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Madison Street Capital, the Trusted Financial Advisor

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Madison Street Capital, abbreviated as MSC, is a firm which gives professional financial advice. MSC is based in Chicago, and it assists organizations to get right to credit, make important investment decisions and also know how to go about complicated transactions. The company also offers merger and valuation services. The success of the MSC is attributed to the fact that it has helped well-recognized businesses.

When it comes to obtaining credit, MSC boasts its success because in 2014 it helped a firm known as Vital Care which is based in Illinois to get access to credit from an appropriate lender. The CEO of Vital Care was extremely pleased with that move. As a result of acquiring the commercial loan, Vital Care produced hygienic medical supplies.

Due to the success of MSC, the co-founder Anthony Marsala received an award for being successful under 40. He received the award for his notable achievements in the field of valuation, mergers and other related associations.

Madison Capital as a company also received an award in the summer of 2016. The highly coveted M&A Advisor Award is given to companies which have managed to set up commendable financing, acquisition and restructuring contracts. They also got an award for organizing the best merger deal valued at $100 million. In 2017, MSC won a Turnaround award for restructuring a transaction with a value below $25 million. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

In 2017, MSC foresaw the merging of the DCG Software with The Spitfire Group. DCG offers software for over two decades and has offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. At some point, MSC served as the main advisor for ARES Security Corporation in an investment transaction. The transaction involved subordinating debt and minor recapitalization. MSC on March 2017, offered a Maryland company financial advice. The company is known as a WLR Automotive Group, which has been in business for almost two decades.

Also in 2017, MSC was highly celebrated by Maintenance Systems Management for meeting its needs by providing them with useful advice. MSM provides services for cleaning and building to San Francisco property owners.

There is no success without charity. MSC has been philanthropic in providing donations to areas affected by extreme weather in Eastern and Midwestern USA. They also make contributions to nonprofit organizations like the American Red Cross and United Way.

The success of Madison Capital is attributed to the fact that they have trained professionals and also because they provide different valuable services to countless selected companies. More information on MSC can be found on

MSC is a firm that is made up of skilled personnel. It’s internationally recognized as a premier investment banking firm.

They have specialized in providing financial services and merger advice. The company always aims at meeting the client’s needs. MSC has its headquarters in Chicago and Illinois. It has also expanded its operations to North America, Asia, and Africa.

How Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund Fights For Human Rights

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Many groups have been established to fight for the rights of humans. Some of the rights that these organizations fight for include; migrant rights, human rights, and the civil rights. All around the world you will be sure to find such groups.

One such group is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights or CHIRLA in short. The institution is based in California. It is known to be the leading organization that fights for the immigrant families and individuals in California.

The group acts as an agent that works towards the realization of the right for the human to freely mobilize in their participation in democracy. Their main agenda is to make this possible even for the immigrants.

They are aiming to do this by changing the public opinion. Jim and Larkin also want to build some power as they try to alter the policy for full immigrant, civil, and human rights.

CHIRLA was founded after the act of 1986. This is the Immigrant Reform and Control Act. This act made it illegal for one to hire the undocumented workers. This was viewed as a way for one to abuse and exploit the workers.

There is also the Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund. This organization was formed by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Jim and Michael got arrested in October of 2007. The arrest was made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County.

This arrest was made in the middle of their night from their own homes. The reason for their arrest was that they had revealed some grand jury proceedings. These processes demanded that the reporters give away any of the notes that they had covering the sheriff.

This became more alarming when the jury also demanded them to give the names of the people who had subscribed to their online stories. Jim and Michael sued the county for the ninth circuit. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

They won the case and were given a settlement of 3.75 million dollars. The two reports had spent most of their time fighting for the human, civil and migrant rights. They also fought for the freedom of speech.

The money that the received from the settlement was dedicated to the funding of the migrant rights organizations in Arizona. They also used the money to fund the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This group has then been on the forefront of fighting for the rights of the migrants in the whole of Arizona.

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DACA Gets Rescue from the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund

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Have you ever been caught on the wrong side of the law? It can be devastating and frustrating especially if you can are a victim. Sometimes the law can put you in very compromising situations. When you in this condition, you feel helpless. It is the humanitarian organizations that bail you out from this situations. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

For this reason, the authorities may collide with the philanthropists. The humanitarians also concentrate on fighting for the secluded groups and the minority who have no say. They are the voice of the people. DACA is one of this institution and has played a significant role in fighting for immigrants’ rights.

DACA assists the immigrants who are below 31 years of age. Sometimes these immigrants have technically spent all their life in the country. They, therefore, view it as an unfair act to deport such immigrants. The economy has benefited from their presence because they have utilized their talents for the well-being of the state.

The Larkin and Lacey fund began by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, bails out organizations such as DACA that fight for civil, human and immigrant rights. They formed the Frontera with the $3.75million that they received as compensation from the case of the Sheriff. The first people to benefit from this arrangement were the Arizona people.

Lately, the DACA organization have been facing difficulties that have left the members live in fear. This is from the announcement that the firm may be closed down on Sep 5, 2017.The closure is supposed to be gradual. This means that the institution is prohibited from receiving new applicants. The firm is also banned from renewing expired memberships for their clients.

These developments were after the Texas Attorney General ordered the Trump government to close it down. The AG filed claims stating that the firm did not have the required documents that the law demands it to have, to support its existence in the USA. Nine other officials signed in support of the claims. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The government has not made their decision on the matter. The dreamers are more anxious after Kelly announced, that despite the DACAs staff efforts in resolving the issues, the foundation is still unstable.

The Frontera fund has decided to step in and offer a hand in ensuring that the DACA foundation is not closed down. The beneficiaries hope have been restored by these proceedings. The Frontera fund headed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin has promised to solve the immigrant issue for good. This is an attempt to make sure that such incidences do not occur in future.

The Arizona dreamers have condemned the Texas AG and the nine officials who seconded him in the act. This is because the beneficiaries of DACA are a great asset to the society. This is because once the members’ time is extended by two years, they may have gathered the required documents.

After this, they use their income in purchasing residences and cars. This money is revenue to the government. The state should, therefore, embrace the immigrants and view them for what they are: assets to the country.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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Orange Coast College Bringing Forth New Planetarium

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There is a new planetarium being worked on at Orange College. Recently, this construction project had received a very generous donation of $1 million. The generous donation had come from an instructor that used to teach at Orange Coast College. The instructor’s name is Mary McChesney.

Her generous donation will help contribute towards putting a Foucault pendulum in the planetarium. This pendulum will be used to provide insight about the Earth’s rotation. This unique pendulum will be the only one within the county.

The purpose of the new planetarium will be to provide students and the community a center to explore and learn about scientific information. Mary McChesney is very optimistic that the new planetarium will put in place exhilarating possibilities for everyone. This retired instructor still has so much adoration for Orange Coast College.

The generous donation made by this instructor was in remembrance of a former professor that passed away. Over the years Mary McChesney has been a supporter and contributor for Orange Coast College scholarships. She has also been a very active contributor for Orange Coast College Foundation. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The new planetarium will have 129 seats. A portion of the planetarium will have a hallway for National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration. The newly built planetarium will also be a resource for students with the grade level of Kindergarten through 12th. It will be a center of resource for residents within the community.

Currently, Orange Coast College has been given $2.6 million in just donations to continue with the rebuild. The newly built planetarium is scheduled to open in the year 2018 during the fall semester.

Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, California. This college was established in the year 1947. The President of this college is Dr. Dennis Harkins. Orange Coast College offers an associate degree in science and art, credentials of achievement, and division courses transferable to institutions and colleges. Orange Coast College enrolls around 24,000 undergraduate scholars. Orange Coast College has clubs, competitive teams, and Associated Student Body.

In conclusion, Orange Coast College offers many possibilities to students and the community.

George Soros Empowers Through Philanthropy

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Somebody like George Soros should need no introduction, but he ultimately likes to keep his name out of the spotlight so they are occasionally required. George Soros is a billionaire investor as well as one of the most giving philanthropists to ever walk the planet. While those are lofty titles they are merely the second and third leg of his title as one of the most progressive billionaires in the world today. Soros has spent his entire life and professional career working toward putting himself in a position to help as many people as possible. Soros’ unlikely rise to prominence is a unique story in and of itself and the work he has done once he got there is even more interesting.

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George Soros was a Jewish teenager living in Hungary when the Nazi force rolled into the country and set up an occupation. From 1944 to 1945 the Nazis that occupied Hungary would kill over 500,000 Jews in cold blood. During that time Soros had to fight as much as possible in order to live and to survive. He and his family worked quietly to help subvert the regime by acquiring fake identity papers to help other Jews escape the country. Eventually Soros and his own family would end up fleeing and they would end up in London, having fled from Budapest. Once in London Soros worked tirelessly to graduate from the London School of Economics, handling two jobs at once in order to pay for his studies. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

It was this hard work work and this experience with the oppressive Nazi regime that would inform George Soros’ decision to start the Open Society Foundations after settling in America. Soros came to America in the ’50s and he would have landed his fortune with the Soros Hedge Fund by the ’70s. With that money in hand Soros established a network of progressive philanthropic companies all over the world, spanning 130+ different countries. These foundations would form the backbone of what is now known as the Open Society Foundations. Through this network Soros has helped to fund grassroots activists, education, reform, and more throughout the globe. The Open Society Foundations has given nearly $12 billion so far in their lifespan. Learn more on about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations has also had an effect here at home in the United States. During the infamous Ferguson Protests in Missouri activists were able to come to the streets and raise their voice in order to bring attention to the racially motivated police brutality. Soros and the Open Society Foundations had indirectly helped this activism by funding grassroots campaigns in the area to the tune of nearly $33 million. Soros is also a key figure in the success of the early days of the #BlackLivesMatters group.

Thor Halvorssen & Human Rights Advocacy

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Born on March 9, 1976, Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, popularly known as Thor Halvorssen, is a Venezuelan film producer and human rights activist who has contributed immensely to public interest advocacy, public policy, civil liberties, and political democracy.

Thor Halvorssen was schooled at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated magnum cum laude with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History. These degrees were obtained concurrently.

His enthusiasm stems from a deeper and personal experience. During his first year of study at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was arrested on trumped-up charges due to his involvement in the investigation the notorious narcotics gang, the Medellin Cartel. He was beaten and tortured almost to the point of death. Seeing this, Thor Halvorssen put up a spirited campaign to force the release of his father. As a result, he got help from an NGO, Transparency International. His father was found innocent and released. After his release, Thor’s father was appointed a director of a Pan-American United Nations Committee in charge of human rights.

His mother was also shot and wounded by Venezuelan Security officials while attending a peaceful demonstration of the Venezuelan recall referendum in 2004.

To demonstrate his human rights activism, Thor Halvorssen is a council member at the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that has tasked itself with the responsibility of protecting and promoting human rights in the world. All the members of this council serve on a pro bono basis for the greater good. The Human Rights Foundation runs activities like human rights advocacy campaigns, exposing dictatorships, conferences on human rights, and promoting studying in the areas of law and democracy through their Center for law and democracy.

Before joining HRF, Thor Halvorssen worked at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) as an executive director and CEO. FIRE was a civil liberties movement in the USA. Other human rights movements he has been involved with include; Oslo Freedom Forum and Children’s Peace Movement.

Mr. Thor has also given lectures on human rights at Harvard School of Law, the British Parliament, American Enterprise Institute and the United Nations Associations in New York.

Thor is also involved in film production. He has co-produced a movie, Freedom’s Fury whose plot follows the uprising against misrule in Hungary in 1956. Other films under his name include Hammer & Tickle, the Singing Revolution just but to mention a few.

Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

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Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea. She and her mother, father and sister were a close knit family. Her father did everything he could to take care of his family. He was imprisoned for black market trading. This caused them to be labeled as criminals and pushed to the edge of society. Yeonmi and her family suffered from hunger and deprivation during their time in North Korea. When she was 13, weighing only 60 pounds. Yeonmi admitted on the Reason interview that she and her mother were smuggled to China.
In China, they were sold into the sex trade. After two years in China, they escaped into Seoul, South Korea where they found freedom. By this time, Yeonmi’s father had passed away. Her sister’s whereabouts were never known. In her early 20’s and attending a university, Yeonmi is releasing a book about her life titled, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom.”

The book describes the many things she and her family had to endure during their time under the brutal regime in North Korea. She says that the same treatment is being forced on people in the country still today. According to a News.AU report, the North Korean government (See, for additional info.) has tried desperately to undermine her credibility, along with that of other defectors from the region. She has shown extreme resilience in telling the world what it is truly like for many in North Korea. She has become very well-known on YouTube for a speech she made last year at the One Young World Summit in Dublin. Her story brought the audience to tears and to their feet in support of her.

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Fox News Invites Thor Halvorssen, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation And Bernie Sanders Supporter, For An Interview And Things Get Weird

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Bernie Sanders keeps telling the truth on the campaign trail and that is why he continues to surge in the polls. In fact, he has collected more votes from people under 30 than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined this primary season. But there is a lot of confusion about the presidential platform of Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist senator from the state of Vermont. There seems to be a negative connotation to socialism. In an effort to slow his rise in the polls, Fox News recently tried to take down the presidential candidate in an interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.


In the three-minute interview, it is very apparent what Fox News is trying to do. In fact, they don’t even try to hide it. Right at the beginning of the interview, the hostess states that Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country and that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. She repeats herself in her first question. She asks Thor Halvorssen, the world-famous human rights activist, exactly why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. But she gets it all wrong and is about to get schooled by Thor.


The first thing that Thor Halvorssen tries to do is to separate socialism from evil. He tells her that there are great examples of socialist governments in Scandinavia, but also says there are terrible examples of socialist governments such as in Venezuela. But she tries again, asking him why socialism is bad. He then tries to define socialism for her and the viewing audience, but she cuts him off not wanting to get “bogged down in details”, and she keeps pushing him to slam socialism and Bernie Sanders on national television. That’s when he turns it around on her.
Thor Halvorssen, the world-famous human rights activist, is a Bernie Sanders supporter and has contributed $2700 to his campaign. She squeals, “Why?” Because Hillary Clinton has taken campaign contributions from human rights violating dictators around the world and the leading Republican candidates have verbally supported dictators like Vladimir Putin. To him, Bernie Sanders is the clear choice.