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OSI Food Solutions Goes Global With New Facilities

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As one of the largest private companies in the US, OSI Food Solutions has supplied many organizations with a businesses partner that can provide them with the food they need to keep operating. With 20,000 employees now operating in 65 facilities in 17 countries, this business is just getting started.

Retailers and restaurant chains have enjoyed good prices on food supplies from all over the world that cut down on prep time while maintaining integrity and considerate pricing. It’s a vital component in keeping these smaller businesses operating. This was made possible after years of acquiring processing facilities, plants, farms and warehouses, focusing on North America, Europe, Australia, India and China.

The capacity for chicken processing has doubled at a site in Toledo, Spain. This one expansion project made it possible to process 24,000 tons of chicken and an additional 21,000 tons of chicken and beef, all being done by 140 employees. OSI Food Solutions can now offer new products, hire more workers, and service a bigger local demand for brand new products.

Environmental responsibility remains important the company as well. The expanded Toledo facility now consumes 20% less electricity. It’s also been certified to meet the requirements of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, the Environmental Standard ISO, the Food Safety Standard, and the Social Responsibility Standard.

Dr. Kenneth Petersen, educated in public health and veterinary medicine, minds the safety concerns for the company. In his role as Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance, Food Safety, and Regulatory Affairs, he’s spent the better part of four years making sure OSI Food Solutions goes above and beyond in meeting the regulatory commitments of each country where they operate. This comes after a long career in similar roles for IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group and the Food Safety and Inspection Service as the USDA.

OSI Food Solutions treats customers like business partners. Rather than provide a standard offering of food products, they work close with customers to develop a profile to meet their needs so they can function optimally as a business. Still, they remain abreast of developments in food processing to make sure they always have the right approach to serve a given market no matter where in the world that may be.

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Jingdong Helps Small Physical Retailers Modernize Their Operations

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Jingdong has teamed up with Intel in order to build a joint lab that will figure out how the Internet of Things can be used for smart retail solutions. This is the Digitized Retail Joint Lab and its first project is to build the next generation of vending machines, media and advertising solutions, and other innovations that can be used in physical retail locations, all based on Intel’s architecture.

Intel and Jingdong have teamed up for a number of years now, including developing technology for Jingdong’s Scientists have been successful in merging Intel’s OpenVINO and RRI edge computing technology with that of’s computer vision algorithms. This merging has resulted in the ability to analyze how customer traffic moves through a store as well as consumers in-store purchasing habits. This technology is being used by retail store owners to offer a more convenient and customized experience while in their stores.

Vice President Zhi Weng of Jingdong said that the joint lab combines the strengths of both companies. They will be able to provide innovative solutions such as the precision of the online shopping experience to people who do retail offline. Vice President Wie Chen of Intel said that he and his team were thrilled to take their relationship with Jingdong to the next level. is the most influential retailer in China. They have been the leading online retail brand for years and are now taking that experienced to the world of offline retailing. Other ways they are helping offline retailers includes checkout solutions, smart price tags, and smart shelving. They are committed to helping small retail owners modernize their operations and what they offer to consumers.

Jingdong was established in 1998 by entrepreneur Richard Liu. He started out with a brick and mortar location in Beijing and six years later moved his company’s retailing activity online at went from selling electronics to selling products of huge variety such as luxury goods, jewelry, fresh food, clothing, cosmetics, housing goods, and more. They are the biggest retailer in China with over 300 million people buying products from them each year.

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David McDonald Contributions to the Growth of Chinese Food Market Through OSI Group

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OSI Group is turning 27 years in the Chinese food market. The company believes that the Asian market is the future of the food market. David McDonald has been part of this revolution. He hopes that 2019 will be a perfect year for more growth in the Chinese market. There are some lessons new companies can learn from OSI Group and their operations in China.

First, David McDonald points out that the company identified a gap in the Chinese food market. The company’s operation — in one of the largest food markets in the world — is pegged on quality products. This policy has enabled OSI Group to be one of the most relatable companies in Asia. The company’s policy on quality products has also enabled OSI to work with some of the biggest food outlets in China. According to 2012 statistics, the company supplies more than 60% of all the foods in major food outlets. David McDonald attributes this success to the company’s approach to quality.

Second, the company is reliable. In 2008, the Olympic Games in China created a huge demand for quality foods. Fortunately, OSI ensured that all the demand was met and more importantly — the products were in good quality. According to the president of this company, the reliability aspect of the Olympic Games also gave the company a chance to create new business partners. Although the company was working with major international food companies, its reliability gave the company a chance to work with some Chinese companies. Currently, OSI is one of the major suppliers in the vast Chinese food market.

Finally, the company understands the importance of having the best workforce. The president of the company — one of the believers of diversified workforces — has enabled the company to realign its employment policy with modern trends. According to him, OSI remains a haven for employees — regardless of their social background or any other factor. This policy has also given the company a chance to unlock the potential in the company’s distribution channels. In addition, a comprehensive employment policy has enabled the company to improve its efficiency around its operation. The policy makes the company home to modern operations.

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The Story of OSI Group’s Success in the Food Market

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OSI Industries is a market leader in the provision of value-added processed foods. Currently, the firm is one of the best performing American firms. OSI is presently operating numerous facilities across the world while also running a network of leading retail stores. The firm has established itself as a household brand in the American and global food market.

OSI industries core business is value addition of processed foods. The company adds value to food products it produces and processes, or foods products brought in for value addition by its clients. Since the increase in demand for food product development, OSI industries dived into the market and has been providing its clients with foods products of unrivaled quality. OSI offers food product development service for its clients from different countries across the world.

Few firms can take pride in being part in the production of the agricultural products they use, but this is not the case with OSI. At OSI, the firm believes that they need to be part of the production process to create unique and unrivaled products that both meet and surpass a client’s expectations. Besides, OSI is also immersed in the sourcing and distribution of food products as they are considered part of the firm’s aspect of manufacturing. The delivery of OSI’s food products is done using a highly sophisticated and complex global network of a chain management system.

Investors and market analysts believe that OSI industries is one of America’s most successful companies in foreign nations. The firm has close to 70 facilities spread out across 17 countries across the world. The development and production of quality food products it a priority in these facilities and there are quality assessment teams that ensure that the quality of food products being manufactured meet required specifications.

OSI Industries is currently expanding into new locations across the world. The company’s rapid expansion is seeing it establish itself in Asian and European countries. Recently, OSI completed the construction of a mega facility in China. The firm is also using acquisitions to help it expand into new territories, and this is being made possible by partnering with local communities and enterprises.

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Bhanu Choudrie: Expanding To The Middle East

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Have you ever wondered how does life in one of the richest families in Britain it look like? How does it feel to run one of the richest British enterprises?

We all guess that is awesome, but we usually do not think about the hard work standing behind the story of success. Now, we’ll try to take a look behind the story of Bhanu Choudhrie – the successful businessman and the head of the C & C Alpha Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s name and reputation are well-known in the British world of business. This reclusive businessman comes up from one of India’s richest and most influential families.

Their family income worth is estimated to almost $ 2 billion. Bhanu Choudhrie is not the only famous member of the family. His father is well-known in Britain as one of the greatest contributors of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Choudhrie’s family residences are situated in some of the most exclusive parts of London’s Belgravia.

The family is functioning on two separate levels – private and business, and Bhanu Choudhrie is very successfully handling both levels.

The Activity And Work Of C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is directed to what he does the best. He is the head of C&C Alpha Group – the company that invests in various business projects: from the utilities to care homes.

C & C Alpha Group is a holding enterprise founded in 2002. This company gathers private investors who are tied up in the venture capital business for over 30 years.

The company includes six major sectors: real estate, utilities, aviation, healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture. This company also brings forth the advisory services within its consulting department. As Choudhrie claims – his role-model was a famous US financier Warren Buffett, since his investment approach was inspiring for him.

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The influence of C&C Alpha Group was rising for years, especially in UAE where this company is very significant and reputable. The company has its own aviation school Alpha Aviation Academy. This school is well-known for its training of pilots for short airline flights. The company also supplies Air Arabia, with new recruits. Alpha Aviation Academy in the UAE is training over 120 recruits, but the company also has a largely based center in the Philippines where 500 future pilots are trained.


Choudhrie claims that increased demand in the UAE is making the company consider exploring the potential for a new training campus opening in Europe.

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How Serge Belamant Turned a Conversation Into a Successful Business Venture

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Born in France, Serge Belamant is an expert in the area of blockchain technology. Not only is he an expert, he holds patents in the industry. Belamant moved to South Africa with his family at the age of 14, and later went on to attend Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University where he studied computer science and technology. Throughout his career, Serge Belamant has demonstrated passion and a high level of expertise in the area of coding digital financial transaction software. In fact, it’s how he built his reputation in the financial services arena. Belamant has had a significant impact on global banking.

In 1989, Serge Belamant demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by launching Net1 UEPS Technologies, a company that specializes in universal electronic payment systems (UEPS). He was a recognized expert by many leaders in the industry, and hired by VISA to develop a chip offline pre-authorized card in 1995. As it turns out, the technology that he designed is still used today in the form of chip-enabled credit and debit cards. Read more news at

A few years down the road, Serge Belamant developed a digital payment system that was used in South Africa to transfer welfare funds and grants to areas of the country that needed them most. The system that he developed remains in use around the world, including places like Russia and Iraq.

Serge Belamant is still thriving in his career. He is on the Board of Advisors for Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings. He also launched Zilch Technologies, which is a company based in the UK that provides financial solutions for younger generations. There’s an interesting story behind the launch of Zilch. Belamant actually got the idea during a conversation with his son Philip about social media.

Belamant’s son is an IT engineer, has a degree in computer science and owns a company that produces mobile games. The conversation they had was about the influence of social media in the modern world, and how it would be a great tool to use for the purpose of offering financial products in an interface and language that young people could understand. As it turns out, they were right; this is precisely the mission of Zilch Technologies.

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How Money Is Made Selling Organo Gold Products

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Organo Gold is a beverage firm that sells its products in 13 nations using a network of independent distributors. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who is also the chief executive officer. Their products include Ganoderma Lucidem which is a Chinese herb thought to have several health benefits.

Organo Gold has a scientific advisory board that makes sure the Ganoderma Lucidem is pure and healthy. This Chinese herb is grown at Xianzhilou Biology in Fujian, China, and then imported to British Columbia, Canada, where Organo Gold is headquartered.

The independent distributors that sell Organo Gold products have seven ways of getting paid. This includes Retail Profit and Fast Track Bonus which are both paid on a weekly basis. Paying on a monthly basis are Dual Team Bonus, Uni Level Bonus, Uni Level Matching Bonus, and Generational Leadership Bonus. Organo Gold quarterly pays out Global Pool.

The independent distributors need to market and sell the Organo Gold products. If you want to make good money doing this you need to operate your business like a real business. This means putting in the hard work of learning about and executing sales and marketing strategies.

Organo Gold products are desirable because they include things that many people drink every day. This includes product lines of coffees and teas. They also sell a hot chocolate and there are a couple of product lines of nutritional supplements available.

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Rebel Wilson – Isn’t it Romantic

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Rebel Wilson is an Australian performing artist, essayist, and maker. In the wake of moving on from the Australian Theater for Young People in 2003, she started showing up as Toula on the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) satire arrangement Pizza and the sketch parody arrangement The Wedge.

Back in 2008, Wilson composed, delivered and featured in the melodic satire arrangement Bogan Pride. The next year, she won the Tropfest best performing artist grant for her job in Bargain and showed up in City Homicide. Soon after moving to the United States, Wilson was given a role as Brynn in the element film Bridesmaids.

Rebel Wilson simply found a paw-some better approach to work out!

Wilson, who turned 39 on March 2, shared a series of Instagram posts archiving her fun birthday festivities, which included taking a cake-production class and experimenting with a special type of activity — “catzercise!”


Rebel Wilson — who is featuring in 2019’s up and coming Cats motion picture — shared two recordings of the move moves she and her companions mastered amid their 30-minute practice. The on-screen character and her buddies performed while decked out in feline ensembles, with Wilson wearing pink hairy armbands and feline ears. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The performing artist at that point sang the commendations of the exercise on her Instagram, stating, “The better approach to get that sweltering Summer body: CATZERCISE ???? Don’t be a pussy and attempt it.”

Rebel Wilson likewise commended her birthday by taking a cake-production class at Milk Bar, where she made her own celebratory birthday cake.

The star additionally as of late hit a phase creation of Cats, sharing a Saturday Instagram of herself presenting with the cast. “This cast is INCREDIBLE!!,” Wilson spouted.

Rebel Wilson will star as Jennyanydots in the up and coming Cats film close by well-known costars including Taylor Swift, PEOPLE’s ruling Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden.

The Pitch Perfect performing artist talked about working with Swift, 29, in a February meeting with Entertainment Tonight, saying the “Sensitive” artist conveys a sultry vibe to her character, Bombalurina, in the melodic adjustment.

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Nicolas Krafft Works with L’Oreal to Bring Beauty to Everyone Worldwide

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L’Oreal Paris held its second annual fashion and beauty show on September 30th, 2018. Held on the river Seine in Paris, the show consisted of a floating catwalk which took eight days to set up and pull down. Some of the notable names at the event included models such as Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin, and Elle Fanning. Other famous names present at the event were L’Oreal Paris’ new ambassador and Paralympic ski champion, Marie Bochet, and Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka Jaime Lannister. The show was dedicated to affirming the company’s dedication to making fashion and beauty more accessible while showing off the season’s new looks.

In preparation for the event, 70 new hair and makeup looks were created by Stephane Lancien and Val Garland, L’Oreal Paris’ Global Hair Artist and Global Makeup Artist respectively. Some of the 13 partner fashion brands who were crucial to making the show a success include Chopard, Miu Miu, Sonia Rykiel, Isabel Marant, and Balmain. Drones were used to film the entire event which was broadcast simultaneously in more than 30 countries. Passers-by and tourists also got the opportunity to watch the show for free from giant screens set up for the occasion. All this is in line with L’Oreal Paris’ commitment to bringing beauty to everyone worldwide.

Nicolas Krafft is L’Oreal’s General Manager, Pulp Riot International, a position he has held since January 2019. Some of the other positions he has held at the company include as the Vice President of Global Business Development, Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe, General Manager, Marketing Director Asia, and Marketing Director Kerastase. For his education, Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen and INSEAD for his Business Management and Corporate General Management programs respectively.

Nicolas Krafft is highly skilled in sales and marketing. He also has strong leadership skills and expertise in strategy and operations for global brand management. Consequently, when it comes to working with direct sales forces, distributors, and agents, he is the go-to guy. His skills in specific product development together with the setup of business model played key roles in helping him launch cosmetic brands in seven countries across Asia. He is fluent in English, French and German and has extensive international experience.

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Oren Frank and a Well-Rounded Career

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Oren Frank is the snappy name of the painstaking professional who is in charge ofTalkSpace at the moment. He’s the business’ Chief Executive Officer. He’s also one of the individuals who established it initially. What is the primary objective for the team at TalkSpace? It’s to give people everywhere the opportunity to get their hands on therapy that’s both inexpensive and effective. Oren Frank is headquartered in New York, New York now.

This businessman didn’t set up TalkSpace all by himself. He actually did so with the cooperation of Roni, his beloved wife. The pair made TalkSpace come to fruition back in 2012. Frank already had a solid work background under his belt before beginning TalkSpace. He worked as an adept professional in the advertising and marketing fields. He did a lot of work for a firm that’s known as McCann Erickson Worldwide. People who knew about him at that time associated him with his indisputable innovation abilities. Oren Frank has long wanted to simplify psychotherapy choices for the members of the general public. Read more Talkspace Couples Therapy Review at

Oren Frank consistently strives to receive a minimum of seven shut-eye hours on a nightly basis. He isn’t the kind of person who thinks that neglecting rest is ever acceptable. He likes to approach each day at work with all of the energy in the world. Getting adequate rest enables him to do so.

Reading is one of Oren Frank’s most beloved pastimes. He reads all sorts of things with consistency. He’s an individual who even has a lot of concerns that relate to physical fitness. That explains partially why he does so much walking. Being outside and getting fresh air enables him to feel like he can conquer the entire planet. Oren Frank is the kind of person who behaves in an indomitable fashion. Learn more: