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Jeunesse Global hits the right notes with Instantly Ageless

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Jeunesse Global has become one of the hottest names on the international health and beauty scene. The company has gone from unknown to a major global player in the provision of total-health products. One of the secrets to Jeunesse Global’s astonishing success has been the company’s ability to find unmet market needs and tailor effective and innovative solutions to meet them.

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The power couple had long been known as a formidable duo in the health and beauty industry of North America, having founded and grown dozens of successful businesses. Now, the financially independent couple was nearing an age where they were considering permanently bowing out of the industry that they loved.

But it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks of enduring the boredom and ennui of retirement to convince Ray and Lewis that the business world is where their calling is. They began selling a few products out of their Florida mansion, quickly growing the neonate business into a major force.

Throughout the history of Jeunesse, one of the secrets to the company’s rapid success has been its ability to produce products that no one else has devised. One example of that is the company’s Instantly Ageless micro-creme. Instantly Ageless is able to reduce under-eye bags, eliminate wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of new wrinkles. The lotion is also able to restore elasticity that has been lost to age, giving skin a youthful, supple look and feel that can knock years off the user’s apparent age.

Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals or others who need the high-end results of serious skincare but don’t have hours each day to apply such products. In just two minutes, Instantly Ageless provides all-day coverage that lasts through even the most stressful daily routines. It can help users look and feel their best throughout the day, boosting confidence and ensuring that every successive day is one that the user will still spend in their prime.

Instantly Ageless is available through Jeunesse Global authorized distributors only. More information can be found on the Jeunesse website.

Monetization Through Email Video Chat

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Talk Fusion was originally created by CEO and founder Bob Reina as a video chat interface that could be accessed and used within an email window. Whenever you use the video chat interface you have the option of collecting some sort of monetization. Not only does this make video chat email a wonderful choice for online businesses, but it makes using the services that Talk Fusion makes available to customers a very attractive resource and possible money maker. Customers of Talk Fusion not only are able to use the services provided to communicate openly with friends, family, and colleagues, but it also allows them to add a little bit of extra money into their pocket as well. As technology continues to change over time it is unknown whether or not video email will still be popular. One thing is for sure, Talk Fusion has embraced what is quickly becoming an archaic form of technology and is changing it into something new and fresh. Learn more:


The original idea for Talk Fusion was to form some sort of marketing advertising program that would allow customers to use technology as a resource and also as an alternative way to earn a small income. The idea was pretty simple; use an email account and add a video chat interface to it. Email was already on its way out the door as a form of communication besides as a way for individuals within a business to communicate back and forth. Very rarely do you see friends talking through email, especially since they could simply text each other on their mobile devices. The idea was to make things much more informal in the business world, in order to form better Rapport between people who work together. While I never was expected to take off as well as it has, Talk Fusion is among one of the most popular communication companies currently available on the internet. The video chat email interface is easy to understand and use, and can operate on a variety of different WiFi platforms internet speeds. It is the perfect blend of technology and older style communication forms from the Heyday of the internet.


Michael Burwell Joins The Willis Towers Watson Team

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The global risk management and insurance and human capital advisory firm Willis Towers Watson recently announced they had secured an outstanding new Chief Financial Officer or CFO named Michael Burwell. Burwell has an outstanding record of serving one of the United States’ Big Four accounting firms, Price Waterhouse Coopers for 31 years of impressive accomplishment there.


The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, said Burwell understood management, leadership and how to drive results in a global economy. He looked forward to working with Burwell to guide the company’s long-term growth and further integration. From his time at PwC, Burwell had an outstanding record of working clients. Burwell will drive Willis Towers Watson to reach its full potential as a company serving clients in over 140 countries.


Haley also thanked Roger Millay the retiring Chief Financial Officer for his outstanding leadership. He would leave Willis Towers Watson much stronger and better positioned for success.


Michael Burwell began preparing for his career of outstanding business service through earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan University in Business Administration in 1986. PwC recognized Michael Burwell tremendous potential and hired him as an accounting, putting him to work in the assurance department auditing clients for eleven years. This experience taught Burwell how companies keep their records and choose to set up their various accounting systems. It gave him deep insight into the various ways companies meet the requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and how some companies may choose to try to get around the GAAP procedures. He learned from his experiences on the job and studied hard, so he soon passed the difficult test to achieve the position of Certified Public Accountant. PwC promoted Burwell to the transactions services department in the Detroit area. This was just another stepping stone, up to Midwest Leader of Transaction Services and Automotive Industry Leader. But PwC’s Central Region was too small to contain Burwell’s expertise, so he became Transaction Services Leader for the entire United States. Starting in May 2008, Burwell achieved the title of Chief Financial Officer. Burwell’s star at PwC just kept rising. In July 2016, he became a full partner at PwC. As senior relationship advisor for some of PwC’s biggest and most important clients, Burwell couldn’t help but attract attention, leading to his recent move to Willis Towers Watson.


Willis Towers Watson is based in Arlington, Virginia. They are a global risk management and insurance advisory leader. Find Additional Information Here.


Michael Burwell’s Past and Present Achievements

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Michael Burwell was currently appointed Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a leading global company in its own right within the industry of broking, solutions, and advisory. The company helps clients by turning risk ventures into growing profits. It was established in 1828, and currently has 40,000 employees scattered over 140 countries.


The current Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay, is retiring voluntarily come October 2, 2017; and Mike Burwell will be taking his place.


Chief Executive officer remarked on the announcement that the entire company is very pleased to have Michael Burwell join their ranks of leaders because he has in-depth knowledge in leading and managing a multifaceted company, which has a very strong commitment in the welfare of their clients. He confidently said that Burwell is the person who has the right credentials and experience to guide the company in its long-term growth that will enable Willis Towers Watson to achieve full potential.


Haley like thanked Roger Millay for his contribution and outstanding leadership at Willi Towers Watson, because the company is in a much better position due to his efforts and long-time service. Refer to This Article for related information.


Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and he is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In his earlier years within the industry he was employed at PwC in high ranking executive positions, which includes being Head of Transaction Services in the United States; Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer also in the United States; and Head of Global Transformation. Since he is a CPA, he similarly had extensive experience in audit for 11 years and 12 years of advisory experience in transaction services where he assisted companies in pre-merger deals.


Before being employed at PwC and Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell worked with large and small companies through the buy and sell of projects. He was also called on to evaluate business models and projections of various equity funds in the private sector.


Michael Burwell says he is honored to be given the opportunity to join the leaders at Willis Towers Watson since his earlier interactions with the said company has given him the insight that there is strength in leadership and great commitment to serve the clients within the organization as well as an assuring collaborative culture. He went on to say that he is looking forward to making his contribution for the company’s success.



The Benefits of Waiakea Water

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Waiakea is one of the healthiest forms of water because the cleanliness of the water and the electrolytes that are in the water. A lot of thought has been put into finding the type of water that is free of all of the content that could make it acidic. One thing that can be said about Waiakea among all of the water companies that are available, this company is one of the higher quality waters that are available in the market. While oher bottled waters would turn out to be acidic, Waiakea has the right level of alkalinity that is going to bring health to the consumer.

Waiakea has been founded with the intention of finding water that is already clear and healthy. While other companies seek to bring the water to a level of alkalinity and artificially add the electrolytes. Waiakea gets the water from Hawaii. The methods of getting the water is one of the most sustainable methods. Another good thing about this method is that it ensures that people and the environment are given a lot of thought.

Waiakea was founded by Ryan Emmons. He has spent a lot of time in Hawaii and has found a lot of inspiration from the area. Therefore, he has thought about ways to bring this inspiration over from the islands. One way he has found is by bringing over some of the healthiest water from there. When people are looking for the type of water that is going to be clean and great tasting, Waiakea is the type of water to look at. As a matter of fact, it is the taste of the water that is going to clue people in as to high the quality of the water is.

How Louis Chenevert Assisted UTC in Becoming a Market Leader

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United Technologies Corporation has been quite lucky since they had Louis Chenevert as their CEO at some point in time. The company and its employees cannot forget the contribution that Louis Chenevert made to the company. Even after his retirement, he is known for the immensely important role that he played when he was part of it. He has left an extraordinary legacy that would be difficult for the future CEOs of the company to fulfill and to maintain that standard.

The main reason behind the success of UTC is the vision of Louis Chenevert. He was not afraid to take calculated risks and invest for the future of the company that will benefit it for many decades to come. He was successful in achieving not just short-term goals but the long-term ones as well. He believed in investing in technology and people too since it has a direct relationship to the success of any company. When he became the CEO of the company, he knew from the day one that the company needs excellent employees, and it was their duty to take care of them. The company already had an Employee Scholar Program that allowed its employees to pursue their studies while working for the company. More than 39,000 people benefited from this program.

Among the many achievements of Louis Chenevert at UTC, the biggest for him was the Goodrich Corporation acquisition. It was Louis Chenevert who spent an entire year negotiating and discussing the deals. If he were not that consistent, the deal that changed the face of UTC would never have happened. After the deal was finalized in 2011, UTC changed it to UTC aerospace systems and allowed the company to create a large market for itself around the world. When Louis Chenevert chose to retire from UTC in 2014, not everyone was happy with the decision but took it sportingly. But, he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing philanthropy work and devote more time to his family. He is also pursuing his dream of designing and engineering large yachts during his free time as it has always been his passion.

Distributors and Customers Win with Jeunesse Global

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There are not many companies out there that produce products that are excellent for their customers while also providing unique opportunities for growth among those who sell the merchandise. The exception to that rule is definitely Jeunesse Global. They make products that are desired the whole world over, but they also help to enhance the lives of their network of distributors. In this way, the company as found its niche to help both customers and distributors.

Jeunesse Global products are sold in more than one-hundred and twenty countries at this point. This is impressive for a company that has only existed since late 2009. Their incredible growth can be directly attributed to their excellent product selection as well as to their distributor network that works so tirelessly. Those distributors are the backbone of the business, and they definitely go the extra mile to help make sure you can have the products that you want in your hands right away.

You have to check out the Y.E.S. system that Jeunesse Global has developed. It is a system whereby you use their various products to enhance different parts of your life. After all, we all have different things that we would like to work on. For some of us, it is all about how we look and feel on the outside. For others, it is just about getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever the case may be, you are bound to find a product from Jeunesse Global that can help take care of it.

Look at their product Nevo as an example. This is something that a person takes when they need an energy boost throughout the day. It is an energy drink like so many others on the market, but it is better than those because it cuts down on the things that you do not really want to put into your body. It has far fewer calories and also does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. You know when you drink Nevo that you are getting a caffeine kick that is not as bad for the body, and that is the Jeunesse Global difference.

All About Market America Shop

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Market America is a large marketing company. They are very diverse, they serve many countries and they have a large amount of product that they sale. Market America was founded in 1992. Their founders are JR and Loren Ridinger. Market America has a head quarters office in Greensboro North Carolina. Market America became Market America shop when Market America decided to partner with for online retail sales. When Market America became Market America Shop this increased business significantly. It is easier for consumers to shop online verses actually going into the store.

In Addition, Market America Shop sales products ranging from garden supplies, to automotive tools, to home and garden items, all the way to weight management items. Market America Shop has hundreds, maybe even thousands of employees. They have businesses in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Mexico, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Market America is a great company because they help other individuals earn money. If interested, you can become a individual distributor with Market America. Market America does require starter fees as well as monthly fess; however, you will earn a hefty commission from being a distributor. Overall Market America Shop is a great company. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, Market Shop America is the right company.

For details:


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Mathew Autterson career and work history

Mathew Autterson is a prolific entrepreneur and philanthropist.He has worked for more than twenty-five years in the finance industry. His aggression and commitment in delivering quality service to his clients were a significant contribution in Mr. Autterson being named the president of one of the major financial institution in the United States of America.

Before being the president of a chartered bank, Mathew started had humble career beginnings. He went to study at the Michigan State University where he eventually graduated with a degree in business administration. Later on, in 1981, he enrolled for a short term course in tax at the University of Denver.

Mathew Autterson first started working for the First Trust Corporation. This enterprise was a subsidiary of the Fiserv Company. He worked at this company until late 1982. He quit his job at First Trust Corporation and joined a group of like minded entrepreneurs. This group of entrepreneurs had successfully secured a contract that would enable them to oversee the day to day business operations of a state trust company in Colorado. This Trust Company was, however, a subsidiary of Financial Services Company Integrated Resources. Financial Services Company Integrated Resources was located in New York.

At Resources Trust Company, Mr. Autterson good work ethics propelled him, and he rose through the ranks. He, later on, became the CEO of the company in 1989. As the chairperson of the company, he was entitled with overseeing the management operation of the company. During his tenure, Resources Trust Company expanded and significantly increased its revenue. The company owned more than twenty billion dollars worth of assets and had more than seven hundred employees.

This was huge for a company. The quality service that this enterprise provided also helped in increasing the number of clients of this company. Resource Trust Company had more than fifteen thousand customers from all over the world. Furthermore, the enterprise became increasingly profitable which resulted in the acquisition of the company by Broad Inc. Besides, Resources Trust Company had been ranked as one of the major state chartered trust companies.

Mathew Autterson Philanthropy

Apart from his contribution to the financial sector, Mathew Autterson is a philanthropist and a humanitarian. He is the benefactor and the current CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. he founded this company in 2013. CNS Bioscience is a company that focuses on developing drugs that help alleviate neuropathic pain. Besides, he also serves as a board member of the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Versatile Businessman

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A successful man is not only a wealthy man, a successful man should have a lot of quality to be successful and that qualities are leadership, discipline, patience and a lot of hard work. A business can be successful if it’s handled by a real leader, and how he can influence his workers and employees to do better and give their best performance in whatever field they are. Daniel Mark Harrison is one of that personality and because of his talent and hard work he is one of the most successful business men, handling great successful business, like Monkey Capital. And this was all possible because Daniel had all those qualities to be one great business man, to provide his services in the world.

Right now, he is the acting CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co, with some of his workers, which are doing some remarkable work together, making this world a better place, and they are considered to be one of the most credible entrepreneurs of the time. They are also working on a book and some other media projects, to spread awareness, making Daniel the best competitor of the business world.

Daniel has worked so much for the success of Monkey Capital, and now once it’s successful, it means the world to him. This monkey success is beneficial for the business world; it now can provide funds to carry out other projects around the globe, which will be beneficial for the society and their people. Monkey Capital is one of the reliable industries and is maintaining their reputation from the very start, making them the most reliable company, on which a lot of upcoming projects can rely on.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a managing partner of Monkey Capital, which is the biggest and the most reliable investment industry working around the globe providing funds for a lot of big projects some of them are Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX. He is also the author of many books, and some of them are in process as well. His very first book was Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Faction in Today’s World, and this book did bring a lot of awareness among people telling them about the current problems our generation is facing. They are so many other books that are in the pipeline mostly on literature, and people are anxiously waiting for them to be launched.