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What Do You Do When You Are Bored? Wengie Has Answers for You!

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At this very moment, you may be bored. You are more than likely scrolling through social media in the hopes to find something entertaining to read, write, or watch. Unfortunately and most of the time, entertainment value is rarely provided when doing this, a hardship that results in dreadful boredom. If you find yourself regularly bored, you must have not found Wengie’s YouTube channel yet. The Australian beauty with Asian roots is famous for her beauty tutorials, diet tips, do it yourself activities, and her scandalous pranks. From DIY back to school edibles to alleviating boredom, this woman is on fire when it comes to making sure that her followers have great days each day.


Combat Boredom and Hunger with a Sweet New Recipe


When people find themselves in a dull situation, they also become hungry. If you find yourself relating to this correlation, the queen of blogs has a yummy solution: Try a new recipe! In her DIY video for the entertainment-impaired, she makes white chocolate candy bowls that are both vibrant and delicious. She begins by melting white chocolate and selecting her favorite sprinkles. She then blows up balloons and dips the end in the melted chocolate, and then immediately dips the wet mixture into the sprinkles. After allowing the chocolate to cool and harden, she carefully removes the bowl. From there, she fills them with even more scrumptious treats, including candy, marshmallows, and more chocolate.


Use Your Boredom for Good


Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but have never found the time to actually do it? Learning an instrument is an immensely beneficial activity that the Aussie recommends doing the next time you have nothing to do. Rent or buy an instrument, watch a tutorial, and repeat the process each day that you have spare time.


A Do It Yourself DIY


If you love DIY tutorials, why not make your own? Wengie suggests picking up a craft, putting your own spin on it, and then passing the instructions along to other people. You never know what you can create and who would appreciate to have one as well!

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Takes Cosmetics Marketing In A New Direction

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Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of the innovative brand Lime Crime Cosmetics, is a ‘new school’ leader. One that believes uplifting people and providing positive reinforcement is the way for a leader to inspire respect. And that’s just what she’s done in building her company. Deere is on a mission to create cosmetics that are not focused on concealing flaws, but on giving people the tools to express themselves through their make-up. And since she started her company in 2008 countless people have embraced the line of magical, brightly colored cosmetics as their own.

The bold, intensely pigmented, vibrant colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line were created out of necessity. Doe Deere was looking for bright, colorful make-up to make her features stand out while performing with her rock band. When she couldn’t find what she needed she decided to create it for herself. When she showed the make-up to visitors to her online make-up tutorial that begged her to begin selling it. After choosing her favorite color, Lime green, as part of her company’s name and creating a website to market the products, Lime Crime cosmetics was born.

The company offers blindingly bright lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows, blushes and more that are made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. That combination has struck a chord with consumers and made Lime Crime one of the hottest cosmetics line on the market today. Founding Lime Crime Cosmetics was a dream come true for Doe Deere. She has been experimenting with loud make-up and sparkles since she was a pre-teen and inspired by female entrepreneurs before her, she always wanted to own a company. Now with the success of Lime Crime Doe Deere is helping other women to start their dream companies, offers them advice, mentoring and support and encourages them to contact her.

These days Doe Deere starts her work days by meeting with her creative director and other staff members to strategize, go over projects and consider new products. Deere waits patiently for inspiration then acts decisively and swiftly. But she insists on trying the products herself first to ensure she feels it and it’s authentic. She also plays a prominent role in creating the company’s online marketing activities. Her vision of what was possible using online marketing to sell cosmetics has proven she way right to ignore the naysayers that said it wouldn’t work.

Wengie’s Bedroom Tour: Are You Jealous Yet?

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Those who make YouTube videos tend to let the filming take place in one room. Viewers tend to obsess over that room, and are often shocked if a change of scenery ensues. Wengie is an Australian beauty blogger who tends to make plenty of videos in her bedroom, so it is no secret that her fans were eager to catch a glimpse of more than the simple background. Just what does the rest of the room look like?

Plenty of windows make the room appear to be a modern day castle; the decor further validates that. Nestled in a little corner is a red, French-inspired chair that is reminiscent of a throne. Perfect for reading, this corner is Wengie’s little escape. Soft pastel walls surround a bed that is accented with plenty of pillows and a quaint, pink throw. Viewers get a glimpse into the closet, too, and Wengie admits to hogging all of the space. Sorry, boyfriend!

The highlight of the room, though, is certainly her vanity–the place where all the YouTube magic happens. Stating that she spends most of her time getting ready in her room, she expressed her love for her vanity. Though it appears simple enough, the beautiful white vanity has every necessary beauty product known to man, or woman, in this case. Plenty of lighting ensures that no mistakes will be made as Wengie teaches people across the globe how to be flawless. Beautiful houseplants complete the setting, and a peacefully sleeping cat demonstrates that the bed must, in fact, be comfy!


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