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Wes Edens

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Wes Edens is a prominent investor and philanthropist, whose claim to fame is being the co-owner of the Fortress Investment Group and being the owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He has made a great impact both in financial and philanthropic circles.

He founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1988 and took it from a small private equity firm to an asset manager managing the funds for some of the worlds top investment groups. It currently handles more than $40 billion in assets. Wes Edens private equity business has forayed into numerous fields such as healthcare, finance, real estate and media to name a few, acquiring businesses which showed great potential. One of the most notable accomplishments was the financing of the Brightline passenger rail. This has now been rebranded as ‘Virgin Trains USA’ and is currently operated in partnership with the Virgin group. It is the only inter-city passenger rail line in recent times that has been developed with private funding. Currently the Miami to West Palm line is fully functional. There are plans in the works to provide similar lines connecting Orlando to Tampa, and Southern California and Las Vegas. Wes Edens was instrumental in the acquisition of Florida East Coast Rail. A liquid natural gas (LNG) facility was set up in Miami to provide a cleaner fuel alternative for the freight rail. Wes Edens realized the potential for providing LNG to other markets around the world. New Fortress Energy has since been expanding its services to markets around the globe. Read the article of Wes Edens at

Outside of the accomplishments of his private equity group, Wes Edens is well known for his part ownership of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team has shown a remarkable turnaround in its progress recently, with the team holding the NBA record for the most successive wins halfway through the season. His other notable accomplishments include the acquisition of the English Aston Villa Football club, in partnership with an Egyptian billionaire.

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The Organo Gold Company Bio

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Organo is purely organic and it is a company that has built success around the supply and provision of coffee and tea products. This is a network marketing company that has gone global. The company markets different coffee flavors as per the demand from the coffee lovers. The coffee provided by Organo Gold is organic.

These products provided are enriched with Ganoderma mushrooms. These mushrooms are believed to cure insomnia, stomach ulcers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other stress related diseases. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and in 2009 it partnered in a multi-million deal with a plantation that is known to produce Ganoderma mushrooms.

Since then, this global network marketing company has provided a range of products from personal care products such as toothpastes, soaps and petroleum jellies which the company says gives amazing results in skin care, fresh breath and teeth whitening. These results come about due to the inclusion of Ganoderma Lucid in the products. Beverages are another range of products produced by this company. They include Black coffee, café mocha, café latte, black ice, café supreme, hot cocoa, red tea, green tea, black tea and King of Coffee. King of Coffee is believed to contain Ganoderma Lucidum Spare Powder.

Organo Gold also produces nutraceuticals that are just natural from the Ganoderma mushrooms. These products include Ganoderma Lucidum which is considered the king of herbs and the company grows this product organically. Ganoderma mycelium is another product grown by this company. Organo is the only global network marketing company that produces spore powder which is harvested while the mushrooms grow.

This company has been at the peak of offering legit services to its customers. All these are meant to grow health-wise and increase the life span of those who care about the farewells of their bodies.

Rebel Wilson Offered A Throuple With Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is quickly coming up; because of that, many people are busy planning out dates, presents and a number of other things for the romantic occasion similar to how they’ve done it every year.

However, one person who hasn’t yet had a date on Valentine’s Day is Wilson. The actress recently took to Instagram to reveal that she’s never been invited on a date on February 14. The actress confessed while promoting her upcoming film Isn’t It Romantic, which is due out on February 14.

In a short video asking fans to see the film when it debuts, the actress noted that going to see the film would be more romantic than all of her previous Valentine’s Day experience.

However, it looks like the actress may have been able to make some plans and break her record for the holiday; singer Miley Cyrus has invited Rebel Wilson to be part of a throuple with Ms. Cyrus and husband, Liam Hemsworth. Both Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth are already familiar with each other; the pair are the two leads in Isn’t It Romantic.

In the film, Ms. Wilson plays a character who grew up idolizing Julia Roberts’ character in the film Pretty Woman only to be repeatedly told that she’ll never be like Ms. Roberts or her character. However, near the start of the film, Ms. Wilson’s character hits her head and finds herself inside of her own romantic comedy. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

To get out of the movie she must first fall in love with the man of her dreams while also convincing the gentleman, played by Liam Hemsworth, to fall in love with her. So far, the film sounds like it may be somewhat of a happy fairytale of a romantic comedy; many reports have suggested that both Ms. Wilson and Mr. Hemsworth shine in their respective roles.

However, outside of that, it looks as though Ms. Wilson’s love life isn’t as simple as that of her character.

With Miley Cyrus’ offer of a throuple, however, it looks as though Ms. Wilson may finally have a date on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s not going to be as romantic as she might have originally hoped.Ms. Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth married in an intimate ceremony in the singers Nashville home. Read more:

According to reports, the ceremony was only attended by close friends and family. The couple also managed to keep the nuptials a secret from the media; it was only revealed that the couple was getting married after the pair had already exchanged their vows. They first met in 2010 on the set of The Last Song, where they both co-starred.

Rebel Wilson is currently filming a live-action version of the musical play Cats; according to reports, she’s set to portray the character Jennyanydots. Ms. Wilson is set to star alongside Dame Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden. So far, a release date hasn’t been set, but it’s expected that the adaption will be released either around the Christmas holidays this year, of the beginning of 2020.

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Gareth Henry Hooks His Acumen in Mathematics with Finance in a Crafty Way

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It is incomprehensible how Gareth Henry has managed to merge his prowess in mathematics and finance. It has made this a highly sought after asset and a valuable mind as his brilliance in the matter of investor relations and analysis stands out strong for him. To understand why this business expert is different we have to unravel his background.

Gareth Henry has an academic background in Mathematics. He pursued Actuarial Mathematics at undergrads at the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in honors. It was and still is a prestigious course today with few experts globally. Ideally, such scholars fit well in the Insurance industry where they compute complex calculations, Gareth chooses to do it differently. He began serving at Schroders PLC as a Director for Strategic Solutions.

Herein he realized how awesome he was in interpersonal skills and found it easy to reach out to clients and even colleagues. He then got drawn to finance where he ironed out his comprehension of economics, investment and Risk analysis, and management. It was indeed special as most mathematicians do not possess the vibrant social nature. He perfectly fit in Investor relations where he has master the art of best portfolio to invest in, when and where. In his pursuit, he has found out alternative and particular investments that people should invest in as they have not been exhausted. Elsewhere, he is resourceful in development business structure, raising capital, asset management, securities, and liquid markets, acquisitions, and mergers.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is the Head of Global Investor Relations for many investment firms including Fortress Investment Group. He is critical is his smart analysis of investment alternatives, valuation and appraising and establishing the right course that in the end is profitable. With his vast experience, he has full knowledge of the markets which makes him offer the proper guidance to investors.

He has a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot University. He was first offered a job at Watson Wyatt as an analyst but has since then worked with many financial and investment firm in the United States and beyond. Gareth Henry is currently living in New York where he continues to offer his services.

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Alex Hern does AR right

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When Alex Hern asks, “but really, what is VR?”, there’s an understanding that VR (a popularly abbreviated version of virtual reality simulates the idea of being exactly where the VR is projecting. Deeper than that, it’s an artificially realized world that triggers all of an individual’s senses in order to create as genuine a sense of reality as possible. As immersive as the experience is, it requires the person or people to be completely enveloped in every way.

Alex Hern comes in with the Tsunami XR which pushes forth an experience in AR or augmented reality which hits on different ways of perceiving things without pulling the person into a sort of escapism. Specifically, they gather data, research certain things and make sure employees are given the best working experience.

With Tsunami workplaces, according to Alex allows users to experience working without traveling as much by way of “virtual offices.” Though video games are implementing virtual reality and soon beginning to shift to augmented reality, Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR has a firmer grasp on AR which gives a different approach to the five senses that sets them apart from their competition.


TMS Health Solution and Clinical depression

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Clinical depression is one of the mental disorders that cause rapid changes in the mood which alters the patients’ emotions. In addition to that, it causes anxiety attacks which are also harmful to the brain. Many patients suffering from clinical depression are at a high risk of causing harm to themselves and many patients end up committing suicide. Many patients who undergo medical treatment such as using anti-depressant drugs end up not recovering fully and much bounce back to it. This is because medication may be drug resistant in some cases and may require something more effective than anti-depressant drugs to fully eradicate it.

Finally, patients suffering from depression can breath a sigh of relief since a solution to their problems has finally come up. TMS Health Solution is comprised of a team of competent psychiatrists who have developed a more advanced therapy for treating depression. They have embraced technology to treat depression. The treatment offered by TMS Health Solution has been proven to be effective and non-invasive hence it is safe for patients. The therapy has proven to be the best treatment of depression based on the positive feedback from the patients who have undergone the treatment.

TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007 by Brad Hummel and Richard Bermudes. Due to its exemplary success, TMS Health Solutions has gained a lot of popularity and recently opened a clinic at San Francisco in 2017. This was as a result for the call for help where there had been reported many depression cases in the area. The clinic was equipped with the necessary machines and also a competent team of psychiatrists was sent to administer treatment to the patients. The competent TMS team has dedicated itself to giving the best healthcare to the patients and ensure that all their patients have fully recovered.

TMS Health Solutions is also focused on making their treatment accessible to as many people as possible by opening new clinics in different locations around the world. It is without any doubt that TMS os changing the face of treatment of mental disorders has really saved many people suffering from depression.


Listing of Serge Belamant

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During his time with Control Data in the early 80s, Serge Belamant successfully created the first scientifically driven financial system using only Control Data equipment. After this time he became a consultant for Bancorp, during which he created a 10-step program for analyzing risk and testing business sustainability. He was soon acquired by SASWITCH, a South African ATM company that had fallen on hard times. This was in large part instigated after sanctions were placed on it. As a result of his revolutionary innovations for them, SASWITCH was the second largest ATM company in the world by the end of the 80s.

In 1989 Serge Belamant made his biggest innovation for SASWITCH. This invention is now recognized as the earliest iteration of cryptocurrency technology. However, SASWITCH, which was owned by the banks of South Africa, opted not to use it since the banks feared that it was so good it would render their infrastructures useless. As a result of this, Belamant quit SASWITCh and started his own company called Net1 Technologies where he manufactured and sold Smart Cards with this technology. For its first few years, NET1 did not do that well. Its big breakthrough came in 1995 when VISA hired Serge Belamant to invent fraud software for them using his NET1 technology.

The result was Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card, which still remains in use by VISA. Things kept on getting better for that and they were soon listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. In 1999 Net1 purchased and absorbed Cash Payment Services which paid welfare grants for the South African government. Net1 so excelled at his new role that its services in this area now also include Botswana, Burundi, Ghana, Iraq, Russia, and Namibia. By the turn of the millennium, Net1 was doing so well that by 2005 Net1 was securely listed as a public company on the NASDAQ in New York. During that same year, Serge Belamant was made the company’s Chairman and CEO in the tech world.

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Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group Incorporate Successful Cathy Daniels Brand S

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ince his founding of Jump Apparel, in 1990, Glenn Schlossberg has grown his company to be a driving and innovative force in the fashion industry. Schlossberg has always held fast to the belief that each and every role in the company is vitally important, and must work with one another for successful collaboration and overall design. Glenn’s background in the fashion industry comes from working in his father’s dress making warehouse, and eventually studying fashion at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His presence within the industry is both family experience and a passion to be there. When he founded Jump Design Group in 1990, it was with the ultimate vision to produce garments that are better quality than their competition, less expensively and at a quicker rate.

According to PR Newswire, Glenn Schlossberg’s Jump Design Group announced complete acquisition of Cathy Daniels’ label and all related assets. Jump will maintain the successful company and keep on its President, Jerry Passaretti, as a leading player in business development for Jump Design Group. All factory and sales teams will remain as well – a nod to Cathy Daniels’ current success. CEO Ashesh Amin points to Cathy Daniels’ already strong business portfolio, which will be made stronger with Jump Design Group’s already present business and marketing strategies as well as a sound customer base. The integration of Cathy Daniels into Jump Design Group points back to Glenn Schlossberg’s original ideal of valuing each moving piece of a company.

Jump Design Group has a strong business foundation, built over 30 years with Glenn Schlossberg at the helm. With the addition of Ashesh Amin, CEO, the leaders of Jump Design Group have found high levels of success. As the company’s technology continues to advance, as it has been in every possible industry, the group is growing its acquisition strategy to use technological innovations, in order to provide the best possible products to each and every customer.