Chris Burch Has Collected Some Great Gift Ideas Over The Years

Chris Burch has a great diversity of companies he invests in through his portfolio at Burch Creative Capital, a firm that lives up to its name by looking for business startups that venture into the creative side of home and lifestyle brands, organic foods and technology. Through working with these companies and from visiting many gift shops throughout his travels, Chris Burch has come up with ideas for gifts that are loved by both men and women. Some items he’s mentioned that anyone can purchase include a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, a Zero-Gravity massage chair, Snowe Home candle sets and chocolates from stores like Fatty Sundays. Burch came a long way to get to where he is today in business.

Chris Burch actually founded his first company before he finished college and got most of the initial funding for it from his own sales. This company was a sweater sales business that he made profits on by buying sweaters at a factory for $10 and reselling them for $15, and it only took a few years before the demand was growing so high for his sweaters that Burch purchased his own factory and started opening stores. The company became a retail chain known as Eagle Eye Apparel which at its height was drawing in hundreds of millions in sales, and Burch later made $67 million when he sold it to The Swire Group (  Following his exit of Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started investing in other companies, some of which were internet startups in the Internet Capital Group’s portfolio and others were funded by Guggenheim Partners. He also owned and managed part of Tory Burch fashion until selling his shares in that company and then launching Burch Creative Capital.

Companies that have come through Burch Creative Capital include Powermat, C. Wonder, Next Jump, Actua, Voss Water, Poppin and Ellen DeGeneres’s ED brand.  Check  Burch began buying major residential and hotel properties around the mid-2000s such as a $14 million home in Southampton that was resold at $25 million, and being one of the key investors in the Faena Hotel + Universe. Burch eventually had the world’s top vacation resort built in 2013 when he and fellow investor James McBride bought Sumba Island property for $30 million and had it transformed into one of the most beautiful hotel villa areas (   Burch also has sat on the boards of the Rothman Institute of Orthopedics and the Tilton private school.

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