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Principal and Co-Chairman Peter Briger raises the bar in capital markets and classrooms

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Under the corporate governance of competent investment strategists, Fortress Investment Group continues to realize increases in the bottom line post acquisition.

Global and diversified across private equity and credit based capital markets, Fortress manages over $42 billion in both physical and financial assets, employs 919 asset managers, and investment professionals proficient in a number of fiduciary talents such as pricing analysis, return on asset ownership, and asset financing.

Peter Briger, Principal and Co-Chief of operations at the 20 year old alternative asset giant is instrumental in keeping the firm true to its mission of providing benchmark investment performance for more than 1,700 clients. Serving as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, his leadership and influence remain central to both client relationships within the firm, as well as the firm’s position as an international haven of general buyout funds, publicly traded company investment experts with proven track records, and distressed or undervalued asset investment and lending opportunities across a variety of industries. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

The Princeton and Wharton School graduate has worked as a member of Managing Committee since his appointment in 2002. Prior to joining Fortress, Peter Briger was made partner at Goldman Sachs, a testament to his aptitude in financial advisory.

Elected Co-Chairman in 2009, the veteran asset executive specializes in credit and real estate on behalf of Fortress and institutional investors seeking vehicles providing higher than average returns. He is also deeply involved in the work to create opportunities for families, students, and future leaders throughout San Francisco. Peter Briger supports the non-profit organization Tipping Point, and is hands on with his position as board member of Caliber Schools, a connected network of charter schools dedicated to advancing scholarship amongst younger students.

Additionally, Peter Briger serves on the Board and Advisors for CNBC, and Center for a New American Security- an independent organization tasked with developing policies in defense and national security concerns.



Nicolas Krafft, a visionary VP of L’Oréal

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Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oréal. Nicolas Krafft studied Business Management from the University of St. Gallen and Corporate General Management Programme from INSEAD. In L’Oréal Paris, Nicholas Krafft has worked on various posts like general manager, deputy general manager, marketing director Asia and Marketing Director Kerastase.

On the 30th of September, 2018, in the sizzling Paris, over the river Seine, was organized the second annual show of beauty and fashion by L’Oréal Paris. During the catwalk, all the models were dolled up perfectly, occupying the spotlight, presenting the new looks of the new season. Along with this, L’Oréal Paris provided a chance for analyzing their commitment and dedication towards beauty and fashion industry. It was an open event, and the general public had access to it. The event was honored by the presence of some dominating personalities of beauty, fashion and silver screen. At L’Oréal Paris, this year, the main theme was associated with the beauty of women.

The whole event was uprooted on the floating runway of River Seine in the heart of French capital. The whole pathway was designed specifically for this annual show, and it was around 60 meters long. Eight days were contributed to the setting up and taking down of this runaway. Celebrities like, Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin and Elle Fanning did an amazing walk. Paralympic ski champion, Marie Bochet, also walked for L’Oréal Paris. He is the new ambassador of the named company. Diversity and versatility remained at its peak throughout the event.

Latest designs, trends, looks, and wears were showcased appealingly. L’Oréal Paris’s Global Hair Artist Stéphane Lancien and Global Makeup Artist Val Garland, came up with 70 unique get-ups for this specific event. Thirteen fashion brands like Sonia Rykiel, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu, Chopard, etc. partnered with L’Oréal Paris.

Giant screens were also implanted which attracted and allowed lots of tourists and public to enjoy the live show from the bank of River Seine. Drones were also used, which captured the glamorous event from all angles. The entire event was broadcasted in 30 countries.

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Michael Terpins Still Shines in Rally Competitions 16 Years Later

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Michel Terpins is a renowned Brazilian rally driver who has participated in prominent rally competitions across the world. Mr. Michel Terpins hails from Saulo Paulo and he has been in the industry for about 16 years. Born in 1979, Terpins grew up in a family that loved sports. His father was instrumental in shaping their careers. His father was a great basketball player and he later served in the Jewish Sports departments. Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins, siblings, turned out to be prominent rally drivers worldwide.


The two brothers founded “Bull Sertoes Rally” to bring together rally drivers and allow them to parade their skills in various editions. Bull Sertoes Rally unites prominent rally drivers from all walks of life to come and showcase their skills in the competitions. A recent edition involved a 155 km stretch race. Michel Terpins and Justo led in the race for the first 62km. Afterward, their race car experienced mechanical problems making them not to complete the race.


Bull Sertoes Rally also organized 25th edition which involved a 3300km stretch through three states in Autodromo International de Goiania. Mr. Terpins and Justo participated in the race on board a 322 T-Rex of MEM Motorsport in the Prototype T1 category. The T-Rex is a powerful machine designed for power with a V8 engine. Michael Terpins and Justo emerged fourth in the race.


Over the last 16 years, Mr. Michel Terpins has earned recognitions and ranks in rally championships. He has won a lot of competitions including Rally Rota SC where he came first in the 2016 edition. Rally Rota SC 2017, Terpins emerged second leading to a fifth ranking overall. He emerged one of the best rally champions in prototypes T1 division.


The car Terpins was on board during the 24th edition of Bull Sertoes Rally caught the attention of many. The T-Rex machine can navigate through different types of terrains and rough roads. It derives its power from the many additional components it has. To add icing on the cake, it is an eco-friendly car with zero toxic emissions. The free seal in the car helps it to conceal carbon dioxide emissions which will be otherwise pollutant. The car gave Michel Terpins a competition edge in the Bull Sertoes Rally edition.


Sussex Healthcare is Moving in a Positive Direction

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Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is an independent company that offers housing and other services to the elderly. These service extends to the elderly who have dementia, alzheimer’s, or physical disabilities. Sussex Healthcare was started in March 1998 and the company currently own 20 homes. The company’s headquarters is located in the European Union. Sussex is a private for-profit organization. The Chief Operating Officer for Sussex Healthcare is Steve Whittingham. The company also has two board members by the names of Sharik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani.

Sussex Healthcare has began to focus on not being left behind by other organizations and to take good care of its employees and customers. The goal is to provide their customers with affordable and high-quality healthcare services. The companies staff is well-trained and the staff along with upper management focuses on improving the conditions of the facilities, correcting any issues, and being a positive influence in the life of clients. The company is currently implementing change for the better. The company is aware that change may be uncomfortable for clients and employees but for improvement change is necessary. In an article written by an employee by the name of Lynn made an interesting quote and it was ” We all know, if you change nothing, nothing will change!”

The Company also has a very good IT team that handles issues with pcs, laptops, desk phones, and mobile phones. The companies IT team also handles all issues that are related to user accounts and staff member problems associated with equipment or software issues as well. Sussex Healthcare IT team has upgraded corporate mobile phones and is currently working on upgrading Microsoft Office throughout all their 20 locations. The company is improving every part of their company from patient care to IT. Improving your company in every department is definitely a step and the right direction.

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Noble Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Efforts by Global Icon Jim Dondero for the Growth and Development of Dallas Communit

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Highland Capital Management, LP is an Asset Management Company, ideally with the Alternative Investment, which was established in 1993 to assist in the management of hedge funds, structured investments, equity funds, and also mutual funds. Following the efforts and dedication of its Co-Founder and President Jim Dondero, the multibillion-dollar investment has experienced tremendous growth, earning it the title as the pioneer in the development of CLO- Collateralized Loan Obligation market, and also credit-oriented solutions for corporates and retail investors, globally. Prior to the establishment of Highland Company, Mr. Jim Dondero served American Express as its bond analyst, before joining as a Portfolio Manager. Additionally, he took part in the establishment of a GIC division of Protective Life, later serving it as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

In a period of about four years, the company experienced very huge growth, to a net revenue amounting to over $2 billion. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, businessman Jim Dondero is always cramped with work and activities, all aimed at assisting the various ventures situated in Dallas – the headquarters of Highland Capital Management company after relocation from Los Angeles; as well from other regions. With the firm’s team of professionals, the company conduct a review on their existing partners, evaluate prospective opportunities across insurer capital investments, as well as monitor the existing trends within those respective fields. Although his financial organization is an entrepreneurial investment, entrepreneur Jim Dondero has intensively supported charities in numerous organizations, though mostly those located in Dallas.

Following his philanthropic devotion, he is always on the front line to offer his support whenever the community needs it. As an enthusiastic philanthropist, he’s a firm believer that his venture is dedicated to recognizing opportunities where nonprofits can come together so as to have a long-term impact. In order to provide his charitable support aptly, and carry out his ambition strategically, philanthropist Jim Dondero partnered with Ms. Linda Owen – former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation CEO. Since its initiation, their collaboration has turned to be very successful, with one of their achievements being the support of $1 million grant, that was offered to The Family Place, in Dallas. Other charitable efforts and support provided by Mr. Dondero include: SMU Tower Scholars Program; Education is Freedom; and providing the Habitat for Hippo at the Dallas Zoo.

HGGC’s MyWebGrocer Partners With Respida Capital and General Atlantic’s Mi9 To Create Global Retail Software

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HGGC has announced that efforts to partner with Mi9 are in advanced stage. Through a press statement, the company has announced that talks have been going on for several months to ensure requisite channels are followed. “As things are, the merger will soon be going public,” said the statement. This latest merger, if goes through as planned, will elevate HGGC’s MyWebGrocer to becoming one of the fastest growing private-owned consumer packaged goods provider in California. Since it was started, MWG has become one of the reputable digital media providers that directly deal with various Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Mi9 Retail, on the other hand, takes credit as the premium omnichannel retail solutions provider. Respida Capital and General Atlantic jointly own the company. The trio, Respida Capital, HGGC, and General Atlantic have vowed to support the merger until it is sealed.

Upon completion of the deal, it is expected that MWG will acquire more than 500 new customers. While the company already services several reputable clients, it will be an added advantage that HGGC’s MyWebGrocer will add more clients to its list. Currently, the company serves a number of high-end brands in the world. They include Abercrombie & Fitch, ShopRite, BevMo!, Nike, Levi’s, Giant Eagle, Cole Haan; Tommy Bahama, and Shopko among other companies.

Speaking about the progress of the new collaboration, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Richard Lawson said, “Mi9 has a proven track record of successfully integrating best of breed retail software technology companies. Adding up MWG to it is a natural step to the company.” Mr. Lawson, who has been with the company for many years feels that the merger will be the greatest thing in 2019 and beyond. HGGC, which was founded in 2007 enjoys a long list of reputable clients who have made this company based in Palo Alto acquire $4.3 billion worth of assets since its inception.

Regarding HGGC’s collaboration with General Atlantic and Respida Capital’s Mi9, Lawson added, “We look forward to partnering with Mi9’s retail management to help execute their vision and their continued effort to revolutionize the software retail industry through the application of the timely innovative technology.”

“Marc Beer to lead Renovia in drug development following the acquisition of a multi-million donation “

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Marc Beer and his company have vowed to continue with the development of drugs to treat pelvic floor disorders. This decision comes after the company received a $32 million round of funding from the Series B round accompanied with a $10 million cash in the form of venture debt.


Renovia receives a $42 million donation


Renovia Pharmaceuticals is a Boston-based company that pioneers in the development of therapeutic products for conditions such as urinary incontinence. This medical condition is known to affect about 250 million women across the globe. The company has been at the forefront of developing useful products.


Leva, one of its drugs was recently approved the Food and Drug Administration Agency. Thanks to the Longwood Fund, a group that recently joined the Series B round, Renovia will get to test its latest innovations and commercialize Leva. Perspective Advisors and Missouri-based Ascension Ventures supported the process of raising funds.


Among the professionals delighted to be part of this process is the chief executive officer of Renovia Marc Beer, an experienced professional in the pharmaceutical industry. During a press release to announce this partnership, he talked about how thrilled he was at the prospects of improving the lives of women.


He told members of the press that this funding would assist Renovia to diagnose and ultimately treat women with pelvic floor disorders. He also acknowledged that his company would provide answers to a majority of questions often asked about pelvic disorders. Marc Beer promised that Renovia would contribute to the ongoing research and provide knowledge about this condition.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is an innovative professional and the former chief executive officer of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals. He has more than two decades of professional experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic fields. His core specializations are the development and commercialization of medical products. Recently, Marc Beer worked for Aegerion Pharmaceuticals where he assisted the company to go public.


During his tenure at this firm, he has also contributed immensely to the commercialization of JUXTAPID, a drug designed to reduce LDL cholesterol. While working for Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, he also helped establish ViaCell technology, a company involved in the harvesting and storage of umbilical cord stem cells.


Marc Beer has also worked for other biotechnology companies such as Genzyme, a company that pioneers in the manufacture drugs used to treat debilitating diseases. He has also worked for Renovia as the chairman and founding partner.


In 2015, he was invited to be part of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma, a company that publicly traded its stocks. Marc Beer has also contributed to the establishment of the Good Start Genetics, a molecular diagnostics company. This professional is an alma mater of Miami University, Ohio. This businessman currently resides in Massachusetts, United States. Learn more:


Jose Auriemo Neto Keeps JHSF A Step Ahead of the Rest

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JHSF continues to command respect and admiration from different players in the real estate business of Brazil. Both commercial and residential clients receive their reliable services. Their operations extend to upscale hotels including the Fasano Hotel while they also manage shopping centers for different clients. An international business airport caps off its impressive presence in the Brazil market. The firm has been in operation since 1972 and has a knack for pointing out potential business opportunities in the real estate sector. The desire to achieve sustainability is always at the heart of all their operations. Their services are also marked with a hint of innovation and quality. The top management of JHSF is daring in its approach as they don’t shy from introducing completely new products to the industry.

The firm’s influence has gone beyond the borders as they have outlets in the US (New York) and in Uruguay(Punta del Este). Salvador, São Paulo, and Manaus are some of the cities that host the firm in Brazil. Once its real estate venture in the international scene was up and running, JHSF main focus was placed on recurring revenue. It was first traded publicly in São Paulo’s stock exchange in 2007. The last couple of years has seen them begin a host of projects as they look to expand their reach.The Catarina Integrated Urban Development stands out from all their other projects. The Fashion Outlet and Executive Airport have earned JHSF plenty of respect from different market players. These have been supplemented by a host of shopping centers in their name.

Jose Auriemo Neto has steered JHSF to the top while serving as the CEO and chairman of the firm. He has served at the helm of the company for close to two decades having assumed the office of CEO back in 2003. He had joined the firm a decade earlier and played his active role in the development of the service department as he oversaw the establishment of Parkbem in 1997. He was at the heart of the establishment of Shopping Santa Cruz that saw the light of day in 1998. JHSF’s shopping center department was formed as a result of this. He studied business administration at FASE and has served JHSF in different other capacities. At one point he was the Director of JHSF Partcipacoes SA and also served YPO as an Executive Officer.

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Sussex Healthcare’s 25th Anniversary Reflection

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A successful healthcare facility is not determined by the number of clients they receive or by the number of successful operations that have been conducted, the most important factor is the quality of their customer service. Sussex Healthcare brings an unparalleled experience to the mentally ill adults and elderly who need top class treatment options. The facility is known for its array of housing, treatment options, and outstanding customer service. They would not have been able to achieve this positive reception without the combined background of those in charge. A recent Medical Daily Times article expands on the past and future of this facility.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has stood as a beacon of support for the southern England region for 25 years. The top class customer service and quality stems back to the roots of its co-founders. Starting with Shiraz Boghani, who brings the hospitality background to the company. As an active member of the greater community with years of experience working in hotels, he is fully aware of how to make individuals feel at home in a out of place setting. As for the medical knowledge, this is where the other founder Shafik Sachedina comes into the picture. He boasts an academic background in dentistry and a decade’s worth of experience on the job. Combined, they ensure each patient has a rewarding experience at the facility.

The company used its recent 25th anniversary has a reason to update some of the internal aspects. In particular, they hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor to be CEO of Sussex Healthcare. She is a former nurse with a rich background in leadership and client connecting. This brings a new modern approach to how Sussex Healthcare interacts with its patients. Under her leadership, they have been able to treat patients quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Between all the treatment options available and the housing choices for patients, Sussex Healthcare is prepared to meet the needs of any patient who walks through their doors. The owners are experts in providing the highest quality care with the best customer service within the region.

A Preview of Brian Torchin Achievements

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Brian Torchin is recognized by many for his accomplishments in the medical industry. Torchin is a medical professional, with more than twelve year’s experience in chiropractic. Besides practicing medicine, Torchin is a well-reputed entrepreneur and blogger. He is the president of his healthcare staffing and recruiting firm, HealthCare Recruitment Counselors.

Torchin studied at the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science. He later enrolled for chiropractic training in New York Chiropractic College and went ahead to open his chiropractic clinic in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Brian Torchin practiced in the medical industry for many years before exercising his business skills.

A decade ago, the young and determined medical practitioner filled with medical and business ideas, build HCRC. His primary motive was to create employment opportunities for practitioners in the medical industry. The thriving staffing agency provides services to over two hundred clients across the fifty States and other continents.

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Torchin has accomplished a lot in his life. He is respected for building HCRC, opening medical offices and chiropractic clinics in Delaware, Philadelphia. HCRC is one of the greatest achievements Torchin has accomplished in his years of practice in medicine and business. What appeals most about the staffing agency, is its ability to recruit and provide qualified staff to medical institutes and offices.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, Torchin is familiar with social media platforms. He makes use of Facebook to educate, inspire and inform individuals about the medical industry. His posts provide detailed information about employment opportunities and links to websites where applicants can access more information.

On Twitter, Torchin share feeds similar to those he shares on his Facebook page. He tweets about employment opportunities, challenges medical practitioners face and provides solutions to common problems affecting the health sector. Like any other reputed professional, Torchin tweets hints about his lifestyle. His publications are also published on popular offline media sources.

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