Why Many People Respect the Mortgage Knowledge of Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). NR is considered a real estate investment Trust (REIT). The company is allowed to be the servicer of Fannie Mae Freddie Mac type mortgages. They are allowed to own mortgage service rights(MSR) in all 50 states. Mike Nierenberg has built a portfolio that is filled with mortgage-backed assets. He is a very keen investor who understands how to spot a good investment regarding residential mortgages. He helped shape NR to a company that is valued at $6.1 billion.

According to National Mortgage News, Mike Nierenberg is one of twelve people who will shape the mortgage market. Mike Nierenberg help lead NR to be an aggressive investor in mortgage servicing rights. The companies will take more opportunities to build their portfolio regarding MSRs. In 2019, MSRs will be difficult to determine if they should be held, bought, or sold especially for non-bank mortgage servicers. Prior to becoming a CEO, Mike Nierenberg had a career that led him to take a job at Merrill Lynch in 2008. At Merrill Lynch, he would lead the division that worked with global mortgages securitized products in businesses. The people at Merrill Lynch considered Mike Nierenberg to be one of the better and knowledgeable people to work with mortgages.

Contact Michael Nierenberg: www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-officers/NRZ

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