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Jason Hope Describes The Origins Of The Internet Of Things

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Jason Hope has become one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. As the founder of Jawa, the first company in the world to fully develop the premium mobile content streaming business model, Jason Hope was able to beat some of the biggest names in tech, including Apple, Amazon and Google, to the mobile streaming market by more than a decade. The business model that Jason Hope first pioneered would go on to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, helping to transform the world of technology.

Jason Hope has also been behind the formation of dozens of highly successful startups. Today, he has taken a step back from the busy life of an entrepreneur, opting to write about the coming revolution in technology known as the Internet of Things. His writings can be found in some of the biggest technology media sites on the internet as well as on his personal blog.


One of the more interesting aspects of the Internet of Things that Hope has discussed is the fact that many of the rudimentary parts that make up these devices have been around for decades. One of the chief areas that these technologies have come from is the world of aviation. Hope says that the aviation industry, particularly that of the United States, was the first to pioneer devices like directional radio beacons and navigation based on those systems. The aviation industry also pioneered things like the technology upon which all GPS systems are based today.

Jason Hope notes that many people are unaware of just how advanced the technologies that allowed commercial aircraft were as far back as the 1950s. The first commercial jets had inertial navigation systems that were capable of GPS-level precision, helping to guide airliners from one city directly down to the destination runway’s centerline. Some of these systems were even more accurate than what most people have in their cars today. And they were the direct forebears of the systems that are now being deployed in self-driving vehicles. In fact, Hope says that essentially everything that self-driving cars use today could be found in advanced commercial jets of the 1960s.

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Paul Mampilly the Product of Hope and Zeal

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The rise of Paul Mampilly to the reputable investment analyst that he is today was not only unexpected but also unprecedented. In the history of America, no one had ever moved from living in rural India to becoming a prominent figure at the Wall Street America. Paul Mampilly’s career growth has inspired and will remain an inspiration to many people who are blinded by the low-income family backgrounds that prevent them from seeing their bright future. His growth was full of challenges and hopelessness due to the financial condition of his father. Mampilly’s father had been working in Bombay City, a job which never gave him enough money for the sustenance of his family. What made him moving was the fact that he was ever hopeful that life would turn to something better with time.

Paul Mampillly also never gave up on his education despite the financial difficulties that faced his family. He always kept the hope and believed that he would one day become a different person from the one he was at that moment. Miraculously, his father secured a job in Dubai. The job was sufficient enough to provide income that would cater to the family’s needs. He relocated his whole family to Dubai where they studied until they completed their basic education.

Paul Mampilly later joined Montclair State University for his undergraduate. He also secured a master degree in Business Administration, something that would greatly contribute to his financial career growth. After completion, Mampilly started his employment at the Bankers Trust. He worked there for a while before transitioning to Deutsche Bank after the bank acquired his former employer, Bankers Trust Company. He worked there for a while as a research assistant and then ING recruited him to be their senior analyst in research. This was a very honorable position for Paul because it’s in this position that he learned how to manage huge investment portfolios worth billions of dollars for the wealthy investors.

Later in his career, Paul Mampilly got employed at the Kinetics Asset Management, where he helped the company revive its hedge fund that had been distressed for a very long period.

The Contributions of Vinod Gupta in Women’s Education

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Vinod Gupta is a multi millionaire who started from nothing. He came from a very humble beginning and achieved a lot of things through hard work and determination. Vinod Gupta lived in a very small village in India and studied in a local school in New Delhi. He joined the University of Nebraska in US where he got his masters degree in Agricultural Engineering.

After completing his studies, he started working with commodore Corporation. He was given the post of a research analyst in the marketing department. He brought new discoveries in the marketing department when he discovered a gap in mobile home dealers. Gupta started his own company in 1972.Initially, the company was known as American Business Information. After two decades the company was renamed InfoUSA. It is at this time, when Vinod stepped down from being the Chief Executive of the Company. In 2010, the company had dominated in the database industry. The name of the company changed to Info Group.

After leaving InfoUSA, Gupta become managing general to a single office company known as Everest Group. This company specializes in consulting services for companies struggling in the database industry. Gupta have been helping companies that are facing challenges to grow and build up. He has also dedicated the proceeds from his businesses to supporting the lives of many other people. Vinod offers opportunities to people who want to acquire education but they do not have the recourses. He built many schools in India where women and other marginalized groups get to benefit. He has other charity foundations that offer funds to disadvantaged students. He finds passion in helping others.

In 2000 Gupta donated $1 million to help in the establishment of a women’s polytechnic in India. Since then, a lot of women have received post graduate education within two years. This has helped a lot of women to be independent. In his home village he has set aside funds for building girls schools within that area. He has provided necessary resources from vehicles to textbooks for the establishments of the schools. Giving back to the society was a lesson he learned from his father.

Susan McGalla: An Iron Woman in Leadership

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Susan McGalla is an icon woman in the world with her resilience being notable in leadership and career progression. She has risen in titles over the years, and now Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan McGalla is an expert in consulting services to her clients on issues relating to marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, and talent management among others. Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for women in leadership and business and in that cause she has spoken in various forums to women. She carries valuable information and advice that she finds it necessary to air to the audiences. Some of her audience include Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh and the famous one called Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for chief executive officers.

Susan McGalla is candid to share her personal story and the encounters she has faced all along. She begins by saying that many women are thirsty of finding a real perspective where there is a practical application of their skills and knowledge. Especially for women who want to stand out as professionals and not just as any other type of woman. Susan is keen to admit that so much evolution has happened and changes are moving swiftly. Back to her story, Susan McGalla shares how she grew up with her two brothers and a father who was a football coach. The perfect thing is that she was not discriminated because she was a girl. Her parent was real enough to encourage her in pursuing what she wanted and make her ideas practical irrespective of the people. So this iron woman grew up knowing that her gender was not an issue neither could other people’s gender be considered as a hindrance or as helpful. That is how she became equals with either men or women and could do anything as long as her mindsets upon the same. Susan McGalla went to Mount Union College for a BA and later began her career at Joseph Horne Company.