End Citizens United Embraces Conor Lamb for Congress

     Conor Lamb is one of the young faces surging up the ladder of the Democratic party. Lamb is a 33-year-old progressive who is running against Rick Saccone for the Pennsylvania Special Election that will be held on March 13th. Lamb is definitely an underdog but a recent breaking endorsement from End Citizens United will likely have him surging up the polls in terms of probably victory. Lamb will be running for the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania which is one of the reddest districts in the state. However, there is a Blue Wave sweeping through the United States right now which gives Lamb a bigger chance than ever before — just ask Roy Moore in Alabama how it feels to lose a red seat to a blue challenger.

The endorsement of End Citizens United means a great deal to not only Conor Lamb but the rest of the progressive movement. End Citizens United has made a name for themselves over the past two years as one of the foremost progressive political action committees. Since Trump’s election campaign, End Citizens United has been pivotal in generating grassroots momentum for progressive politicians all around the country. End Citizens United was created essentially to launch campaign finance reform to the top levels of the United States government, and they’ve made substantial progress in their short lifespan.

End Citizens United was created specifically to undo the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative and right-wing propaganda group. Citizens United helped to open the door to millionaire and billionaire lobbyists and their 2010 argument, which passed the SCOTUS on a controversial decision, can link straight to the election of Donald Trump. Now, End Citizens United is endorsing Lamb because they see the potential for change in a fundamentally red state. Lamb’s partnership with End Citizens United should also serve to help and get out the vote in a big way.

End Citizens United and Conor Lamb won’t be unopposed in their run, however, as twitter-activist-turned-President Donald Trump has already endorsed Rick Saccone for Congress. Despite Trump’s hefty endorsement, it may not be enough. Trump most recently endorsed Luther Strange and Roy Moore in Alabama and both candidates fell out favor relatively quickly. Now, if Lamb and End Citizens United can overcome the right-wing fundraising machine they might have a chance to really craft some momentum for what will surely be an important 2018.

For more, read http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality too.

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