The Career of Jeff Herman and his Contribution to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse Offenders

Jeff Herman’s first option in career was not to become a representative of people who have been abused sexually. Initially, he studied commercial law and he was very good at what he did. However, one day while he was going through his normal duties in the field, he was asked to visit a client that needed help with a case. Therefore, during the visit, Jeff Herman realized that there was a woman whose son had just been molested. Of course, the lady in question was frantic and agitated. Perhaps she even seemed depressed. When asked what was going on, she poured out her heart. That is how Jeff Herman thought of transitioning his career path. Until now, he works with a team of investigators and high profile attorneys and psychologists to establish the different cases of child sexual abuse and perhaps put the offenders behind bars. Here is more about him and his qualifications alongside major contributions he has made in the battle against child sexual abuse.

The Interview

Herman was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch. In the interview, the following facts were established. Born in 1959, he is a qualified trial attorney and a passionate lawyer in presenting sexual abuse victims. Perhaps one of Herman’s major cases includes the Denver and Miami cases that included the clergy. Over the years, he has learned to help parents in dealing with their fears by providing some helpful tips that must be highlighted;

Talk Openly About Sex

While kids are innocent and they know nothing about sex until they are taught, parents should consider talking to their children at a tender age. This talk should also be open and rather straight to highlighting how cruel children molesters can be. While at it, consider using the appropriate language.

Use Actual Life Examples

To children, everyone poses as a friend. However, the reality is that people can be sexually abusive even though they might pose as friends. Even teachers can be cruel to the extent of abusing students. Let the children know this.

The Outline

Mr. Herman attended the University of Case Western Reserve. In 1985, he attained his Doctorate then started practicing at the International Law Journal followed by the Arizona University.

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