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Ted Bauman Explains Why He Expects PayPal Stock To Do Very Well

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Expert investor and economist Ted Bauman is pretty high on the stock of Paypal. calling it an investor’s best friend. He told the subscribers of his financial newsletters that many small businesses around the world now accept payments through PayPal or Stripe and he sees the trend continuing. Cash is no longer king because most people don’t want to deal with it. Many people have gone months if not years not buying anything using cash.

If people do use cash it’s just for small purchases in most cases. People pay for most things using debit or credit cards or an app on their smartphone. They will also set up things to be auto-payed from their checking account. Ted Bauman sees a lot of investment opportunities as people continue to abandon cash in the increasingly digital world.

As the use of cash declines, the $100 bill is becoming the most popular currency in the United States. This bill isn’t generally being used for spending, however, People are using $100 bills to save them. Ted Bauman says that there are better options for saving money than stashing it away at home in a bank account, something he has addressed in his newsletters before.

Ted Bauman worked in the South Africa nonprofit sector for more than 20 years. He was also a consultant who offered his knowledge regarding financial issues and housing. He has worked with entities such as the South Africa government, the United Nations, and the European Parliament. He once worked for Habitat for Humanity before deciding to offer his investment advice to DIY investors.

He says that traditional credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard aren’t good investment options. They are going to see their territory invaded by newer cashless payment platforms. Ted Bauman says Apple Pay and Google Wallet are both good options but there are better opportunities to be had.

He thinks PayPay is the best stock to buy. They offer a lot of benefits and are giants in the industry. He says that PayPal has managed to adapt and grow over time showing savvy management and the ability to engage with their users.

How Money Is Made Selling Organo Gold Products

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Organo Gold is a beverage firm that sells its products in 13 nations using a network of independent distributors. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who is also the chief executive officer. Their products include Ganoderma Lucidem which is a Chinese herb thought to have several health benefits.

Organo Gold has a scientific advisory board that makes sure the Ganoderma Lucidem is pure and healthy. This Chinese herb is grown at Xianzhilou Biology in Fujian, China, and then imported to British Columbia, Canada, where Organo Gold is headquartered.

The independent distributors that sell Organo Gold products have seven ways of getting paid. This includes Retail Profit and Fast Track Bonus which are both paid on a weekly basis. Paying on a monthly basis are Dual Team Bonus, Uni Level Bonus, Uni Level Matching Bonus, and Generational Leadership Bonus. Organo Gold quarterly pays out Global Pool.

The independent distributors need to market and sell the Organo Gold products. If you want to make good money doing this you need to operate your business like a real business. This means putting in the hard work of learning about and executing sales and marketing strategies.

Organo Gold products are desirable because they include things that many people drink every day. This includes product lines of coffees and teas. They also sell a hot chocolate and there are a couple of product lines of nutritional supplements available.

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Gareth Henry Hooks His Acumen in Mathematics with Finance in a Crafty Way

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It is incomprehensible how Gareth Henry has managed to merge his prowess in mathematics and finance. It has made this a highly sought after asset and a valuable mind as his brilliance in the matter of investor relations and analysis stands out strong for him. To understand why this business expert is different we have to unravel his background.

Gareth Henry has an academic background in Mathematics. He pursued Actuarial Mathematics at undergrads at the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in honors. It was and still is a prestigious course today with few experts globally. Ideally, such scholars fit well in the Insurance industry where they compute complex calculations, Gareth chooses to do it differently. He began serving at Schroders PLC as a Director for Strategic Solutions.

Herein he realized how awesome he was in interpersonal skills and found it easy to reach out to clients and even colleagues. He then got drawn to finance where he ironed out his comprehension of economics, investment and Risk analysis, and management. It was indeed special as most mathematicians do not possess the vibrant social nature. He perfectly fit in Investor relations where he has master the art of best portfolio to invest in, when and where. In his pursuit, he has found out alternative and particular investments that people should invest in as they have not been exhausted. Elsewhere, he is resourceful in development business structure, raising capital, asset management, securities, and liquid markets, acquisitions, and mergers.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is the Head of Global Investor Relations for many investment firms including Fortress Investment Group. He is critical is his smart analysis of investment alternatives, valuation and appraising and establishing the right course that in the end is profitable. With his vast experience, he has full knowledge of the markets which makes him offer the proper guidance to investors.

He has a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot University. He was first offered a job at Watson Wyatt as an analyst but has since then worked with many financial and investment firm in the United States and beyond. Gareth Henry is currently living in New York where he continues to offer his services.

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Principal and Co-Chairman Peter Briger raises the bar in capital markets and classrooms

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Under the corporate governance of competent investment strategists, Fortress Investment Group continues to realize increases in the bottom line post acquisition.

Global and diversified across private equity and credit based capital markets, Fortress manages over $42 billion in both physical and financial assets, employs 919 asset managers, and investment professionals proficient in a number of fiduciary talents such as pricing analysis, return on asset ownership, and asset financing.

Peter Briger, Principal and Co-Chief of operations at the 20 year old alternative asset giant is instrumental in keeping the firm true to its mission of providing benchmark investment performance for more than 1,700 clients. Serving as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, his leadership and influence remain central to both client relationships within the firm, as well as the firm’s position as an international haven of general buyout funds, publicly traded company investment experts with proven track records, and distressed or undervalued asset investment and lending opportunities across a variety of industries. Read the article of Peter Briger at Forbes.

The Princeton and Wharton School graduate has worked as a member of Managing Committee since his appointment in 2002. Prior to joining Fortress, Peter Briger was made partner at Goldman Sachs, a testament to his aptitude in financial advisory.

Elected Co-Chairman in 2009, the veteran asset executive specializes in credit and real estate on behalf of Fortress and institutional investors seeking vehicles providing higher than average returns. He is also deeply involved in the work to create opportunities for families, students, and future leaders throughout San Francisco. Peter Briger supports the non-profit organization Tipping Point, and is hands on with his position as board member of Caliber Schools, a connected network of charter schools dedicated to advancing scholarship amongst younger students.

Additionally, Peter Briger serves on the Board and Advisors for CNBC, and Center for a New American Security- an independent organization tasked with developing policies in defense and national security concerns.



Rick Shinto Taking InnovaCare Health to the Heights of Excellence

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The History of InnovaCare

Tracing its roots to 1998 with Richard Shinto on the frontline of its establishment, InnovaCare Health has made quite the strides in the medical field. Perhaps its history would begin with Richard Shinto’s time in the North American Medical Management (NAMM). Richard Shinto who was by then just a practicing doctor realized that there was quite the shortfall in operational expertise in doctors. Through NAMM, however, he was able to do good by seeing to the efficient providence and delivery of top-notch care.

What is InnovaCare?

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that seeks to ensure the providence of quality care to patients, while at the same time maintaining healthy resources for their physicians. The end result of taking off the load of finances which poses as a great challenge to health institutions is what the company aims to achieve. Everyone sleeps better when the patient, physician and health centers are all covered by an able company.

Richard Shinto’s Background

Richard Shinto, known by many as Rick Shinto, holds both the executive chief and presidential positions at InnovaCare Health. Established with a solid 20-year clinical experience, Dr. Shinto holds a history as the executive chief at Aveta Inc. He, later on, stretched out to become NAMM’s Chief Medical Officer before its partnership with The Straus Group. The company did well over the years before the acquisition of MMM Healthcare which led to Rick’s promotion to the CEO position.


For his excellent work, Rick Shinto was earlier this year graced with a ‘Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, 2018’ award by Modern Healthcare. One of the most memorable moments in his career, however, would be back in 2012 when he won the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. This prestigious award is presented to excellent entrepreneurs with notable successes in innovation.

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health would not be where it is, however, without the inputs of Ms. Penelope Kokkinides. Having held the Chief Operating Officer’s position at InnovaCare, Penelope identifies as the company’s 2-year Chief Administrative Officer. Just like Rick, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has a history at Aveta Inc. running from 2006 to 2012 where she was the COO. She held the same position at Touchstone Health where he services kicked off on the July of 2008. Ms. Kokkinides holds credit for playing a part in the development and implementation of the healthcare model. She was able to do this during her time at AmeriChoice where she was the VP for Care Management and Disease Management. With a 15-year healthcare experience, Penelope has served majorly on the lines of government programs besides managed care.

Matt Badiali Shows Stateside Investors How to Get a Piece of Canadian Cannabis Pie

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Marijuana is about to become completely legalized in Canada. The movement for the legalization of cannabis is everywhere. In the U.S. the loophole of medicinal use has already swayed thirty states, with eight even legalizing its recreational use. But nationwide access is a long way off. Most countries worldwide still hold cannabis as illegal, but Canada is going to try its hand at trendsetting. It is going to become the first official G7 country to adopt nationwide cannabis legalization for medicinal and recreations use.

This decision carries with a lot of implications. For companies dealing in marijuana this means a lot more money. The cannabis market netted over $6 billion dollars in legalized sales last year even with restrictions. Operating with no restrictions has many investors crying boom. Unfortunately for stateside investors such skyrocketing stocks are unavailable. Luckily, investment guru Matt Badiali has a detour that leads to nice slice of cannabis pie.

Matt Badiali is an expert investor with a background in geology. He uses his talent and expertise to provide actionable advice for average investors in the natural resource market. He is known for his hands-on approach to finance, and for the way he inspects natural resource companies various operations. He uses first-hand knowledge to create reliable projections. Matt Badiali is also a master of the market and understands fully how events can create a domino effect. He has already printed more than one article on Canadian cannabis, using the two newsletters he helms for Banyan Hill as a bully pulpit. His articles warn of the dangers of fraud existent in the cannabis market, but also hearken investors to backdoor investment that can be made stateside.

As the companies who are about to explode are Canadian, American investors cannot purchase stocks in them. This means for most they have to wait for the U.S. to follow suit. However, many U.S. businesses invest in Canadian cannabis already. Such business would enjoy a percentage of the profit full legalization brings. Should investors buys stock in these companies, which are known as exchange traded-funds, part of those profits would come to them. In this Matt Badiali ensures investors a piece of the pie, without the risk of fraud.

The Achievements of Malcolm Casselle in the Video Game Industry.

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Malcolm Casselle has previously served as the President and CTO of tronc which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm Casselle has brought about many innovations which have seen rapid growth and development of properties including digital assets. Before he was SVP and GM of Digital Media which was at SeaChange International which came and acquired his company which was called Timeline Labs and he was the CEO at the time.

This is considered as a leading solution where companies would discover and have a measure of their engaging content which is mostly based on Social signalling. Malcolm Casselle has previously Kickstarted startups mainly within the digital industry such as MediaPass which is a leading digital subscription which provides solutions to media companies especially those that are major. Some of the companies include Xfire which is a social network of gamers of 22M and also another company called Groupon which has a joint Venture with A Chinese Company called Tencent.

Malcolm Casselle has also been actively involved in massive investments in companies such as Zynga and Facebook. Previously during the start of his career, Malcolm Casselle was a co-founder at PCCW which was a publicly traded Telkom company, and it is based in Hong Kong. The company’s current value is at $35 billion. During the time of his career, Malcolm Casselle managed to raise billions of cash for the public offering of PCCW and another considerable amount for other private transactions. Malcolm Casselle has studied at MIT and Stanford University where he got a degree in Computer Science, and he is also able to speak two languages which include Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm Casselle also worked as a director at Capital investments where he managed the docket of private direct investments. In 2012 he became the CEO of Xfire which is a global network for video games. He has also been serving as the CEO of MediaPass, and he then founded Timeline Labs which is a software company where he has been the CEO. Malcolm has been able to achieve a lot in his career as an investor in gaming.


Hussain Sajwani is making Billions through Product Positioning in Real Estate

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In the current cluttered real estate industry, clients are often trained to dance to the rhymes provided by their real estate agents and property developers. In other words, supposing your message is not helpful to the consumer then your efforts in seeking for that extra dollar will go down the drain instantly. As such, positioning is the strategy behind understanding the availability of space as well as the position against what you are offering to the consumers. Like in the case of one famous billionaire who is in the real estate business, Hussain Sajwani has been applying product positioning in his quest to grow DAMAC Properties.

Who is Sajwani?
Hussain Sajwani is a real estate property developer hailing from the Middle East. He was raised by very humble parents who believed in the value of an intact family in the community. As such, his father made sure that he was in a position to learn the retail business as fast as he could. Moreover, he was appointed the shop manager for some time. That in itself was a strategy to expose him to the real world of business and related careers. Well, Hussain Sajwani was too ambitious even as a teenager. Therefore, he decided to pursue his personal business interests instead of sticking around the family business in the hope of inheriting it eventually. For someone who grew up in difficulties, that was a pretty bold move.

Growing Independently
By quitting the family business, Hussain Sajwani set himself on a successful yet challenging path. First of all, he joined a school in Baghdad with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine. However, that was short-lived as he changed his mind and moved to the United States of America where he pursued economics and combined it with engineering at the Washington University.

Career and Business
Passing with honors, the business-oriented student decided to delve into the world of careers by working for GASCO Company. Under the leadership of multiple senior executives, he managed to earn an elevation that defined his ability to outperform his peers. Therefore, he thought that it was time to join a different industry. That is how he established a food catering business that served more than 10,000 clients in Dubai.

Dubai’s hospitality industry.
A few years into the business, the DAMAC owner decided to venture into an additional business. This time, he started a real estate company by the brand name of DAMAC Properties. First of all, he identified the relevant market niche where DAMAC Properties would fit in supplying the real estate needs of its clients. After that, he established strong business relationships with the likes of Tiger Woods and Donald Trump. Until now, the duo has been Sajwani’s major associates in the real estate industry.

The Overview
From the look at his career, it is right to deduce that Hussain Swajani, the DAMAC owner has utilized strong entrepreneurial networks in positioning his brand DAMAC Properties.


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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor who has invested his cash in SENS foundation. SENS foundation was established in 2009. The aim and the goals of this foundation are fights age-related diseases. In the year 2010, Jason donated of $ 500,000 to SENS foundation. This has helped the foundation to build a highly specialized laboratory to carry out new research.Therefore they can research with no difficulty. Jason`s dreams in some years to come are to see doctors able to cure deadly diseases that had no cure. Some of these diseases are heart diseases, cancer, and Parkinson`s disease.

Jason is much concerned with the welfare of many especially in term of health. He explains that advancement of medical technology is significant because it will help doctors treat their patient with ease. This is because technology has simplified everything through research of those deadly diseases and ways to manage them. SENS foundation has helped in the contribution of advancement of medical technology and research.SENS Foundation is searching for ways to deals with damages that occur from time to time before the diseases develop fully in the body. SENS is also finding the cure for diseases that affect all functioning of the body that makes us age faster than we should. SENS is much determined on stopping and preventing those disease forever.

Jason was born and brought up in a temple located in Arizona. He received his MBA from Arizona state of the university. After Jason was through with his college he engaged himself with some business he merged successful, and he was all known over the world within a short time. Many people consult Jason about how to be successful and all those who need business advice. This is because he is a well-known expert and advisor on business question international. Jason Hope supports SENS not only financially but helps this foundation to connect with another source. SENS means Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. It is a non- profit organization that support scientists, philanthropists and researchers.

Larkin and Lacey: What More Can They Do?

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The names Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are synonymous with fighting against injustice. They were the first media executives to openly challenge Arizona’s ultra-conservative views and win. Since the early 70s, Lacey and Larkin have owned one of the most respected investigative newspapers in the country.

Phoenix New Times, founded in the early 70s, began on the Arizona State University’s campus. Lacey, recently moved from New Jersey, wanted to give Arizona natives a news source that wasn’t steeped in conservative overtones. As New Times grew in popularity, Larkin joined the team and handled advertising and marketing.

Over the decades, they built a multimillion-dollar conglomerate, Village Voice Media, made up of 17 like-minded newspapers. As their success blossomed, they never forgot the importance of investigative reporting. That’s how Phoenix New Times got into a heated personal and legal battle with former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s synonymous with racism and corruption. It’s no secret that Arizona’s had its problems dealing with diversity and equality. What might be surprising is the patriarchal role Joe Arpaio played in fostering much of the fear-mongering. He’s since become one of the worst sheriffs to ever wear a badge.

Their battle with Arpaio was one of the biggest stories in the nation at one time. Now, people just think about Arpaio being back on the streets. He’s no longer wearing a badge, but that’s not even remotely the point. He viciously abused his power and hundreds of Latinos over the years he served. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When Lacey and Larkin brought him down, they hoped it would send a message to all those like Arpaio. After repeatedly reporting on Arpaio’s activities, Arpaio finally had them arrested. The arrest was in no way legal or lawful, but that wasn’t his focus.

He wanted to shut Lacey, Larkin, and their paper up. He used forged grand jury subpoenas to try to force them into telling him the names of their readers. He wanted all of their workers’ personal information and any notes pertaining to his activities.

Obviously, he got none of those things, and he was stripped of his badge. He also faced criminal charges and was convicted. Before his sentencing, President Trump pardoned him. All of Lacey and Larkin’s hard work flushed down the drain by an idiot. If though they won the battle, Trump screwed everything up.

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