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Richard Dewayne Blair’s Three Pillars

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The people that one grows up around has a lot to do with the decisions that they make in their life. Richard Dewayne Blair is an example of how one leads their life after being inspired by the people you watch in your childhood. Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas. He has many certifications that allow Wealth Solutions to specialize in retirement planning and wealth management. He has helped people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas since 1994. Growing up Richard Dewayne Blair was inspired by the love he saw his mother and grandmother put into teaching. The desire that they have for education was so intense that Blair decided that whatever he did he wanted to teach.

Blair was determined to put the love his mother and grandmother had for teaching into whatever he decided to do in his life. He has placed his passion for teaching in finance. He has a three pillar plan that allows him to get to know his clients and the situation that they are currently in. The first pillar will enable him to take someone on one time with his client to see where they are in their finances. Once he knows where they are he takes a look to see exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are in their finances and how they can do better. The second pillar allows for Richard Dewayne Blair to put a plan in place to ensure that his client is able to reach their goal. He has already seen what they struggle with, so he is now able to determine what will help to thrive in the area that they were fighting in. He knows what they are secure in so he finds ways to make them stronger. In the third pillar, Blair watches his clients account to make sure that they are doing well in their finances. If he sees that there is a problem he does what is necessary to make sure that his client is able to stay on the right track to ensure success in their finances.


The Chainsmokers Own Alex Pall Has Shed Some Light On The Band

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There aren’t many out there who are unaware of the Chainsmokers, consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Though the two weren’t always producing music together, it might as well have been that way since they had no trouble creating smash hits right away. Since they first became mainstream, the duo has produced many hits that have dominated the music billboards, including “Closer”, “Paris”, and “Roses”.

After “Closer” smashed the music charts, Alex and Andrew started their tour to promote their music and their band, doing several interviews along the way.

One of the unique parts of the Chainsmokers band is that they are major collaborators and have had big names from all over the music industry feature in their songs, including Halsey in “Closer”. Featuring guest vocalist brings extra attention for both parties and allows them to create a musical style that few others in the world can. Like many of their collaborations, Alex and Andrew love to work with other artists, specifically saying how joyful it was to work with Halsey on “Closer”.

Lately, the Chainsmokers have been changing things up with their music for the better. Starting in 2015, the Chainsmokers were at the top of the dance and op genre. Today, many fans are surprised at how different there music has become, including Andrew Taggart being a lead singer for the duo. In the beginning, neither Alex or Andrew actually did the vocals for their music.

Since their first couple of hits, the Chainsmokers have gained international fame and their music appeals to most generations, though for the most part it, young adults and teenagers take to their music, especially the dance and hip-hop style. Thanks to the presence of social media and the vast expanse of the internet, it is easy for Alex and Andrew to see who their fans are and how they try to interact with them.

The Achievements of Malcolm Casselle in the Video Game Industry.

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Malcolm Casselle has previously served as the President and CTO of tronc which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm Casselle has brought about many innovations which have seen rapid growth and development of properties including digital assets. Before he was SVP and GM of Digital Media which was at SeaChange International which came and acquired his company which was called Timeline Labs and he was the CEO at the time.

This is considered as a leading solution where companies would discover and have a measure of their engaging content which is mostly based on Social signalling. Malcolm Casselle has previously Kickstarted startups mainly within the digital industry such as MediaPass which is a leading digital subscription which provides solutions to media companies especially those that are major. Some of the companies include Xfire which is a social network of gamers of 22M and also another company called Groupon which has a joint Venture with A Chinese Company called Tencent.

Malcolm Casselle has also been actively involved in massive investments in companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Previously during the start of his career, Malcolm Casselle was a co-founder at PCCW which was a publicly traded Telkom company, and it is based in Hong Kong. The company’s current value is at $35 billion. During the time of his career, Malcolm Casselle managed to raise billions of cash for the public offering of PCCW and another considerable amount for other private transactions. Malcolm Casselle has studied at MIT and Stanford University where he got a degree in Computer Science, and he is also able to speak two languages which include Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm Casselle also worked as a director at Capital investments where he managed the docket of private direct investments. In 2012 he became the CEO of Xfire which is a global network for video games. He has also been serving as the CEO of MediaPass, and he then founded Timeline Labs which is a software company where he has been the CEO. Malcolm has been able to achieve a lot in his career as an investor in gaming.


Fashion & The Academy of Art University

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The Academy of Art University is still going strong, especially after being around for more than 80 years. This school has developed some of the brightest minds in the entertainment industry as well as in fashion industry. There are nearly 13,000 students who work, study and play within these hallowed halls. The school’s teacher-base consists of over 1,154 part-time teachers and up to 283 full-time teachers. Academy of Art University’s main goal is to prepare its students for a successful career in communications, in liberal arts and in entertainment. As of today, it has churned-out a plethora of talent. Some of this talent has been involved with the making of huge Hollywood hits such as “Sully,” “Avatar,” “Big Hero 6,” “Boss Baby,” and “Dunkirk.”

Adriana Georgiades, a fashion student with the Academy of Arts University, has just won a scholarship for $1,500 by participating in the one of the school’s writing contests. In addition to the $1,500, she has earned an internship with TRC Marketing. The Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest excepted thousands of entries during the spring semester, but Georgiades was the one who stood at the pinnacle in the end. The 23-year-old was more than excited to win the contest because she has a strong passion for what she does. This contest was all about the future of fashion during the social-media age.

Fashion is everywhere in society now days. “We need to find a way to maintain the tenants of fairness and objectivity that’s found in journalism,” said Georgiades. This young woman is actually from Johannesburg, South Africa, but she relocated to the US to further her fashion education. She attended South Africa’s Rhodes University. Sports blogging was her main job at this fine school, and it matched her love for being a die-hard Liverpool fan. Georgiades noticed that there wasn’t much talk about fashion while attending Rhodes University and this is why she moved to beautiful San Francisco to pursue a career in fashion.

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929, and it was founded by a painter named Richard S. Stephens. Thanks to its passion for the arts, this school has made a huge imprint on society.


The Contributions of Vinod Gupta in Women’s Education

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Vinod Gupta is a multi millionaire who started from nothing. He came from a very humble beginning and achieved a lot of things through hard work and determination. Vinod Gupta lived in a very small village in India and studied in a local school in New Delhi. He joined the University of Nebraska in US where he got his masters degree in Agricultural Engineering.

After completing his studies, he started working with commodore Corporation. He was given the post of a research analyst in the marketing department. He brought new discoveries in the marketing department when he discovered a gap in mobile home dealers. Gupta started his own company in 1972.Initially, the company was known as American Business Information. After two decades the company was renamed InfoUSA. It is at this time, when Vinod stepped down from being the Chief Executive of the Company. In 2010, the company had dominated in the database industry. The name of the company changed to Info Group.

After leaving InfoUSA, Gupta become managing general to a single office company known as Everest Group. This company specializes in consulting services for companies struggling in the database industry. Gupta have been helping companies that are facing challenges to grow and build up. He has also dedicated the proceeds from his businesses to supporting the lives of many other people. Vinod offers opportunities to people who want to acquire education but they do not have the recourses. He built many schools in India where women and other marginalized groups get to benefit. He has other charity foundations that offer funds to disadvantaged students. He finds passion in helping others.

In 2000 Gupta donated $1 million to help in the establishment of a women’s polytechnic in India. Since then, a lot of women have received post graduate education within two years. This has helped a lot of women to be independent. In his home village he has set aside funds for building girls schools within that area. He has provided necessary resources from vehicles to textbooks for the establishments of the schools. Giving back to the society was a lesson he learned from his father.

The Career of Jeff Herman and his Contribution to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse Offenders

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Jeff Herman’s first option in career was not to become a representative of people who have been abused sexually. Initially, he studied commercial law and he was very good at what he did. However, one day while he was going through his normal duties in the field, he was asked to visit a client that needed help with a case. Therefore, during the visit, Jeff Herman realized that there was a woman whose son had just been molested. Of course, the lady in question was frantic and agitated. Perhaps she even seemed depressed. When asked what was going on, she poured out her heart. That is how Jeff Herman thought of transitioning his career path. Until now, he works with a team of investigators and high profile attorneys and psychologists to establish the different cases of child sexual abuse and perhaps put the offenders behind bars. Here is more about him and his qualifications alongside major contributions he has made in the battle against child sexual abuse.

The Interview

Herman was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch. In the interview, the following facts were established. Born in 1959, he is a qualified trial attorney and a passionate lawyer in presenting sexual abuse victims. Perhaps one of Herman’s major cases includes the Denver and Miami cases that included the clergy. Over the years, he has learned to help parents in dealing with their fears by providing some helpful tips that must be highlighted;

Talk Openly About Sex

While kids are innocent and they know nothing about sex until they are taught, parents should consider talking to their children at a tender age. This talk should also be open and rather straight to highlighting how cruel children molesters can be. While at it, consider using the appropriate language.

Use Actual Life Examples

To children, everyone poses as a friend. However, the reality is that people can be sexually abusive even though they might pose as friends. Even teachers can be cruel to the extent of abusing students. Let the children know this.

The Outline

Mr. Herman attended the University of Case Western Reserve. In 1985, he attained his Doctorate then started practicing at the International Law Journal followed by the Arizona University.

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Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reliable And Experienced Lawyer

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Need a business or corporate lawyer? Want expert assistance with your legal issues? If you are planning to find a lawyer or law firm in Brazil, consider Bruno Fagali – a highly competent lawyer. Bruno has an established history of rendering excellent service to businesses, organizations and individual clients.

Starting a business or an organization is stressful, and there are several important steps that need to be taken. In the beginning stages of operating your own business or managing your company, you’re laying the foundations of a venture you hope will grow and become highly profitable. You want to establish a highly successful enterprise and secure your financial future. Taking the wrong steps at this key stage could have devastating consequences for years down the road.

Lawyers have the knowledge to assess the various aspects of your business and make sure that you comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

Hiring a reliable or experienced attorney like Bruno Fagali is crucial for any company or entrepreneur who is dealing with a legal problem in Brazil. Numerous professionals, organizations and entrepreneurs who are facing a lawsuit or other legal situation, turn to Bruno for proper guidance.

A good lawyer knows what steps to take in order to protect the rights of his clients, and help resolve the matter effectively. That’s where an experienced and reputable lawyer comes in – to advise and represent his clients. In fact, you need to ensure that your potential lawyer has vast experience in the type of case you’re dealing with.

Bruno is a clear choice for any entrepreneur or organization that wants to obtain the best possible outcome in their case. Bruno works hard to ensure a swift resolution of his clients’ legal matter and he can advice or guide you. If you are serious about getting top notch legal representation, then get in touch with Bruno Fagali.

As a top attorney, Bruno has been representing and advising clients for years. Bruno is one of the leading Regulatory Law attorneys in Brazil. He also handles cases involving Urban Law, Administrative Law, Ethics and Compliance.

Whether it’s a corporate or professional matter, it is extremely important to do your research before choosing a lawyer or law firm. Some lawyers are well known for handling cases for businesses and organizations, while others have great expertise in advising and representing individuals or professionals.

NGP VAN makes it possible to use technology in political campaigns

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The role of technology in elections in the current century is something that no political party that is going into elections today can try to do without. It will almost be a clear loss. Technology is being used in almost every human activity, and political campaigns have not be left behind. The role of technology started in the election of 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected following an intensive campaign that incorporated the use of technology supplied by a firm known as NGP VAN. This election proved that it was possible to influence the outcome of the election by engaging in technology-based voters’ mobilization strategies.


NGP VAN has been providing service in technology-based mobilization strategies since 1997. Its impact was however felt after the 2008 election and later affirmed by the reelection of President Obama in 2012. It was not by luck that they won in the first round, they confirmed it in the second round. In subsequent elections, the role of technology in tracking the voters’ database has become even more aggressive. NGP VAN is promising to make political parties run their campaigns efficiently by taking over operations of voters canvassing. Politicians do not need to go to the grassroots level in order to meet the people; they can do it by utilizing the platforms available through application of technology.


One of the campaign tools employed by President Obama in 2008 was to run a platform called Pollwatcher. This was a mobile application that linked the campaigns of the president to supporters of his candidature. The platform acted as the link between the party and the supporters. The party could track fundraising initiatives as well as locate key supporters of the party and therefore being able to influence them to come out and vote for the candidate.


NGP VAN has been working with the Democratic Party and have assisted the party in establishing strong foundations that is based on technology methods of managing its campaigns. Today, the company which is based in Washington DC maintains a database of voters’. The database is paperless meaning it is easier to manage when professionals such as NGP VAN do it.


NGP VAN provides the best service to its clients since they continuously update their strategies to ensure that they are up to date with the current situation in the political and technological arena. The company aims to help political organizations win elections.

William Saito: The Fulfillment Of Staying Busy

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When you’re searching for a way to define excellence, feel free to rest on the life of William Saito. Born in 1971, he was raised in the USA to parents who’d immigrated to California two years prior. Both professionals, they raised William in a bilingual environment. No doubt, they had a plan in mind for his future. He would not disappoint. At ten years of age, he started developing computer programs, having received coaching from his Mom to focus on math. While in Junior High, his father arranged for him to help some colleagues in the Information Technology field. Yes, you read that right, and he did not disappoint.

Before completing High School, William Saito conceived, designed, marketed, managed, collaborated and established his own computer software business. It would later sell to MicroSoft for an undisclosed amount but suffice to say that he is likely still earning royalty payments because his product remains relevant. It’s that good.

In 2005, he relocated to Tokyo, Japan and founded his own venture capital firm, InTecur. He operates essentially through this firm developing computer software technology, advising other companies and entities experiencing digital problems, and mentoring new entrepreneurs in the field. He is a leading authority regarding encryption, biometric authentication, and cyber security. Some of the recognition he’s received includes 1998 Entrepreneur Of The Year, so declared in triplicate by USA Today, Ernst & Young, and NASDAQ. He also currently functions as Vice Chair of Palo Alto Networks, a cyber security firm that develops firewall products that employ an app centric approach to online traffic classification and enabling app visibility. William is active in so much more but the most telling role is his function as cyber space consultant reporting directly to the Prime Minister of Japan. This is a duty that he has held since 2012. He does not disappoint.

True to his entrepreneurial nature, William Saito is not shy about sharing keys to success. Here’s a summation in 10 bytes. 1/ Understand your aims and business objectives, then acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly, as the case may be, as they may seem from an investor’s perspective. 2/ Always be expanding; always be improving. 3/ Do not fall prey to the ease of business starts in today’s environment, verify that your idea is on target and sustainable. 4/ Learn from others who have already tread where you’re thinking of traveling. Sure, it’s your idea. It’s your baby, but, honestly, everyman’s progeny looks exceptional to the parent. 5/ Once you’ve verified the demand for your product or service, your next top priority ought to be marketing, marketing, marketing and then some more marketing. All of this advertising does not have to cost hard money. Be creative. 6/ Once you recognize and get to know those who are positive and profitably responding to your marketing tactics, focus on that niche. 7/ At this stage, your natural, organic connections will help your business grow exponentially, and your hard money marketing budget will decrease even more. 8/ Reassess your establishment ensuring that you have inculcated your values prominently throughout your Company’s culture. 9/ Actively seek out people whose very being and career accomplishments will diversify your Company’s culture. 10/ Remember and apply this truth as quoted by William Saito: “The eventual breakthrough doesn’t happen in spite of previous failures, it happens because of them.”

Here’s an even shorter version of William’s keys: 1/ Manufacture It, 2/ Market It, 3/ Niche It, 4/ Expand It, 5/ Grasp It, 6/ Improve It, 7/ Reinvest In It, and 8/ Love It! To learn more about the life and career of William Saito, you can visit Everipedia, and read his publications such as 1/ “The Team: Solving The Biggest Problem In Japan,” 2017, Nikkei BP.

Glen Wakeman’s Astounding Business Insights

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Glen Wakeman is the co-establisher and pioneer of LaunchPad Holdings. Glen Wakeman possesses other prestigious roles including being a renowned financial service executive; mentor, as well as, small enterprise owner. His expertise is attributed to his experience at GE in business augmentation that lasted for more than two decades. Glen Wakeman is passionate about expanding businesses by enhancing the agility of individuals and developing the organization. He achieves his achievements through the incorporation of an outstanding methodology that assesses and boosts five original performance dimensions. The premiere policy is leadership. Glen Wakeman postulates that the leadership aspect prepares the organization for transitioning. On the other hand, human capital aligns with essential elements including tactics and vision. Risk management as a methodology helps in curbing distraction. Glen states that execution methodology is vital to integrating the procedures with the people and the technology.


Besides working at LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman serves at Nova Four as the company’s President. Nova Four is an enterprise accelerator that offers advice and capital to startup organizations. Glen’s dominance in different sectors has facilitated his stay in six nations and his responsibility for operations in thirty countries. Glen Wakeman attained his qualifications as an expert businessperson from the Chicago University where he acquired his MBA. Additionally, Glen Wakeman has a BS in Finance and Economics from Scranton University. Currently, the Six Sigma Black Belt approved Mr. Wakeman.


A tight schedule characterizes Glen Wakeman’s typical day at work. He commences his day by performing reviews on the expected number of sales, performance, and service. Later, Glen Wakeman allocates roles between himself and his associate. Once they have all the needed items necessary for operation throughout the working day, Glen and his affiliate speculate the market competition and client trends. Glen Wakeman realizes his ideas by talking them out. Furthermore, he is excited by the tendency to use machines to solve a range of business complications. According to Glen Wakeman, curiosity is a good trait because it supplements his productivity significantly. Glen postulates that interest helps him endure through solution finding, innovation and most importantly, the satisfaction of the customers. Glen yearns to understand how things are to change them appropriately.