The American Institute of Architects Takes on a New Lead

     Robert Ivy is set to lead 206 employees within a budget of $56 million after joining the Washington, DC office, which is also the headquarters of American Institute of Architects (AIA). Most of the AIA members are anticipating to see Robert build on the institute’s standards regarding design value as well as the perception that should be given to the public. Among other things, he is expected to work closely with more than 280 chapters located at different parts of the U.S. and internationally.

In addition, Robert would be focused on identifying new opportunities to raise support for the members and the AIA as an organization. As for his role as the advocate of the institute, Robert has been doing this before, and so, it is expected that he would tackle different issues affecting the profession, whether they are social-, political- or environmental-based.

Speaking after the appointment of Robert Ivy, George Miller who also acted in the capacity of AIA’s president in 2010 expressed his sentiments and said that he knew Robert to be hardworking. George also noted that he was looking forward to combining his industry experience and transformational leadership style with that of the new executive vice president, Robert Ivy. George also mentioned that Robert has been on the forefront of many companies and his loyalty to the AIA has never been shaken. As such, George was of the opinion that Robert would be exhibiting the same diligence and steadiness during his tenure at AIA.

In 2011, Clark Manus was the president of AIA. He also commented regarding the appointment of Robert ivy and said that despite the architectural industry going through a tough economic time that has led to economic rebounds and stress, he sees the future as bright with the appointment of Robert. He also praised Robert for his leadership skills and mentioned him as one of the best global leaders in the architectural enterprise. Clark was excited to help Robert especially when Robert would be required to focus his efforts and AIA resources to initiate growth and identify potential growth opportunities in emerging markets.

After being named the new CEO and executive vice president of AIA, Robert was thrilled to state that he was glad the institute had found him fit to fill that position. In his remarks, he mentioned that ensuring the highest standards of architecture and design would be one of his priorities when he takes up the office. His idea of a working AIA would be one that sends a message to all architectural communities and clients that excellent architectural designs do matter.

To advance his agenda in the institute, Robert hoped to join hands with other components in the organization, including the staff and the board. Robert Ivy has shown excellent prowess and commitment towards making the AIA succeed in its agenda, both to its profession and professionals.

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