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Hussain Sajwani is making Billions through Product Positioning in Real Estate

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In the current cluttered real estate industry, clients are often trained to dance to the rhymes provided by their real estate agents and property developers. In other words, supposing your message is not helpful to the consumer then your efforts in seeking for that extra dollar will go down the drain instantly. As such, positioning is the strategy behind understanding the availability of space as well as the position against what you are offering to the consumers. Like in the case of one famous billionaire who is in the real estate business, Hussain Sajwani has been applying product positioning in his quest to grow DAMAC Properties.

Who is Sajwani?
Hussain Sajwani is a real estate property developer hailing from the Middle East. He was raised by very humble parents who believed in the value of an intact family in the community. As such, his father made sure that he was in a position to learn the retail business as fast as he could. Moreover, he was appointed the shop manager for some time. That in itself was a strategy to expose him to the real world of business and related careers. Well, Hussain Sajwani was too ambitious even as a teenager. Therefore, he decided to pursue his personal business interests instead of sticking around the family business in the hope of inheriting it eventually. For someone who grew up in difficulties, that was a pretty bold move.

Growing Independently
By quitting the family business, Hussain Sajwani set himself on a successful yet challenging path. First of all, he joined a school in Baghdad with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine. However, that was short-lived as he changed his mind and moved to the United States of America where he pursued economics and combined it with engineering at the Washington University.

Career and Business
Passing with honors, the business-oriented student decided to delve into the world of careers by working for GASCO Company. Under the leadership of multiple senior executives, he managed to earn an elevation that defined his ability to outperform his peers. Therefore, he thought that it was time to join a different industry. That is how he established a food catering business that served more than 10,000 clients in Dubai.

Dubai’s hospitality industry.
A few years into the business, the DAMAC owner decided to venture into an additional business. This time, he started a real estate company by the brand name of DAMAC Properties. First of all, he identified the relevant market niche where DAMAC Properties would fit in supplying the real estate needs of its clients. After that, he established strong business relationships with the likes of Tiger Woods and Donald Trump. Until now, the duo has been Sajwani’s major associates in the real estate industry.

The Overview
From the look at his career, it is right to deduce that Hussain Swajani, the DAMAC owner has utilized strong entrepreneurial networks in positioning his brand DAMAC Properties.


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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor who has invested his cash in SENS foundation. SENS foundation was established in 2009. The aim and the goals of this foundation are fights age-related diseases. In the year 2010, Jason donated of $ 500,000 to SENS foundation. This has helped the foundation to build a highly specialized laboratory to carry out new research.Therefore they can research with no difficulty. Jason`s dreams in some years to come are to see doctors able to cure deadly diseases that had no cure. Some of these diseases are heart diseases, cancer, and Parkinson`s disease.

Jason is much concerned with the welfare of many especially in term of health. He explains that advancement of medical technology is significant because it will help doctors treat their patient with ease. This is because technology has simplified everything through research of those deadly diseases and ways to manage them. SENS foundation has helped in the contribution of advancement of medical technology and research.SENS Foundation is searching for ways to deals with damages that occur from time to time before the diseases develop fully in the body. SENS is also finding the cure for diseases that affect all functioning of the body that makes us age faster than we should. SENS is much determined on stopping and preventing those disease forever.

Jason was born and brought up in a temple located in Arizona. He received his MBA from Arizona state of the university. After Jason was through with his college he engaged himself with some business he merged successful, and he was all known over the world within a short time. Many people consult Jason about how to be successful and all those who need business advice. This is because he is a well-known expert and advisor on business question international. Jason Hope supports SENS not only financially but helps this foundation to connect with another source. SENS means Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. It is a non- profit organization that support scientists, philanthropists and researchers.

Jed McCaleb Hopes To Improve The Economic State Of The World Through Stellar

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Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency blockchain expert and a well-known American programmer that has been recognized for his work with the creation of Mt. Gox, which was the first bitcoin exchange. He also was a part of eDonkey, which was one of the original peer-to-peer file sharing networks that was decentralized. Jed McCaleb is now working on his latest venture, Stellar, which began in 2014 when he partnered with Joyce Kim as a co-founder. The company is is a financial network that serves the public by encouraging people to become a part of making the global economy better. McCaleb works in a technical role where he writes code and takes care of other technical tasks needed to run the company.

Jed McCaleb came up with the idea for Stellar after he discovered that Bitcoin had a slew of potential problems associated with it. What he did was use the technology behind bitcoin to put together a open source network where financial institutions can connect. One of the main purposes of Stellar is to help people who don’t have bank accounts to have access to them. The reason this is needed is because many financial institutions cannot work with low-income people because it would be a money losing proposition. What Jed McCaleb and Stellar are doing is cutting down dramatically on the costs of maintaining a way of connecting institutions together so that money transfers are much cheaper.


Jed McCaleb is also interested in artificial intelligence and believes that it can solve many issues that the world is currently facing. He feels that AI can do a lot more than blockchain and has been working with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), which is a nonprofit that works to make AI software safe to use. He has expressed his opinion that it is vital to have a business plan and/or strategy in place before you get started with a project. He also has learned to hone in on what is most important in his day to day life and has gotten very good at not being distracted. Jed McCaleb welcomes challenges instead of shying away from him, and this has been a large part of the key to his success.



Joel Friant the Ever-Present Habanero Guy

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Joel Friant is no stranger to innovation. As a serial entrepreneur he has created numerous products, most famous among them The Habanero Shaker. But there is a lot more to the free market devotee than a successful real estate business, and the moniker of “foodpreneur”. Friant is also avid about helping others find success. He hosts online seminars, publishes articles, and shares his perceptions with all who listen. All he wants is for others to surpass potentials in their lives and occupations. Much like Joel surpassed his.

Before his success with the Habanero Shaker, Friant was known as the “The Thai Guy”. In 1995, he left real estate sales and fashioned the first fast food Thai restaurant. That same year he developed and marketed the Habanero Shaker. Observing how much consumers at his Thai restaurant enjoyed the hot but ultimately flavorful pepper, and how many Habanero shakers lacked actual Habanero flakes, Friant came up with a revolutionary idea. Using real Habanero flakes from the finest peppers, the Habanero Shaker has no additives or salts. It is gluten free making it available to those on a vegan diet and contains just the right mixture of heat and flavor. The shaker was first introduced the same year as his Thai restaurant, and soon found its place on the shelves of some big grocery store chains.

Joel returned to real estate in 2003, building a successful mortgage lending firm. In the wake of 2008’s financial crises Friant began developing revolutionary business concepts, among them the “Income Thermostat”. Lately he has been finding success in online sales, embracing the digital world fully. 2012 saw the return of his famous Habanero Shaker on online markets, Friant also assist with the selling of other products as well. Friant was also one of the early pioneers to invest in Bitcoin. However, despite all these successes, Friant will always be the Habanero guy.

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The Strong Leadership of Lori Senecal

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Strong leadership is hard to come by but Lori Senecal is one of the best in the field of business and marketing. The article explains that Lori Senecal has been one of the best in her field straight out of college. Any company she has worked for has seen great success similar to the success she has seen through out her amazing career. Senecal, has been awarded multiple times due to her leadership success and how she works to globalize or extend globalization of the companies she has worked for. The article describes Lori Senecal as being a positive change to the agency’s culture. Senecal has worked for the companies Staples, Nestle, Xbox, Weight Watcher’s, Sprint, Applebee’s, InBev, Nabisco, and Molson and also was the Global Accountant for Coca Cola. The article says many great things about her like how she has the ability to bring out the best in people, how she lifts the spirits of entrepreneurship in business and improves partner relationships. You can visit her speech during 3% conference.

Lori Senecal is a well known business leader in the industry of marketing and advertising. She has a lot of experience working with global companies or companies who want to go global. She has held countless top positions where she has used her leadership skills to grow each one. Senecal as served as a Chairman, Global CEO and Global Accountant with companies like McCann, KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners) and Crispin Porter and Bogusky which she now is the Global CEO for. Senecal has been awarded four times since her start at the company in March 2015 for her leadership and her innovative ways. She has brought synergy to the business and to the culture there while she oversees ten international offices and global expansion. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Senecal is a graduate of McGill University and continues to work in the greater New York area. She is deeply involved with mentoring young business minds and co-founded the Isaac Award organization which awards innovative students. She is involved with startup pitches for her companies to inspire innovation within the company she is working for Lori Senecal as accredited her success to sibling rivalry; she wanted to be more successful than her successful siblings. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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Glen Wakeman’s Career as a Global Business Guru

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Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, business executive, writer, and mentor. He is also a proud alumnus of the University of Chicago where he studied and earned his degree. Glen has lived and worked in over 32 countries and lived in six of them. His career which spans a little over 20 years is to thank for his travels around the globe.

Glen Wakeman has worked with GE Capital  where he served as CEO. During his career with the two firms, he has always been recognized for leading as well as transforming businesses. He has worked with over 17000 employees during his career lifetime and led assets worth billions of dollars. Some of his activities include mergers, acquisitions, growth, and market entry. He also helped start-ups and handled divestitures.

Glen Wakeman’s career took a turn when he decided to come up with his own company. He is one of the co-founders of a firm known as LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen Wakeman is also the firm’s CEO. With LaunchPad Holdings, Glen and his staff have managed to help entrepreneurs to increase their profits at a very early stage. The company offers early stage entrepreneurs with business planning assistance. The good news is that these services are available online.

Apart from running his company, Glen Wakeman also finds time out of his busy schedule to blog. He usually writes about how to transform one’s business, emerging market trends, and global affairs ( Glen Wakeman is also enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge on strategy and capital raising with his readers. He is also one of the best people to approach for business and leadership tips.

As a mentor, Glen Wakeman has helped many C-level executives to shape their lives and careers in business. He has helped start-ups such as Sitter Bees and the famous Dreamfunded to get onto their feet. His passion for business growth and entrepreneurship has made him one of the most sought after speakers and mentors, especially for the young people. In order to learn more about Glen Wakeman and what he does, you can check out his official website.