OSI Food Solutions Goes Global With New Facilities

As one of the largest private companies in the US, OSI Food Solutions has supplied many organizations with a businesses partner that can provide them with the food they need to keep operating. With 20,000 employees now operating in 65 facilities in 17 countries, this business is just getting started.

Retailers and restaurant chains have enjoyed good prices on food supplies from all over the world that cut down on prep time while maintaining integrity and considerate pricing. It’s a vital component in keeping these smaller businesses operating. This was made possible after years of acquiring processing facilities, plants, farms and warehouses, focusing on North America, Europe, Australia, India and China.

The capacity for chicken processing has doubled at a site in Toledo, Spain. This one expansion project made it possible to process 24,000 tons of chicken and an additional 21,000 tons of chicken and beef, all being done by 140 employees. OSI Food Solutions can now offer new products, hire more workers, and service a bigger local demand for brand new products.

Environmental responsibility remains important the company as well. The expanded Toledo facility now consumes 20% less electricity. It’s also been certified to meet the requirements of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, the Environmental Standard ISO, the Food Safety Standard, and the Social Responsibility Standard.

Dr. Kenneth Petersen, educated in public health and veterinary medicine, minds the safety concerns for the company. In his role as Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance, Food Safety, and Regulatory Affairs, he’s spent the better part of four years making sure OSI Food Solutions goes above and beyond in meeting the regulatory commitments of each country where they operate. This comes after a long career in similar roles for IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group and the Food Safety and Inspection Service as the USDA.

OSI Food Solutions treats customers like business partners. Rather than provide a standard offering of food products, they work close with customers to develop a profile to meet their needs so they can function optimally as a business. Still, they remain abreast of developments in food processing to make sure they always have the right approach to serve a given market no matter where in the world that may be.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

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