Susan McGalla: An Iron Woman in Leadership

Susan McGalla is an icon woman in the world with her resilience being notable in leadership and career progression. She has risen in titles over the years, and now Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan McGalla is an expert in consulting services to her clients on issues relating to marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, and talent management among others. Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for women in leadership and business and in that cause she has spoken in various forums to women. She carries valuable information and advice that she finds it necessary to air to the audiences. Some of her audience include Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh and the famous one called Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for chief executive officers.

Susan McGalla is candid to share her personal story and the encounters she has faced all along. She begins by saying that many women are thirsty of finding a real perspective where there is a practical application of their skills and knowledge. Especially for women who want to stand out as professionals and not just as any other type of woman. Susan is keen to admit that so much evolution has happened and changes are moving swiftly. Back to her story, Susan McGalla shares how she grew up with her two brothers and a father who was a football coach. The perfect thing is that she was not discriminated because she was a girl. Her parent was real enough to encourage her in pursuing what she wanted and make her ideas practical irrespective of the people. So this iron woman grew up knowing that her gender was not an issue neither could other people’s gender be considered as a hindrance or as helpful. That is how she became equals with either men or women and could do anything as long as her mindsets upon the same. Susan McGalla went to Mount Union College for a BA and later began her career at Joseph Horne Company.

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