Whitney Wolfe’s Business is Successful and Match Doesn’t Like That

     Whitney Wolfe started out working for a dating app company. She learned a lot there but she also made a lot of strides for the company. She helped them come up with new ideas that would help bring them into new opportunities. For Whitney Wolfe, the point of helping them was so she could make things easier on everyone who worked in the industry. It was her way of giving back and something she felt good about no matter how hard she had to work to get to that point. Whitney Wolfe liked giving people the options they needed and liked making sure people could see they were getting more from their own app experience.

Since Whitney Wolfe knew things would change and she’d be capable of trying everything the right way, she felt confident in the skills she had. She also learned what she could do to make a difference. Since there were times where she felt good about the business and good about the opportunities people had with the business, Whitney Wolfe knew what would happen. She knew all the time she had would go back to growing a business that she had no claim in. That’s not what she wanted.

Instead, Whitney Wolfe wanted to use her talent to make a difference. She knew there were things she could do that would help her make a difference and all those things were part of how she grew her own company. When Bumble went from a dream Whitney Wolfe had for the future to something she could actually execute, she knew there were options people would get. All the people she worked with saw the most positive opportunities. They also saw there were ways that would make them better because of how hard she worked on Bumble.

Even though Bumble kept growing and people kept seeing the options they had, Whitney Wolfe knew what would happen. She knew the business was getting better. Match didn’t like that, though. They wanted her to fail. They claimed she took their ideas and was using them as her own. They were jealous of the success so they tried to make things harder on Whitney Wolfe. Match didn’t like that she was successful and was now a competitor. For that reason, they’re trying to make things harder for her. Whitney Wolfe sees the company as a bully because they try to do things that will harm her.

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