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Wengie is a blogger and vlogger most know for her amazing DIY videos on YouTube. She currently has over 5 million subscribers and her videos have millions and millions of views. One of her most popular videos to date is her 50 back to school life hacks video in which she shows viewers how to do simple back to school hacks.


One of the first and simplest tricks in the video is to write your study notes in a different color ink. Take all of your notes and one color and be sure to write down the specific things you want to remember in a different color. This not only makes it easier to pick out what you need to study but it also makes it look more creative and colorful. Another great tip is to Mark the different subjects in your notebook using different color highlighters. This is a great tip for making sure you stay organized.


Another great tip Wengie shares with her viewers is how to make a do-it-yourself whiteboard. White boards are perfect for jotting down simple notes or things that you need to remember. They are not only eco-friendly but they are also easier to clean and use then normal paper. A great tip for those Jim days at school is to place two tea bags in your gym shoes. This will help absorb any smell, odor or even moisture. Another beauty tip for school is to apply hand sanitizer to your underarms should you forget to use deodorant, this is especially important during gym class. Some of the other great tips and tricks included in this video are ways to make your essays longer, your school supplies cuter and even ways to be neater and more organized. With all of these Great Tricks and so many more it is easy to see why Wengie is one of the top of the Youtubers in the world.