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Securus Technologies Brings Business Malpractices to Light

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Securus Technologies is an American company that specializes in the provision of technology services in correctional facilities throughout North America. The company [see,] offers employment to more than a thousand people while also impacting the lives of more than a million inmates.

Securus Technologies is a company that always strives to provide the best services to the clients. They also seek to ensure that their business is conducted through the set requirements to ensure justice for all. These virtues are what led Securus to come public through PR Newswire about the findings involving Global Tel Links (GTL) that came from research by the Louisiana PSC. The results of this investigation had shown that GTL had breached many regulations while conducting business.

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During the presentation of the Order No. U-20784-B to the press, Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies made his opinion on the matter known. He said that it was offending for a company in an industry he loves, to commit crimes against the very clients they serve. He stated that money should not be the main agenda of being in the industry but the will to serve.
The company decided to act against GTL to compel them to correct their wrongdoings. Securus Technologies would go on releasing the findings to the public over a span of about six months. The first article issued by the CEO features several malpractices committed by Global Tel Link against unsuspecting clients.

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Some of the offenses committed by Global Tel Links are; Setting telephones to add some seconds automatically to obtain extra charges, Billing one call several times and thereby overcharging customers, Using more expensive tariffs than the recommended leading to users to incur charges, and Increasing costs to customers by use of add-ons’. All these wrongdoings by Global were made to ensure that the company made more profits although they knew that it was illegal.
The discovery about the malpractices done by GTL came to light more than a decade ago. Smith, however, says that the years that have gone past should not be enough to erase the wrongs. He also states that it would be difficult for Securus to conduct any business with Global due to its tainted image. Richard Smith referred to the habit of conning your clients as cancer in the industry.
Securus Technologies is a BBB Accredited company that is deemed to tick all the set standards. Some of the reasons that led to the endorsement by BBB are the company’s style of resolving any consumer conflicts and ensuring that the quality of service is up to standard. Securus has also been in business for a long time. The time of operation was also a determining factor for the accreditation.

Tough Times Ahead for George Gascon as the District Attorney

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The blue ribbon commission that has been set up by George Gascon is investigating racism and homophobia in the police officer in San Francisco. George Gascon had served in the Police Officers Association that he is now terming as being obstructions to justice. It is due to such accusations that the rest of the law enforcement are confused about. It is termed as obstruction to bringing justice and making the department to be more protective of the rights of the citizens.
George Gascon is the current District Attorney and he has vowed to bring out all the dirt that is going o in the police department. It has been reported cases of police mishandling the citizens and also being involved in various racist activities. Gascon as the DA has all the authority to bring to justice the police officers who have been accused of infringing on other people’s rights in the district.
Gascon who is doing his duties is being faced with a lot of resistance from the fellow law enforcement agencies. Right from the current president of the Police Officers Association and from the former president of POA, it is likely that he will be having a hard time to enforce some rules . He needs the departments to be diverse and do not employ officers factoring race, sexual orientations and also favoritism. He explains that no stone will be left unturned in the fight and that all the responsible individuals should be ready to face the consequences.
Among the former president of the POA who are opposing and discrediting what Gascon is doing is Gary Delagnes, who was in the force for over 25 years. He is much offended that Gascon is trying to taint the good name of the force. He recalls so many occasions that link the DA in a compromising situation and not being in a position of accepting the war that Gascon is fighting. He recalls that when they were in the force with the DA, they always discussed about how good the force was. He therefore proves that by Gascon claiming that there were vices in the police force would be a lie.

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