Samuel Strauch

     Samuel Strauch is the founder, principal and owner of Metrik Real Estate located in South Beach, Florida. Although Strauch is interested in making sales and promoting his business, his main focus is on creating a positive work environment for his employees. He offers his staff a sense of complete independence in the workplace. Each employee is regarded as a valuable team member. He encourages his staff members to make decisions even if they occasionally make mistakes.

Samuel Strauch completed his undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University in New York. He also completed studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University.

When he is not running Metrik Real Estate or checking up on his investments, Samuel Strauch pursues his passion for photography and art. He recently traveled to Tibet where he photographed Buddhist monks and shrines. His work from Tibet as well as from other locations he has traveled.

Here are a few quotes from Samuel Strauch interviews.

“At Metrik Real Estate, we depend on referrals. This is the true root of our success. Our reputation is exceptional, so potential clients can trust us. They know how well we adapt to market changes and achieve positive results.” according to Interview.Net

“The focus today and where we are paying close attention is that we are seeing very rapid changes in the way that people live, work and in the way that people travel.” according to an interview in CEOCFO Magazine.

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