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Securus Technologies, Consolidating to Conquer

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Securus Technologies, a leading company in inmate telecommunications has recently announced important news. The company, which has been around for over 30 years, and is based in Texas, has acquired another company. GovPayNet was recently acquired in hopes to roll out technological advances even quicker than ever before. This company has been around for over 20 years and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was started by a sheriff, who found the need to start a company that can process bail payments made in cash. The company has grown significantly over the years, and now handles all different types of payments made to and from government agencies.


Another recent acquisition of JPay has been hinted to accelerate technological advances under the Securus Technologies name. Combining these two financial service providers could result in Securus being able to implement more services to inmates as well, such as advancing the tablet program where inmates can purchase these devices. The devices allow a limited amount of entertainment and provide educational software to take coursework. This is a great opportunity to improve skills to be job-ready once the inmates are nearing completion of their sentence(s).


In recent years, through innovation and other acquisitions, Securus Technologies has been able to bring down the cost of calling loved ones from correctional facilities. Once known to be cost prohibitive, the improvement has been praised by many. Since Securus Technologies has been along the road to advancements, their customer satisfaction rates have skyrocketed to well over 95 percent. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau and receiving an “A+” rating is icing on the cake. While there aren’t any specific plans that have been disclosed, it’s likely that Securus will continue, along with JPay and GovPayNet to introduce technology such as wireless containment systems. These devices are used to curtail contraband cellular device usage. It will be interesting to see what the acquisition means for the future of Securus Technologies, and its newly acquired companies.


Contribution of Sujit Choudhry in Constitutional Law

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Sujit Choudhry has gained recognition as one of the best professors of lawaround the world. He is a great scholar of law with degrees from Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard Universities. Sujit specializes in constitutional law. He is also an active participant of political matters. He is currently the I. Michael Heyman Law professor at the School of Law of the University of California.

Sujit Choudhry has taught law in different institutions of learning including the University of Toronto and the University of California. He also worked at Canada’s Supreme Court as a law clerk. He set a brilliant record throughout his service at the Supreme Court.

Sujit is a renowned expert in advisory matters of the constitutional building processes. He has worked closely with governments of Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Jordan, and Libya. Sujit has been in the frontline of pushing for meetings of public dialogue between stakeholders and civil society groups. He has also played a major role in engaging party leaders and principals, and training bureaucrats and civil servants

SujitChoudhry has conducted countless studies that address and relate to political matters, constitutional law, and the overall constitutional design. This has assisted him to broaden his knowledge and expertise in constitutional matters.  For a better insight into his career choices, check

Sujit is also a great author of constitutional pieces. He has been in position to write and publish working papers, various reports and book chapters, and more than ninety articles that address constitutional law.

Sujit Choudhry is a director at the Center for Constitutional Transitions that works to generate knowledge in political matters and constitutional law in order to mobilize the building of good constitutions. Additional article on

Choudhry was among the team of constitutional experts who met to discuss constitutional challenges and the semi-presidential system in the government of Ukraine. Sujit said that some of the crucial problems that seriously affect the Ukraine government include the electoral system of the legislature, unstable democracy, very weak political parties, and the concentration of the powers of the president.   Read this interesting interview of the professor, hit this.

He advised his fellow constitutional leaders to try and engage in policy-based options and discussions that would play a major role in supporting the process of constitutional reform in Ukraine.  Follow him on his social media page, click on

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Dr. Mark McKenna Took His Vision and Turned It Into a Successful Reality

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME, and a licensed surgeon. He has had a medical practice with his father, created McKenna Venture Investments, worked in real estate development, and been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As an entrepreneur, he began to think about expanding his practice. This eventually led to the development of OVME. He raised the money for his business through investment firms, and started out with a clinic in Atlanta and Nashville and a mobile app.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an early riser, and begins his days by spending time with his daughter. He achieves the positive results he seeks through visualization and goals. His ability to take an idea and manifest it into reality is partially responsible for his success. He admits he is incredibly fond of old books, and is an avid reader. He sees a book as the vessel holding new knowledge, and believe productivity grows out of learning. Dr. Mark McKenna enjoys a wide variety of books, and enjoys expanding his ideas.

Dr. Mark McKenna has said if he were capable of going back in time, he would look for his passion in life much sooner. He was more worried about completing school and graduating at the time. Despite growing up surrounded by the field of medicine, he eventually moved to real estate because he was intrigued. When he realized how quickly real estate was changing, he returned to medicine. Both fields have captured his interest and passion. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME with the intention of building the company’s brand around medical aesthetics. He noted despite the wide recognition associated with Botox, the product was not offered by the market. He wanted to provide clients with luxury, and cosmetic procedures in a more relaxed setting. The pronunciation of OVME is of me, and it was meant to be a reflection of the improvement of the patients. Dr. Mark McKenna built his business by surrounding himself with highly intelligent people. He felt this would help him grow by providing him with an exceptional challenge. He believes he is able to make better decisions under these circumstances.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Pushing Against Arpaio

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A recent article by Tom Finkel on entitled “Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on the Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio, America’s Worst Sheriff” discusses the difficult history that exists between the Phoenix New Times creators, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and the former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Since his election in 1992, Arpaio had earned quite a notorious reputation as a biased Sheriff who frequently misused his position of authority. In fact, one of the key square off moments between Arpaio, Larkin, and Lacey were when Arpaio arrested the media journalists for exposing information related to a grand jury inquiry into their practices.

As a result, the Maricopa police department arrested Lacey and Larkin in the dead of night inside of their residences. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

What the media journalist didn’t know was that it had all been a set up from Arpaio’s office, but what Arpaio didn’t know is that his arrest of the two men would constitute a horrendous civil rights violation that would cost the Maricopa police department 3.75 million dollars to settle.

In addition to losing this court battle, Arpaio has also been the subject of other lawsuits. One of the other more famous lawsuits is the Melendres suit. This spawned from Arpaio and his police force repeatedly using racial profiling to target immigrants located in Arizona.

They were even found to be in contempt of court for continuing to engage in this type of behavior well after they had been ordered to stop and came under the supervision of a court monitor. While President Trump issued a pardon for the former sheriff, Arpaio was not able to keep his position is Maricopa County after his egregious violations. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Larkin’s general feelings on Arpaio are that. he was a terrible sheriff, but he knew what he needed to do politically to ensure that he would not suffer too badly from his own actions. Larkin and Lacey have now dedicated the money that they received from their settlement to advancing the interests of the migrant population of Arizona through their Frontera fund.

While they were able to benefit from the situation that Arpaio put them through they knew it was not always the case for some of his other victims. They wanted to use the money they received to fight back.

Larkin and Lacey have always spoken for the people. In 1970, after dropping out of college, Larkin and Lacey produced their first issue of the Phoenix New Times. This newspaper was going to be a response to the ultra-conservative papers that the people of Arizona had become accustomed to. Larkin and Lacey wanted to make sure that all facts were equally represented, and they looked at this as an opportunity to enlighten the public.

Because their paper met such a growing need, they saw quick success and expanded their operation to purchase 17 like-minded papers throughout the United States. Some very well-known papers under their leadership are the LA Weekly, Miami New Times, and the Village Voice. Larkin and Lacey set out to inspire change, and they continue to do that with their work.

Nihiwatu is as beautiful as it looks in pictures

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In 2012 Chris Burch and his friend and hotelier James McBride bought a hostel from a New jersey couple on the Sumba. It is a remote Indonesian island that has one of the most beautiful backdrops right surrounded by clear blue ocean. The two friends invested about $30 million to renovated the hostel into a five-star resort that just screams luxury and relaxation. Travel + Leisure Magazine called Nihiwatu the best hotel in the world. Considering how many hotels are in the world, that’s pretty impressive. Burch has a private residence at the resort called Raja Mendaka. It can also be rented out when available. It also has four villas, all equipped with plunge pools. There is a total of 27 villas to rent, with breathtaking views of the beach and lush scenery. There are a number of services available to guests including a beach spa, which can also be provided in your room if requested. Each room goes for $750 a night and if you want to rent Raja Mendaka, Chris Burch’s estate it is $14,000 a night. These prices are during the busy season. The rooms include art and sculptures from the local Sumbanese people. Burch and McBride wanted to give back to the community making Nihiwatu the largest local employer on Sumba. On top of that, a portion Nihiwatu’s profits are given to the Sumba Foundation. More to read on

30 years in the business industry and Chris Burch has no intention of slowing down. In his more current business he founded Burch Creative Capital and works as CEO. He has invested in big fashion brands as Tory Burch, C. and Wonder. Mr. Burch has also contributed to other brands such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe.   Refer to for a related article.

Read an entrepreneur’s view on matters around his area of focus, hit on this.

With nearly 40 years in the business under his belt Chris has helped over 50 companies reach success. He has even worked with fan favorite TV personality Ellen DeGeneres with her brand ED. At Burch Creative Capital they find creative solutions to help businesses grow. It was launched in 2007.  Additional article on

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OSI Industries: Passion, Determination & Prestige

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Every company or business has to posses determination, especially when times get tough. Every company or business should already have passion for the industry that it works in. When you combine the two attributes, the sky is surely the limit. Prestige comes with time, but you’ll need to provide products services for an extended period of time. There is one company that displays all of the above characteristics, and it has been going strong for over a century. This company just happens to be a huge name in the foodservice industry, and it offers unsurpassed capabilities. OSI Industries is the name of the company, and it is the topic of discussion.

OSI Industries name says it all. It’s regulated as a company, but it has the extensive reach of a corporation. In other words, its name perfectly personifies itself to the highest degree. When it comes to food products, few companies can outperform this company. OSI Industries is the king of custom-food solutions because it can create a masterpiece out of thin air. Some of the most technological-advanced facilities fall under its jurisdiction. OSI Industries produces foods that people actually love to use and eat. This includes panini, flatbread, fresh dough, onions, cucumbers, pizza, Tofu, meatballs, turkey products, chicken wings, beef patties, soups, chili, beans, fruits, pre-cooked bacon strips, bacon bits, beefsteak, chicken nuggets and numerous others. The company can meet its clients’ demands by providing precise specifications. Its motto, “make it custom,” is being personified on a daily basis and that speaks volumes.

Its customer-base receives some of the best-in-class solutions or concept-to-table solutions on a consistent basis. What countries actually receives the goods? India, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Canada, Brazil, the Philippines, Hungary, Austria, Australia, Ukraine, Taiwan and others. OSI Industries is always growing, and it’s always making the news. Nichole Johnson-Hoffman was named as the company’s Elected-President of Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. On November 28, 2017, the company anointed Sharon Birkett for its European Food Safety Leadership position. As you can see, this company is on the up-and-up even though it’s already at the top of its game.

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The Benefits of Waiakea Water

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Waiakea is one of the healthiest forms of water because the cleanliness of the water and the electrolytes that are in the water. A lot of thought has been put into finding the type of water that is free of all of the content that could make it acidic. One thing that can be said about Waiakea among all of the water companies that are available, this company is one of the higher quality waters that are available in the market. While oher bottled waters would turn out to be acidic, Waiakea has the right level of alkalinity that is going to bring health to the consumer.

Waiakea has been founded with the intention of finding water that is already clear and healthy. While other companies seek to bring the water to a level of alkalinity and artificially add the electrolytes. Waiakea gets the water from Hawaii. The methods of getting the water is one of the most sustainable methods. Another good thing about this method is that it ensures that people and the environment are given a lot of thought.

Waiakea was founded by Ryan Emmons. He has spent a lot of time in Hawaii and has found a lot of inspiration from the area. Therefore, he has thought about ways to bring this inspiration over from the islands. One way he has found is by bringing over some of the healthiest water from there. When people are looking for the type of water that is going to be clean and great tasting, Waiakea is the type of water to look at. As a matter of fact, it is the taste of the water that is going to clue people in as to high the quality of the water is.

How Louis Chenevert Assisted UTC in Becoming a Market Leader

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United Technologies Corporation has been quite lucky since they had Louis Chenevert as their CEO at some point in time. The company and its employees cannot forget the contribution that Louis Chenevert made to the company. Even after his retirement, he is known for the immensely important role that he played when he was part of it. He has left an extraordinary legacy that would be difficult for the future CEOs of the company to fulfill and to maintain that standard.

The main reason behind the success of UTC is the vision of Louis Chenevert. He was not afraid to take calculated risks and invest for the future of the company that will benefit it for many decades to come. He was successful in achieving not just short-term goals but the long-term ones as well. He believed in investing in technology and people too since it has a direct relationship to the success of any company. When he became the CEO of the company, he knew from the day one that the company needs excellent employees, and it was their duty to take care of them. The company already had an Employee Scholar Program that allowed its employees to pursue their studies while working for the company. More than 39,000 people benefited from this program.

Among the many achievements of Louis Chenevert at UTC, the biggest for him was the Goodrich Corporation acquisition. It was Louis Chenevert who spent an entire year negotiating and discussing the deals. If he were not that consistent, the deal that changed the face of UTC would never have happened. After the deal was finalized in 2011, UTC changed it to UTC aerospace systems and allowed the company to create a large market for itself around the world. When Louis Chenevert chose to retire from UTC in 2014, not everyone was happy with the decision but took it sportingly. But, he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing philanthropy work and devote more time to his family. He is also pursuing his dream of designing and engineering large yachts during his free time as it has always been his passion.

Distributors and Customers Win with Jeunesse Global

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There are not many companies out there that produce products that are excellent for their customers while also providing unique opportunities for growth among those who sell the merchandise. The exception to that rule is definitely Jeunesse Global. They make products that are desired the whole world over, but they also help to enhance the lives of their network of distributors. In this way, the company as found its niche to help both customers and distributors.

Jeunesse Global products are sold in more than one-hundred and twenty countries at this point. This is impressive for a company that has only existed since late 2009. Their incredible growth can be directly attributed to their excellent product selection as well as to their distributor network that works so tirelessly. Those distributors are the backbone of the business, and they definitely go the extra mile to help make sure you can have the products that you want in your hands right away.

You have to check out the Y.E.S. system that Jeunesse Global has developed. It is a system whereby you use their various products to enhance different parts of your life. After all, we all have different things that we would like to work on. For some of us, it is all about how we look and feel on the outside. For others, it is just about getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever the case may be, you are bound to find a product from Jeunesse Global that can help take care of it.

Look at their product Nevo as an example. This is something that a person takes when they need an energy boost throughout the day. It is an energy drink like so many others on the market, but it is better than those because it cuts down on the things that you do not really want to put into your body. It has far fewer calories and also does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. You know when you drink Nevo that you are getting a caffeine kick that is not as bad for the body, and that is the Jeunesse Global difference.

Paul Mampilly Shares A Cautionary Tale About Bubble And Bitcoin

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Many people agree that Bitcoin is in a historic bubble. One financial expert and investor, Paul Mampilly, says that he’s seen a number of bubbles during his time, unfortunately taking part in a few of them, but nothing approaches what has been happening with Bitcoin and, to some degree, the other cryptocurrencies. Paul Mampilly was a Wall Street hedge fund manager for many years and his professional opinion is that it’s just a matter of when the bubble will burst and the values will come crashing to earth, not a matter of if.

As an example, Paul Mampilly points to the crash that occurred in 2000 and 2001. Prior to that, in 1999, pretty much every investor saw tech stocks as going absolutely nowhere but up, forever. He had a good friend named Tess who was investing everything in tech stocks. She was really excited because some of them were up by 1000% or more. Even companies that had been established long ago, like Qualcomm Inc, had their stock going nuts. Tech companies that were losing money, not making it, were also shooting up in value.

Around this time Paul Mampilly could see that everyone had lost their minds. He pulled everything he had out. He also advised his friends, such as Tess, that the tech bubble couldn’t possibly last. They scoffed at him and kept putting more and more money into the market. Eventually, as was really inevitable, the crash occurred wiped out the value of entire companies. Some people, like Tess, lost everything she had.

This serves as a cautionary tale that when everyone starts racing to invest in one thing, like Bitcoin, mania takes over. Eventually, the market for them runs out of buyers and when that happens the value drops fast and it drops hard. Whoever is the last one holding the bag will end up paying the price and no one knows who that is until after it happens.

Paul Mampilly took an early retirement from Wall Street because the lifestyle is too extreme and the only people getting wealthy or those who already are. Tired of this, he moved to North Carolina and started publishing a newsletter he named Profits Unlimited. He shares his views in this newsletter on what company’s will outperform according to his research. He lets his readers know when to buy and when to sell stocks so that they can save for their financial goals, like retirement.

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