Bruno Fagali: Two Radically Different Tobacco Problems In Brazil And The United States

     As Bruno Fagali continues to take on corruption wherever he might find it, he encounters new situations what are companies continue to abuse our trust. One of these areas is in a certain product that many of us are all well aware of: cigarettes.

Indeed, the marketing of cigarettes is a problem all over the world and especially in the United States and Brazil. In the United States, it has always been the broad abuses regarding the advertising of cigarettes, but in Brazil the biggest problem with cigarettes is the fact they have some horrible additives mixed in.

Bruno Fagali realizes that either way this is not a good situation, and so he has devoted a recent entry on his blog to the topic, entitled “The Cigarette In The Dock: In Brazil, The Additives; In The United States, Advertisings.” In this post, he first of all addressed the problem as he saw it in Brazil, by noting how they have just recently become aware of the additive problem.

He said the STF recently passed laws to prevent the manufacturer, storage, or importation of anything that would cause “an imminent health risk”, and this would include cigarettes with additives added. Of course, attorneys such as Bruno Fagali realize this will probably lead to some smuggling issues within the country.

The other issue Bruno Fagali notes would be the United States, which has focused on a number of different anti-smoking campaigns since 2011. Bruno Fagali notes that many of these ads focus on the immense health risks that come with smoking. The dominant theme and all of these ads was the stark fact that smoking kills 1200 Americans per day. Bruno Fagali was also adamant to note that this is more then murder, suicide, and even car accidents. He also noted the adverse effects of newborn babies who have mothers who smoke.

Keeping companies honest: it is the life passion of Bruno Fagali and it will continue to be as long as he has a breath in him.

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