Alex Hern does AR right

When Alex Hern asks, “but really, what is VR?”, there’s an understanding that VR (a popularly abbreviated version of virtual reality simulates the idea of being exactly where the VR is projecting. Deeper than that, it’s an artificially realized world that triggers all of an individual’s senses in order to create as genuine a sense of reality as possible. As immersive as the experience is, it requires the person or people to be completely enveloped in every way.

Alex Hern comes in with the Tsunami XR which pushes forth an experience in AR or augmented reality which hits on different ways of perceiving things without pulling the person into a sort of escapism. Specifically, they gather data, research certain things and make sure employees are given the best working experience.

With Tsunami workplaces, according to Alex allows users to experience working without traveling as much by way of “virtual offices.” Though video games are implementing virtual reality and soon beginning to shift to augmented reality, Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR has a firmer grasp on AR which gives a different approach to the five senses that sets them apart from their competition.


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