The Legalities of Todd Levine

A founding partner of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, Todd Levine has much experience representing real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers, investors, and contractors in complex legal matters. He has also had much experience working with clients in the sports and entertainment industry. Levine first entered the legal industry by earning a B.A. in Finance from the University in 1988 followed by a law degree from the Florida Levin College of Law in 1991. Upon graduation, he found instant success in the legal world.

There were some things that helped him succeed in the legal industry that he did not have to learn during his college years. These were things that had come naturally to this attorney. One of the greatest of these natural gifts was his innate ability to simplify complex situations. This was his thing. In fact, Todd Levine made a big name for himself as a lawyer who could simplify even the most complex cases. He has found this to be the best way of succeeding in any case. Today his only regret is that he didn’t use this innate gift sooner.

Some things he had to learn through attorney experience. For instance, at the beginning of his career, he had trouble addressing unexpected situations. He has since learned to meet these kinds of unexpected things that crop up. This is something that has definitely helped him as a complex commercial litigator which Todd Levine says is different every single day. He has also learned through experience to utilize his time to maximum potential. This means he uses every bit of time like in traveling and waiting in lines to do work on his laptop or make calls. He has also found making a daily to-do list a maximizer of attorney time. All of this helps him be prepared to meet any challenge.

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