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President Donald Trump recently pardoned Joe Arpaio for involvement in a criminal case of racism against Latin American people. This move has been vehemently opposed by the public and media alike. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been voicing their dissent against Joe Arpaio for many years, and this shameful pardon is no exception.

Joe Arpaio has a notorious reputation for brutality, discrimination, and torture. Jail inmates were subjected to inhuman living conditions, and several deaths and injuries were reported at the time Arpaio served as jailor. His hostility towards minority communities, especially the Hispanic community, was common knowledge. Jao Arpaio took pride in his extreme and unconstitutional opinions and branded himself the toughest sheriff of the United States in a self-congratulatory context. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Joe Arpaio was involved in a series of corrupt transactions as well related to real estate and money laundering. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had long been exposing these unscrupulous dealings through articles in the New Times.

Joe Arpaio’s launched his vendetta against these reporters by ordering their arrest for alleged breach of confidential grand jury details. Larkin and Lacey were arrested at night and spent a day in jail. Under pressure from the public and media, the two men were later released and freed of charges.

Jim and Michael proceeded to pin legal charges against Dennis Wilenchik, the attorney who ordered their arrest. They were successful in winning the case and were conferred the sum of 3.75 million in damages. Larkin and Lacey have also contributed to the cause of human rights and donated this money to the creation of the Frontera Fund.

This society works towards Hispanic rights and justice for minority groups. The Frontera Fund also lens assistance to other institutions working for a free and fair world. These include the Arizona Justice Project, Aliento, Justice for Immigrants and Families Project and many others.

Michael Lacey began his career as a news journalist through the creation of the New Times, published in the year 1970. His early education in journalism came by reading newspapers in childhood and campus reporting of demonstrations against the Vietnam war in college. Jim Larkin joined Lacey’s team in 1970.

Jim Larkin’s vision and passion for honest reporting matched Michael Lacey’s, and soon the news publication achieved new heights in the coming years. In the defeatist atmosphere in which several Phoenix newspapers ceased publication, the Phoenix-based New Times led by Larkin and Lacey survived by its commitment to print accurate news.

Once such incident revolved around the killing of Don Bolles, a reporter. Phoenix newspapers were unwilling to give broad coverage to this alleged murder. The New Times reported this news for many weeks and established itself as an independent newspaper with fearless journalism.

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