Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group Incorporate Successful Cathy Daniels Brand S

ince his founding of Jump Apparel, in 1990, Glenn Schlossberg has grown his company to be a driving and innovative force in the fashion industry. Schlossberg has always held fast to the belief that each and every role in the company is vitally important, and must work with one another for successful collaboration and overall design. Glenn’s background in the fashion industry comes from working in his father’s dress making warehouse, and eventually studying fashion at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His presence within the industry is both family experience and a passion to be there. When he founded Jump Design Group in 1990, it was with the ultimate vision to produce garments that are better quality than their competition, less expensively and at a quicker rate.

According to PR Newswire, Glenn Schlossberg’s Jump Design Group announced complete acquisition of Cathy Daniels’ label and all related assets. Jump will maintain the successful company and keep on its President, Jerry Passaretti, as a leading player in business development for Jump Design Group. All factory and sales teams will remain as well – a nod to Cathy Daniels’ current success. CEO Ashesh Amin points to Cathy Daniels’ already strong business portfolio, which will be made stronger with Jump Design Group’s already present business and marketing strategies as well as a sound customer base. The integration of Cathy Daniels into Jump Design Group points back to Glenn Schlossberg’s original ideal of valuing each moving piece of a company.

Jump Design Group has a strong business foundation, built over 30 years with Glenn Schlossberg at the helm. With the addition of Ashesh Amin, CEO, the leaders of Jump Design Group have found high levels of success. As the company’s technology continues to advance, as it has been in every possible industry, the group is growing its acquisition strategy to use technological innovations, in order to provide the best possible products to each and every customer.


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