Dr. Mark McKenna Took His Vision and Turned It Into a Successful Reality

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME, and a licensed surgeon. He has had a medical practice with his father, created McKenna Venture Investments, worked in real estate development, and been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As an entrepreneur, he began to think about expanding his practice. This eventually led to the development of OVME. He raised the money for his business through investment firms, and started out with a clinic in Atlanta and Nashville and a mobile app.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an early riser, and begins his days by spending time with his daughter. He achieves the positive results he seeks through visualization and goals. His ability to take an idea and manifest it into reality is partially responsible for his success. He admits he is incredibly fond of old books, and is an avid reader. He sees a book as the vessel holding new knowledge, and believe productivity grows out of learning. Dr. Mark McKenna enjoys a wide variety of books, and enjoys expanding his ideas.

Dr. Mark McKenna has said if he were capable of going back in time, he would look for his passion in life much sooner. He was more worried about completing school and graduating at the time. Despite growing up surrounded by the field of medicine, he eventually moved to real estate because he was intrigued. When he realized how quickly real estate was changing, he returned to medicine. Both fields have captured his interest and passion. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME with the intention of building the company’s brand around medical aesthetics. He noted despite the wide recognition associated with Botox, the product was not offered by the market. He wanted to provide clients with luxury, and cosmetic procedures in a more relaxed setting. The pronunciation of OVME is of me, and it was meant to be a reflection of the improvement of the patients. Dr. Mark McKenna built his business by surrounding himself with highly intelligent people. He felt this would help him grow by providing him with an exceptional challenge. He believes he is able to make better decisions under these circumstances.

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