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Jason Hope Describes The Origins Of The Internet Of Things

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Jason Hope has become one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. As the founder of Jawa, the first company in the world to fully develop the premium mobile content streaming business model, Jason Hope was able to beat some of the biggest names in tech, including Apple, Amazon and Google, to the mobile streaming market by more than a decade. The business model that Jason Hope first pioneered would go on to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, helping to transform the world of technology.

Jason Hope has also been behind the formation of dozens of highly successful startups. Today, he has taken a step back from the busy life of an entrepreneur, opting to write about the coming revolution in technology known as the Internet of Things. His writings can be found in some of the biggest technology media sites on the internet as well as on his personal blog.


One of the more interesting aspects of the Internet of Things that Hope has discussed is the fact that many of the rudimentary parts that make up these devices have been around for decades. One of the chief areas that these technologies have come from is the world of aviation. Hope says that the aviation industry, particularly that of the United States, was the first to pioneer devices like directional radio beacons and navigation based on those systems. The aviation industry also pioneered things like the technology upon which all GPS systems are based today.

Jason Hope notes that many people are unaware of just how advanced the technologies that allowed commercial aircraft were as far back as the 1950s. The first commercial jets had inertial navigation systems that were capable of GPS-level precision, helping to guide airliners from one city directly down to the destination runway’s centerline. Some of these systems were even more accurate than what most people have in their cars today. And they were the direct forebears of the systems that are now being deployed in self-driving vehicles. In fact, Hope says that essentially everything that self-driving cars use today could be found in advanced commercial jets of the 1960s.

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The Interesting Phases of Randal Nardone’s Career Journey

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In 1998, Fortress Investment Group came to existence due to three colleagues joining hands and working jointly. It is mainly an asset managing firm that has its headquarters in the New York City. Over the years, it has portrayed a notable growth rate to appoint of being listed on the Stock Exchange of New York City and being among the best Investment firms worldwide. Fortress has been recognized and honored internationally, under the stewardship of Randal Nardone, and even receiving two prizes in 2014 due to its extraordinary character in the financial sector. Also, it was named as the best Management Firm as well as the best Hedge Fund manager.

Randal Nardone has proven to be an educated and informed gentleman who has a bachelor degree in English and Biology and a Juris Doctor Degree from different university namely; Boston University School of Law and the University of Connecticut. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal had worked in several firms such as in Springleaf Financial Holdings as well as in Newcastle Investment Holdings. Later on, He joined BlackRock which is a financial management company and performed as its principal. Therefore, it is due to Randal Nardone working with these several institutions that he gathered much of the experience that he has and vast wealth for himself.

At present, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, and his essential duty is to manage the financial and legal matters that do affect the firm either positively or negatively. Randal’s hard work has not disappointed him because he has earned a considerable amount of cash to the extent of being among the few billionaires internationally. Also, he has been positioned by Forbes to seize number 557 and with a net worth that exceeds $1.8 billion.

Randal Nardone has clearly shown that he is a Law and business guru who has developed an excellent reputation in the eyes of both his clients and colleagues. Fortress Investment Group has motivated its employees by adopting a reward system to ensure that hard-working employees are rewarded.

A Glimpse at HCR Wealth Advisors

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HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that is based out of Los Angeles, California. It is registered with, and operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They provide financial and investment strategies to their clients. HCR Wealth Advisors’ main focus is building personal relationships with each client and developing strategies to help them reach their financial goals. These relationships are established through education, trust and service. The company charges one fee which is computed as a percentage of the total assets under management.

HCR Wealth Advisors helps its clients develop a sound strategy that incorporates client investments, retirement plans and financial goals to help them secure the future and handle life’s unexpected events. It is designed in a personalized way according to the client’s needs; different people have different financial goals and preferences. The personalization is achieved by involving the client in his/her own wealth management process. The client is thus fully aware of his/her current financial situation, possible future and the effect of present choices on the future.

The firm uses a monthly blog and a quarterly webcast to educate its clients. The blog highlights important financial trends and economic news that keeps its clients informed on what is going on in the financial markets. The webcast is entitled, “State of the Markets”. It reviews the performance in the previous quarter and looks at the future.

HCR Wealth Advisors gives a team of three individuals to each client; a lead advisor, a financial planner and an analyst. They meet or talk regularly with the client. This ensures that the client receives personalized services. In case of a query or if anything comes up, the client can contact the lead advisor who is the primary point of contact or any other team member.

HCR Wealth Advisors focus on their main objective, serving clients.

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Jeremy Goldstein

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Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. This Organization is a law firm that advises compensation committees, management teams, corporations and Chief Executive Officers in corporate governance matters, and executive compensation. Initially, Jeremy was a partner at a prominent New York Law Firm. Presently, Jeremy Goldstein is the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive compensation committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.


Together with Jim Finkel and Omar, Jeremy Goldstein hosted a luxurious evening of lavish foods and wines to support Fountain House. Fountain House is an organization that helps individuals who suffer from mental sicknesses.


The World Health Organization has named mental illness as the humanitarian crisis. Mental diseases have affected both communities and families. Around four hundred and fifty people in the world have been affected by the disease. Many people have been prevented from maintaining relationships, caring for themselves, finishing their studies, holding jobs and managing themselves due to mental illness. Fountain House has proved that this is not the way the disease should affect people.


Fountain House has been supporting the people living with mental illness for over seventy years. Its mission is dedicated to the recovery of people with mental illness by providing them with opportunities to work, learn and live at the same time contributing to their talents through a community of mutual support.


Fountain House helps people by doing the following;


Carrying out community mental health programs all over New York City.


Creating innovative programs based on shared knowledge and research concerning recovery for mental illness.


Encouraging patients with severe mental illnesses to change their lifestyles and accommodate better practices and perceptions.


Collaborating with the global and local members in the community to empower and teach the Fountain House model to international organizations.


Fountain House has raised the living standard of people with mental health issues. The organization is successful. It has been replicated on an international and national scale. The achievements of the organization have been recognized by knowledgeable and most influential people in the healthcare industry.


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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani – Man Behind The Success Of Luxurious Real Estate Developing Firm, Damac Properties

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Hussain Sajwani is one of the real estate tycoons in Dubai, who has contributed immensely to the infrastructural development in Dubai and other parts of UAE and the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani’s real estate firm Damac Properties is a name synonymous with luxurious and unique architectural designs, which are many a times created in collaboration with famous names in the world of styling and design, such as Fendi and Versace. Moreover, Damac Properties is known for popular marketing stints like giving away Bentleys and Mercedes for free with every unit purchase. Damac Properties is known to offer highly luxurious commercial and residential properties that provide a host of ultra-modern facilities to the owners.

Hussain Sajwani is currently the third richest person in the United Arab Emirates with a net worth of over $3.7 billion. Even though Hussain Sajwani is primarily known for his real estate firm, Damac Properties, he started his entrepreneurial journey by opening Al Jazeera Catering and Support Services, which has had clients such as construction giant Bechtel and U.S. Military Service. Even though Damac Properties has grown exponentially to become the leading income generator for Hussain Sajwani, he is evenly focused on his first company, which is a market leader in its field as well. Al Jazeira Services serve over 150,000 meals every day and manages over 200 projects currently worldwide.

Hussain Sajwani, damac owner, is also a passionate philanthropist and believes in giving back to the community, and recently donated AED 2 Million in an initiative to provide one million poor kids, clean clothing. Hussain Sajwani is highly invested in the stock markets and has a vast portfolio in regional and global markets, and his dedicated investment firm, DICO Investments LLC takes care of his investments and venture capital endeavors. Hussain Sajwani is currently constructing two huge luxurious golf residential complexes in Dubai in collaboration with Trump’s organization, and one of it is designed by the legendary golf player, Tiger Woods.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have known each other for long and have collaborated on many occasions to develop highly advanced and luxurious real estate projects, and their family too know each other well and share a friendly relationship.

Matt Badiali Shows Stateside Investors How to Get a Piece of Canadian Cannabis Pie

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Marijuana is about to become completely legalized in Canada. The movement for the legalization of cannabis is everywhere. In the U.S. the loophole of medicinal use has already swayed thirty states, with eight even legalizing its recreational use. But nationwide access is a long way off. Most countries worldwide still hold cannabis as illegal, but Canada is going to try its hand at trendsetting. It is going to become the first official G7 country to adopt nationwide cannabis legalization for medicinal and recreations use.

This decision carries with a lot of implications. For companies dealing in marijuana this means a lot more money. The cannabis market netted over $6 billion dollars in legalized sales last year even with restrictions. Operating with no restrictions has many investors crying boom. Unfortunately for stateside investors such skyrocketing stocks are unavailable. Luckily, investment guru Matt Badiali has a detour that leads to nice slice of cannabis pie.

Matt Badiali is an expert investor with a background in geology. He uses his talent and expertise to provide actionable advice for average investors in the natural resource market. He is known for his hands-on approach to finance, and for the way he inspects natural resource companies various operations. He uses first-hand knowledge to create reliable projections. Matt Badiali is also a master of the market and understands fully how events can create a domino effect. He has already printed more than one article on Canadian cannabis, using the two newsletters he helms for Banyan Hill as a bully pulpit. His articles warn of the dangers of fraud existent in the cannabis market, but also hearken investors to backdoor investment that can be made stateside.

As the companies who are about to explode are Canadian, American investors cannot purchase stocks in them. This means for most they have to wait for the U.S. to follow suit. However, many U.S. businesses invest in Canadian cannabis already. Such business would enjoy a percentage of the profit full legalization brings. Should investors buys stock in these companies, which are known as exchange traded-funds, part of those profits would come to them. In this Matt Badiali ensures investors a piece of the pie, without the risk of fraud.

Hussain Sajwani Helped To Build The City Of Dubai

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Hussain Sajwani is well-known in the Middle Eastern part of Asia as one of the world’s billionaires. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, he got heavily involved with the construction of luxury real estate in the city if Dubai. According to, Dubai is now a hot place to be for people all over the world. It is where people from all over the world go to live and party—it’s not just some no-name place in the Middle East that nobody knows about. It is one of those places that you can really call the center of the world; you can say that all roads lead to Dubai. We can all thank intelligent men like Hussain Sajwani for this.

Hussain Sajwani was born and reared in the United Arab Emirates. He is not the first in his family to be a businessman; his father owned a shop that had items that were imported from Eastern Asia. Fortunately, Allah blessed Hussain Sajwani with a scholarship to the University of Washington. His presence in America was a very formative experience because he realized how far development could go. In his old country, places—not even the bigger towns and cities—were not as developed as places in America.

He started a business that catered food. The catering business is still running, though the business that really put him on the list as being one of the richest men in the world was DAMAC—a company that deals with buying land and erecting luxury real estate. Now, the type of affluence, architecture and markets that you find in Dubai are beyond most, if not all, places in America. It is now one of those places where Western-minded people with money in their pockets strive to go to. It is also a place where you can find every sort of landscape artificially created for people to enjoy—rivers, indoor ski mountains and places where it looks like you are walking underwater in the ocean. There are so many interesting, beautiful novelty places that have been built in the development process of Dubai, and Hussain Sajwani has participated in this process.

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