and poor diet. The only way for kids to fight diabetes is to exercise and improve their diets. With this thinking in mind Holterman has created a training camp to do just that (


Dr. Mark Holterman has done many things over the course of his career and this won’t be the last one (Inspirery). He understands the importance and the need for a long-lasting program to defeat obesity, but he isn’t the only one involved. More pediatricians are getting active in fighting diabetes and he wants to be the one to lead this movement. Doctors are often on the front line against epidemics and they’ve served very well in the past. This new way of issues might just be their new crisis to solve. Type 2 diabetes was long considered to be a disease of older adulthood, but that is blown away by what appears to be happening in our youth today. The future is headed in the wrong direction for youth when doctors need to change the definition of a disease. This effort is part of a way of fixing things up and making them right.


Perry Mandera Is An Award-Winning Executive

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Perry Mandera founded Custom Cares Charities as a show of commitment to helping others. He dedicates the foundation to his family and church. Perry graduated high school in 1975. He joined the Marine Corps shortly after and was assigned to a truck driving motor pool. Mandera went on to receive an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and looked to make his mark in civilian life (Bloomberg). Perry Mandera began his career in transportation at the age of 23. He decided to start his own business in 1980. He eventually sold that company in 1985.


Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies Inc in 1986. The company has grown tremendously since its birth. It serves other businesses all over the world including small organizations and Fortune 500 Enterprises. It boasts annual sales of over 200 million dollars and has hundreds of employees. Custom Companies is located in Northlake Illinois. However, there are affiliate offices spread throughout the United States. Custom Companies is a full-service transportation provider, yet offers a various selection of logistic services and products.


The Illinois Transportation Association named Perry one of its top 100 Transportation Executives in the year 2000. Mandera is currently a member of the board of directors on the association.


Perry Mandera has always been a community activist who donates much of his time and resources to charitable causes throughout the years. He has focused specifically on children’s and veterans programs, as well as cancer cures. Mandera is currently a member of the Jesse White Tumblers Foundation, as well as the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. He uses his abilities to assist these organizations with logistical matters such as transporting winter coats to children in the Chicago area and other parts of the country.


Perry Mandera proudly got Custom Companies Inc involved with the relief effort after a tornado struck Washington Illinois in 2013. The company provided the necessary transportation to get supplies to the storm victims. Custom Company was able to deliver over 40 truckloads of donated and purchase supplies to Mississippi and Louisiana in the relief of hurricane Katrina.


Perry Mandera is very passionate about sports. He coaches several different teams in youth football, baseball and basketball. Mandara has also gotten very involved in boxing. He invested in the careers of Donnell Nickelson and Irish Andy Lee. Both of these athletes participated in the Olympic Games.

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Stream Energy and Useful Energy Services

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Stream Energy is a widely known company that specializes in direct selling. It also offers connected life assistance. The firm has just revealed the introduction of David Faranetta to it lineup. Faranetta is Stream Energy’s latest Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President. He’s going to be in charge of Stream’s financial reporting and preparation needs. He’s going to be responsible for all types of duties that revolve around treasury, tax and accounting matters as well.


Faranetta has done a lot of work in the energy world for a long time. He has notably strong leadership abilities. He’s known for his meticulous strategizing abilities, too. He’s the type of leader who knows exactly how to encourage other people. He has the ability to combine resources and people in order to boost economic expansion. Faranetta is a determined professional who has substantial knowledge that involves diverse and interesting subjects. Some of these fascinating subjects are regulatory matters, board concepts, M&As (mergers and acquisitions), risk management, performance management and beyond.


Larry Mondry is the Chief Executive Officer at Stream Energy. He’s also its President. He indicated that he’s elated to work with Faranetta. Mondry had great things to say about Faranetta’s accomplishments in the industry so far. He stated that he believes that Faranetta’s abilities are going to help Stream Energy thrive and move forward.


Stream Energy was created in 2005. It specializes in residential, protective, wireless and energy services of all varieties ( People can access the company’s plentiful services in all different parts of the United States. Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder are the two individuals who launched Stream Energy. It used to be known as Stream Gas & Electric Ltd.


This is a firm that genuinely understands the massive universe of direct selling. Stream Energy employs imaginative and creative direct selling methods that can suit all sorts of distinctive and necessary applications in life. People who are interested in energy services in various states can always depend on Stream Energy (YouTube). These states include Delaware, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Texas. This company has a broad and wide focus.